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mount olympus Reviews by Players

Alvina Almeda. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Hi!This is my personal review about Mount Olympus slot!
I cant say bad things about this slot because I like it very much,especially because of the nice symbols and because is running very smooth!
I am playing very often this slot even if I didn’t managed to win much money!
It is a 5-reel slot from Microgaming,with 25 paylines and obviously a minimum bet of 0.25 euro!It has an interesting free spins feature and also a wild symbol!
Last time when I played this slot,I had 20 euro in my account and started to spin on 0.25 euro bet!From the first spin I managed to catch 2 scatter symbols,I thought that I will trigger the free spins but didn’t happened!Next spin was like first one,with 2 scatters on the first 3 reels but the 3rd scatter didn’t came out!
About the graphics I have to say that are good in my opinion,with lots of animations and very well designed symbols!
I managed to catch the 3 scatters when my account balance almost reached zero!I was awarded with 5 free spins,in every free spin,Medusa appears and gives you the chance to choose from 5 snakes!Tis will reveal how many reels Medusa will freeze and turn into a wild reel!
I managed to win 22 euro from the free spins feature and I kept playing because Iwanted to have fun and I thought that maybe I will manage to increase my balance!
About 30 minutes later I caught again the free spins feature and this time I won only 15 euro and I stopped playing when my balance reached 40 euro!
It is an interesting slot,with very good graphics in my opinion and I will try to rate this slot!
I will give a 9 for the interesting free spins feature and also for the wild symbol even if it has got a bonus game!
Also,for the nice graphics and good payout rate I will give an 8!
The Slot “Mount Olympus - the Revenge of Medusa” is a good slot. A bit too many spins are losing in a row here, but no doubt despite this the slot is good. The slot has 25 paylines and can be found in about all Microgaming casinos. The theme of the slot is the mythical Medusa, and without doubt like the theme, the graphics of the slot is almost perfect. It is a pleasure to watch the symbols as they spin on the reels and arrange into winning combinations. In terms of wins the slot is likewise good. In over 200 spins played here (that is 50 Euro gambled) about half the time I was winning extra money and finally the total loss was some 40 cents. So I guess the slot has a return somewhere around 99 %. It is true, as I said before, the slot has enough losing spins and when one wins, the average win is less than the total bet, but the presence of the Wild symbol and the Free Spins round greatly help in offsetting these losses. The Wild symbol, although rare, when it occurs (about once every 3 spins) helps a lot and also doubles the value of the combination it enters. The Scatter symbols pay double the total bet taken by 2, and trigger the Free spins round taken by 3 or more. The number of Free spins is small, only 5, but a peculiarity here assures that about each Free Spin is a winner (bringing some big wins of 5-10 Euro/spin). At the beginning of each spin there are shown 5 snakes, and by selecting a snake one chooses the number of reels that become extended wild (from 1 to 3 ) in that spin. Imagine a spin with 2 complete reels wild (for example reels 2 and 3)! The wins are very large indeed. On a single spin I won here 15 Euro! Said in short the game is exciting because of its graphical beauty. Each spin is nice and even if the slot is not in the top 5 Microgaming slots, it is worth playing here definitely even for only a few hundred spins. The pleasure will be yours, I promise.
Jamila. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Mount Olympus is a 25 paylines video slot that I play when I have only some spare time. I use the flash version of the casino to play this. It is one of my Microgaming slot that I enjoyed ONLY if I get really lucky in finding the feature for free spins.

Now before i get into that I just want to let you how Mount Olympus reacts to my $0.75 - $1.25 bets. I change so often to see that $0.75 bets a spin doesn't conquer a lot of scatter hits but more of normal hits. It seems that scatters take the role of hitting only as a pair much more than it hits for 3. On $1.25 bets I see a more detailed way of these scatters landing on the reels. It could be just me but this is how these scatters complied to me. They are more friendly on a $1.25 and they did not turn me into stone.

