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Elegant, minimalistic, trilling and sorrowful at the same time – these are terms to delineate the story embodied in one of the latest slot productions by Net Entertainment. Narrating the life of a successful entrepreneur, NetEnt came up with an idea of creating a powerful in message spin-off to highlight dark corners of Mr. Green whose appearance has been already witnessed in a couple of related games. As far as the opening video-intro goes, casino players will reveal that the titular character experienced severe mental breakdown back in 1865 when his beloved fiancée was ruthlessly murdered by someone with quite devilish motives and all tracks led to a werewolf dwelling doomed streets of old London. There’s no going back from such a loss, obviously, so Mr. Green has to get on the warpath and hunt down the killing creature to make it pay its dues. In the blink of an eye, the wealthy man turns into a rampant werewolf hound desperately wishing only one thing to happen – for the justice to prevail.

Net Entertainment pushed hard to make the game a cut above. In the first place, Mr. Green Moonlight game has an intense soundtrack with a brilliant orchestra tapestry weaving around the gameplay course – any action is accompanied by another set of different ardent rings so that the machine could accentuate importance of particular gambling events and have players heart racing. Furthermore, the powerful story of a despairing man seeking for vengeance is wrapped in an amazing graphic framework where excellent animation and slightly sinister designing take place. The atmosphere is truly mesmerising because NetEnt worked out every detail possible all the way down to colour escort – ominous shades of green on the background setting and bright tones lighting up bonus action compose a breathtaking contrast between gaming elements to underline how questionable Mr. Green’s menacing escapade is. Overall, there is definitely something promising about Mr. Green Moonlight slot especially regarding his background story of revenge-based adventures.

Mr. Green Moonlight places players in a standard five-reel, three-row environment offering to wager on a fixed 20-line grid. On the layout the machine wouldn’t seem too different from a traditional set of video-slot games, yet if look a little closer at the inner stuffing, gamblers will find a plenty of diverse features apart from regular spin rounds. NetEnt equipped the new version of Mr. Green with two Linked Wild options spreading through the reels, free-spin Scatters with various re-triggering and interesting multiplier cards providing up to x5 increment to your winnings. Both base and bonus games are empowered with their own set of additional gambling action, so the machine might become a great source of real money whichever mode you are on. Why not transform into a relentless hunter when it can also fetch lucrative rewarding at the meantime?

Interesting features

Following the old-time customs established for Mr. Green slot series, Net Entertainment have added a decent range of extra elements to the machine that are perfectly committed to the general hunting theme and the main storyline. Since the game is about extraordinary huntcraft, the gaming features were shaped up to stand on the same level of exceptionality. In general, Mr. Green Moonlight slot machine contains three interesting elements in the gameplay: Linked Wilds with Moonlight and Blood Moon Wilds, Scatter symbols incorporating free spins and the last is Multiplier symbols landing on a specific reel. In the main, features are divided in base-game elements and bonus-round attributes where each mode has its own assortment of extra offerings.

Firstly, let’s briefly discuss the linking feature embedded into Wildcards. Speaking of a classic prototype, Wilds usually represent a single icon which makes a substitution for other matching symbols to create an extended combination. There are loads of diverse types of Wilds, yet the major concept always remains the same – Wilds are a synonym for the word ‘replacement’. Linked Wilds are not much different to ordinary Wilds, they simply can form a linking path through surrounding symbols or compound with each other. Mr. Green Moonlight Wilds’ can do the first function and spread across the reel grid to turn two or more adjacent icons into Wildcards, therefore a new composite of Wild symbols appears on set. Moonlight Linked Wilds take part in a base game while Blood Moon ones are designed for Free Game mode specifically.

It goes without saying that all bonus featuring pictures stand out of line with bright colouring in comparison with regular symbols. The next catching attention symbol is a Scatter image having a silver bullet evidently used by Mr. Green to shoot the werewolf-murderer dead. Scatters are equipped with free-spin round triggering, so three to five of them will activate the free game mode with 10 spins awarded. Extra spins could be also engaged, but here gamblers need to collect two or three additional Scatters during the rounds. Mr. Green Moonlight slot is a game having an incredible setting for bonus series where at least three different features are applied while the reels are spinning for free. On the whole, the free-spin department would offer two various Linked Wilds both significantly enhancing the winning opportunities, additional Multiplier symbols increasing win values and Scatters which deliver a specialty mission of reactivating the spin pool. Yes, you begin with a tenner but taking these features into account there is a far way you can go in terms of rewarding.

