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moonshine Reviews by Players

June. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Moonshine is a game powered by microgaming. OMG what a stupid game. I actually don't know why microgaming makes games like that. I guess the have to make few games where it is almost impossible to win big or to win at all. I have played this game good few times and can honestly recommend not to play this game.

First i would like to start with the graphics, this is so far the worst graphics i have ever seen on microgaming. Really bad and very annoying to play i kind of get sick of it after a while. The next thing that is bad in this game is the pays. Very small and pretty much useless. There are 25 lines in this game and my usual bet on this game is €0.25 or €0.50. Max line hit that i ever had was €8 on a €0.50 bet. This was one of the biggest pays and you can see that it was not worth the time. The only way to win big is to get five wilds and that not good enough because if you get five wilds in any game you would win big.

There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. To get that i had to get three or more scatters and i have got 3,4 and 5. Max i won was 18 free spins with 4x. I got that on a €0.25 bet and won around €10. I have never ever won over €20 on this game and dont think i ever would. This game is a complete waste of time and i would not recommend it to my enemy. If i was to rate it i would give it 1 out of 10.
Moonshine is definitely one of the weakest slots from Microgaming casinos . And when I say weak this is an understatement. In my opinion Moonshine is one of those slots that make life miserable for any player, making him spend time and money. This category of slots is unfortunately quite common in most casinos (MicroGaming does not make exception to this rule, although here there are also exceptional slots).

I do not know if you are a fan of the Simpsons, but I guess you have watched at least once this cartoons series. Well, the characters of this slot perfectly resembles an episode that would have the title „The Simpsons and their kitchen“. There are present the grandmother, the father, the grandson, the cop, the pig and some kitchen items of this family. But the quality of graphics is poor and leaves much to be desired (I need however to say that I played this slot in the Flash version of the casino).

The spins are extremely fast, with a total of 25 paylines and with a minimum bet of 25 cents. The wins are quite small and very rare and the onlyspecial feature, namely the Free Spins round will not bring higher wins. To the standard 5 Free Spins with a 1x multiplier,there are added some other free spins and some other multipliers, by a random choosing of the player before the actual round, but the wins are still low. During the Free Spins round the symbols are changing and this is the only pleasant aspect of this slot. The Granny is Wild here and the Cop is Scatter, and these symbols are quite common but with little avail. After 200 spins here you will have a minus of at least 15 Euro (at the total bet of 25 cents as I said).

I repeat my opinion it is not worth to play the slot, even for a few test spins. Pity.
Royal Rosenblum. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Moonshine is a 25 Paylines video slot that can provide changing opinions every time I play this slot. On every bet I continuously place bets of $0.50 only on the account that it's the most agreeable and reasonable amount to bet on a video slot such as Moonshine.

To tell you about the Free spins feature is like trying to fire an arrow on a long range target, every time I trigger it I will get many different results. There are 18 blue tiles onscreen for picking once this bonus has been triggered. What Microgaming meant by up to 18 free spins they meant to include 5 scattered bonus symbols to get initially 5 free spins at 1x. You start with 3 Free spins at 1x for 3 scattered jug symbols, 4 jugs for 4 FS at 1x and 5 jugs for 5 FS at 1x. There is 1 Free spin for most picks, 3 multipliers hidden in three of the blue tiles and the baddest beast of them all 2 "Start Free spins bonus" signs which I really hate to get on my first pick or whenever I made successful picks already then "BANG!" the door closes in my face. To me this feature is a "You really need to get lucky" earn and chase bonus that I don't recommend.

What I do like about Moonshine however are the Wild Rocking Chair Grannies that pop out very often!!! It's a shame that this symbol doesn't act for any multiplying wins. I guess that is what the bonus is for right? Ultimately this is one slot I use if other slots are counter-cooperative, that way I can see just little returns rather than the price for none even on an unlucky day because a little win is way better than nothing! Moonshine is entertaining, pays in pieces in the main game, bigger if I get lucky with the feature and overall it's just entertaining altogether. It could be better!

However, my rating is a 7 out of 10 for it's southern hospitality and what this video slot has to offer me!
Ozella. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Moonshine it is typical microgaming old video slot, and most likely if you decide to play it you will have nothing to surprise and did not see anything unique, but for example i am like to play such games, and feel that i am not alone.

Moonshine has 25 paylines and here we have wilds on all reels, and good thing that wilds here have payout itself, nothing really big, but x 300 total bet will make any player happy if he hit it. Also here we have scatters, but here is another typical thing that scatters here did not trigger feature, but pay some money, up to x 60 total bet, if scatters will land. You can trigger free spins at moonshine video slot, for this you need 3+ bonus symbols. 3 bonus symbols give 3 free spins x 1, 4 give 4 x 1, and 5 give 5 x 1. But did not fear, that is just base number of free spins, you then will be play bonus game, and increase number of free spins and increase multiplier up to x 4. best i was able to get at this game is 15 x 3 , and this is typical for any microgaming video slot, so nothing to surprise me here.

I played this game only once, at 32red casino, and i had not very nice experience, since i open this game with 50$ balance, and then come bad streak and free spins did not want to trigger, and i find myself to trigger bonus game only when 20$ was left. Free spins did not return me my losses, and with 30$ i just left this game like a nightmare, of course it is just bad luck, but i am still did not see reasons to play this game.

Medium variance slot, with nothing really interesting.It has no unique features, and payouts are quite low, i will not play this game again. But you can try it and decide, did you agree with me or no.
Naomi. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Moonshine is a 25 payline slot game from Microgaming. On first glance at this game I enjoyed the graphics, I am not usually a fan of all bright colors but I think Microgaming done a good job of making this look somewhat polished despite the colors.

I was spending most of my time playing this game on a fifty cent bet and while I wasn't managing to land anything big I did get a high enough frequency of wins to keep me ticking over. The most common appearance for me was the pink pig which I did manage to match four of these on a couple of occasions but the reward was nothing to get overly excited about.
As the game wore on for me I found myself getting nowhere. The amount of wins I was getting started to slowly dry up and while I still had plenty f cash left to play with I just wasnt kept intrigued due to the lack of any potential big wins. The only LARGE payer on this game is the wild granny. I always thought older people didn't like me but this was just taking the biscuit, I only ever managed to land one granny on the reels at one time so the chances of me getting five of these to win big were pretty damn slim. The scatters were far more happy to show their faces and again that's no surprise when its symbolized by a police officer!! Unfortunately more often than not I would land two of these on the reels and just miss out on the three required to win anything half decent.

All things considered about Moonshine there is enough here to keep you occupied but if you are after a game that gets the pulse racing then I could not recommend spending your time on this game.

My rating for Moonshine is five out of ten.

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