Now the free spins can be the recipe for Mount Olympus' generosity towards me. After hitting 3 scattered symbols of Mount Olympus logos I had 5 free spins. In every round I get a choice of a coloured snake courtesy of Medusa to find an option for how many reels will transit into Wild Reels. I always commonly get 2 Wild Reels on a pick, sometimes 3 wild reels but what I have found out of extreme luck within the 5 free spins is the fact that I found 4 Wild reels out of the 5 snakes. Thanks to the blue snake! The way it made me feel was truly gratifying, the moment felt like great glory from a stadium! All these paylines covering the entire reels, it was epic! It made me profits of over $175+. I can seriously imagine them (Microgaming) having 4 Wild reels on every spin........hahaha think of the monumental wins for a period of 5 spins!! But I know they would never do that, it just wouldn't be fair. My advise is, you just need to know if Persistence will pay off placing bets one after another and Luck to allow you to find the 4 Wild reels to be held (assuming it's in one of the snakes). The Wild reel options on every snake are always random so I don't know what to expect until I pick a snake.

There is one other thing to watch out for. Out of the many times I triggered this feature there will commonly be more than two snakes having 1 wild reel. They literally syphon the life out of a free spin making each one worthless especially if that single Wild reel is placed on Reel 5 Imao!! Ahh the annoying moments of slots!

Great moving graphics (including the flash of light) that I would've expected to have on The Bermuda Mysteries slot as it needs that moving rain, thunder and lighting attributes, an awesome 5 Free spins feature that must hit wonders otherwise it's futile to earn and most importantly Mount Olympus turns the score into stone then carves it into an 8.6 out of 10!
Orlando Owens. Reviewed on 26.09.18
No review? Are you guys serious… Well then, I guess somebody has to do it lol. Mount Olympus is a game I wouldn't recommend to women, because it's literally a pretty scary slots. Maybe even for some men who could feel kind of uncomfortable playing this game. The theme of Mount Olympus depicts the ancient Greek mythology. The starring role is for Medusa who once was the prettiest of the three sisters until she turned into one horrific creature. The full name of this game is "Mount Olympus: The Revenge of Medus". The symbols are made up from Medus herself, scatters, the eye, sword, potion and card symbols. The background of this game consists of rainy and stormy weather. The storm hits on regular basis to make this game even more exciting. I would most definitely call this game a horror slot.One to play best when the real weather circumstances are just the same. The background sounds match the scary theme very well as well. Mount Olympus offers 25 paylines and 5 reels. The best paying symbol is that of Medusa. However, five of a kind won't get you a monster hit though.During base game I never managed to win more than 40x bet size. But don't worry Mount Olympus is all about the free spins. Why you might think? You only get 5 free spins eventually when you hit 3 or more scatters.Nevertheless, the free spins feature offers a lot of potential. Before every spin u have to choose one of five scary looking snakes. After that the snake will turn 1 to 4 reels wild. Only reel 1 can't turn into a wild. I managed to get 4 whole reels wild during my first spin. Which ended up in me winning 200x bet size. The other spins I had less wilds but still won 100x bet size. You would maybe expect more from this slot with 4 reels turning wild, but unlike other slots it does actually happen every now and then without needing a million spins lol.Mount Olympus gets a 7.5/10 rating from me.
Jayme. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Mount Olympus is powered by microgaming. I heard a lot about this game from my friends. Each had a story to tell about how good this game is. So finally i thought i will try it. First look on it i did not like it. The graphics are not great, don't like the sound effects and over all i thought it was not great. Boy was i wrong. As usual i stuck to betting low and kept my bet at €0.25.

This game has 25 lines and only has one feature. The free spins feature. To get the free spins a player has to get three or more Mount Olympus symbols. That takes you into the Revenge of Medusa feature , were you are awarded with five free spins. Before each spin you are presented with five snakes, and you have to pick one. Each snake has its own number, ranging from 1 to 4. What ever number you pick is the number of reels that go completely wild. I have got three wild reels max, but on few occasions was very close to picking four. I hope one day to get four wilds with a wild in front. I have seen a friend, getting four wilds on a €2.50 bet. He won around €300. I strongly believe that this game has a great potential. I think that any player has a chance to win big in free spins, even with a small bet. My biggest win on this games feature was €57 on a €0.25 bet.

If you are looking for a game with big wins, then this game is for you. I would recommend this game to low rollers and high rollers. If i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10, and that's only because of the feature. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

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