Bonus rounds

In spite of bonus rounds being actualized in the form of traditional free spins, Mr. Green Moonlight presents them in a definitely unique frame with three additional elements involved – Multiplier Symbols, Blood Moon linkers and Scatters. The base game also offers its coterie of extra moments, so in order to cover each feature more specifically, there will be provided a complete list of bonus features with a short description of working mechanism inside them. Overall, all the features have a random nature, so it’s impossible to foresee the whole picture of extra action beforehand.

These beauties is depicted an image of a lightened moon which could appear only on reels 2, 3 or 4 during the regular spinning. Linked Wilds create bonds with other in-game symbols, so that any adjacent reel position might be substituted with a Wildcard with two, three or more replacements occurring. Initially, Wilds take forms of matching symbols on the payline, and Linked can do almost the same only there will always be more than one Wildcard when the feature is triggered.
Once three, four or five Scatter symbols get anywhere on the reels, Mr. Green Moonlight slots will give players a set of 10 consecutive spins played at the same coin value and bet level settings as for the trigger spin. Generally, Free Rounds use an alternative grid of reels with different rules applied: two new symbols – Multipliers and Blood Moon linkers – are added. The Hunt begins at a fast pace where the main focus of attention lies in Wilds and special incriminators.
This kind of symbols can operate double job: activate 10 Free Spins and then subsequently arrange another package of free rounds provided two or three more Scatters land on the reels during the bonus. Note that when players are on extra-triggered spins multipliers are voided, so you have to assemble increasers once again with Multiplier Symbols.
An additional Wildset utilised in the free-spin rounds as a makeshift installment exclusively for bonusing. Altogether, this sort doesn’t have anything super different from Moonlight linkers, though, they have more power over all symbols – even Moonlights can be replaced by Bloods. When they appear, two or more randomly chosen regulars take form of a Blood Moon Wildcard.
Mr. Green has one more merit up its sleeve which is extra icon showing a multiplication value from a range of x2 to x5. Casinos might not be happy about this dramatic win increase, but players will surely find the feature great. Multiplier appears strictly on the fifth reel and it increases the current multiplication level by one point. Overall, players can climb up to x5 boost which is considered the maximum number for the free-spin regime.

Rules and features

Mr. Green Moonlight by NetEnt gathers a company of 20 fixed lines and 5×3 grid under one roof which is a pretty common way of organising a video slot, so it should be quite easy to understand basic rules when you are already familiar with the similar setting. Wagers vary from 0.20 to 100 credits per base round and are comprised of two factors – bet level and coin value. While the latter resembles denomination, the first parameter has 10 different levels that are used as a multiplier for the paytable values. For example, your level is set to 5, and as a result all winnings according to the paytable are going to be multiplied by 5 every time. The game’s interface is very user-friendly and accessible, so that player could have all commands on the go.

Rules appear to be really primitive: you have a set of win-lines and you have to place a certain wager on them each spin you take. In case the reels are graced with a win combination, you get rewarded for that in accordance with pre-set values for a pack of matching symbols. If your attempts are fruitless, re-spin the reels and ask for Lady Luck to come this time. To entertain players and offer more lucrative performance, Mr. Green Moonlight provides one base-game feature and two additional bonus elements triggered right after a needed number of Scatters flash up on the reels. The base one is Moonlight Linked Wilds and bonusing guests star Blood Moon Wildcards and Multipliers substantially advancing probable win sums. The package of regular symbols includes four mid-win and six low-win icons. Besides, it’s worth mentioning that NetEnt added all the same range of system settings – volume, auto-spin, info desk – conveniently located below the reels, so that gamblers may adjust numbers right on the main screen. The paytable goes as follows (shown for bet level 1):

Symbol 3 4 5
Mr. Green 40 150 1500
Werewolf 30 125 1200
Fiancée 25 100 700
Revolver 20 75 500
Aces 10 50 150
Kings 8 30 125
Queens 6 25 100
Jacks 5 20 75
Tens 4 15 50
Nines 3 10 25


Rich story, astounding Wild-based gameplay, some lucrative free rounds and charismatically desperate main character raise Mr. Green Moonlight slots game to a completely new horizon where other fruit machines fade away in the presence of this remarkable game. Returning to technical details, the new Mr. Green runs on the same engine which was used in another NetEnt’s product – Frankenstein – so the whole interface isn’t a big change except for colouring set and alternative theme laid behind. The slot machine has a medium win potential, that’s why it’s relatively safe to flow with higher wagers. However in the most part, Mr. Green is just a rewarding, powerful story based on a kind of unhappy romance which is the first reason why you should immediately check it out.


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Mr green moonlight Reviews by Players

Tonie. Reviewed on 01.07.18
After “The Marvellous Mr Green” we got another taste of a slot exclusively made for the popular online casino Mr Green. This time the game is called “Mr Green: Moonlight” which adds nicely to an already incredible roster of video slots. For those who don’t know yet, sometimes NetEnt produces exclusive slots that can only be found at a particular casino which in this case is Mr Green.

So you would want to head over there to play this game for real money. This time the scenery is set in foggy London in 1865. The intro makes it clear enough that Mr Green is going through a hard phase after losing his fiancé by a monstrous act of werewolves. He’s now out to seek revenge and go after the werewolves that caused this tragedy.

Sounds like a nice story to keep entertained with, doesn’t it? I always like slots that have more to offer than just spinning the reels. Mr Green: Moonlight features 5-reels, 3-rows and 20-paylines. I played this game a couple times at minimum bet which is only 20 cents per spin. As with any new NetEnt release, this game also has some unique features.

During the base game the so called “moonlight wild” can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. When these appear they expand to fill up other positions on the reels. This alone can turn into a great win, especially when you manage to land them on all 3 reels. They will just multiply and you’ll be able to win big.

My best hit during the base game with such expanding wilds was around 180x bet. Not exactly bad for a NetEnt game which keep getting the reputation of being tighter with each release. The game also has a free spins feature with even more benefits.

Simply catch 3 bullet scatters or more and you’ll win 10 free spins to try it out. During the free spins the guaranteed “Blood Moon Wild” is active with in addition a multiplier of up to 5x bet if you keep getting the multiplier symbol on reel 5. Now with that knowledge it’s no surprise that the majority of the RTP is stored in the free spins.

I managed to experience it a quite few times, but unfortunately didn’t get the monster hit I was hoping for. I never got further than 80x bet in winnings but nevertheless it’s certainly a game I would and will try again.
Michelle. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Mr green moonlight video slot is made only for casino I guess. It is net entertainment game, but it does not available at any other online casino except, and this is why I think that it is their exclusive game. Also game name giving a small hint that it is exclusive slot game.

This slot game has 20 paylines, and I do like this theme. Colors here is dark, but I am generally very happy with it, and I also love soundtrack and sounds of this game. Animations are also very decent, and there is not question that it is thumbs up for Netent for look of this game.

Also you probably will be surprised to know that this game is just rework of Frankenstein video slot by Netent, so they just give old game a new life with this title, can say that I am happy with such things, and what if some online casino can make their exclusive dead or alive rework, imagine how much players they will have.

I have played this game only couple of times, and I did not have any huge wins on it, but actually I have liked my gameplay. During main game there is special moonlight wilds, which if appear they make some more wilds. Unfortunately wilds appears only on 3 middle reels, and not very often, but otherwise it can be very easy to win, right. Freespins feature is interesting and triggered by 3 or more scatters, and you get 10 freespins. Two or more scatters during freespins add plus 5 more freespins. Also if during freespins you get multiplier on reel 5, it will increase multiplier for freespins, up to x 5. And yeah, there is special wilds during freespins, bloodmoon wilds.

I had probably 5 freespins features on this game, and i never win more than 100 bets, but couple of times I had results more than 50 bets. During base game I did not had huge winnings, but had couple lower wins coming in less amount of spins and giving me good boost. I rate this slot with 8 stars.
It seems that this game has potential for great wins, but for me it is was very hard to get any decent hit.

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