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megaspin break da bank again

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megaspin break da bank again Reviews by Players

Grady. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Pros: I love the regular “Break Da Bank Again” slot machine, its probably my second favorite nine line game after the amazing “Thunderstruck”, and whilst having a drinking and gambling session with an old friend a few weeks ago, he asked me if I had ever seen the MegaSpin version. I had no idea what he was talking about, but of course asked him to ahead and show me!

When the game loaded up I was totally intrigued – four slots in one? I didn’t quite understand until I began spinning, but it really is quite simple – every time you hit spin all four machines will roll their reels, therefore you can win four times on each and every spin. The possibilities of this concept are really a little mind boggling to begin with – you are four times more likely to hit a big win, and you can also hit the free spins feature on more than one machine at once – in fact, all four, if you are ridiculously lucky. I’ve never seen it done, and I can’t help but wonder what the odds are of hitting the scatters on all four machines on the same spin! Astronomical, I am sure. But as always for a gambler, its just irresistible to consider the possibilities!

When you hit three or more scatters on any of the four machines, the whole screen is taken over by the free spins feature. This works exactly the same as the original Break Da Bank Again slot, with all wins being multiplied by five – if you have a wild symbol in the combination, the win is multiplied by five again, so you can in fact score a massive 25x the amount shown in the paytable for each win. This is very rare but I have seen it done on internet forums and the like, with people winning £3750 for a bet of just 90p if they hit the five blue sapphires with a wild during the free spins. Those with stronger stomachs who are betting larger amounts can look forward to even greater wins!

If you have the bankroll, there really is no reason not to try this version of Break Da Bank Again. It’s loads of fun, especially for anybody who is impatient (like me!) when playing slots – a way to cut the time between features to just ¼ of the norm? Yes Please!!
Margot. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Pros: After playing the original “Break Da Bank Again” for some time at one of my favourite casinos, 32red, I spotted this version in the lobby, and so fired it up purely on the strength of the name alone. I had no idea what to expect, and was really a bit confused when I saw the four separate slot machines appear on screen at once.

One thing I did notice immediately was that the graphics had been improved – I guess this version was created a fair bit later than the original game and they decided to upgrade some of the resources to a more modern standard – the differences are really quite trivial in total honesty though and make little to no difference during actual gameplay, but still I love high quality and high definition in all entertainment I consume so this seemed just a little more polished and professional to me straight away.

Setting the game to minimum bet results in a value of £0.36, four times that of the regular slot machine, and of course once I realised this it became a little clearer what was going on – I was making bets on four games of “Break Da Bank Again” at the same time! I definitely quite like the idea, though I have to say I think its as good as an impossibility to score a set of free spins on all four machines at once – if anybody has ever achieved this and got a screenshot I would love to see it!
Cons: I have noticed that a lot of casinos exclude this game from bonus play, which really doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me. I’ve asked some casino reps for an explanation to no avail, though I suspect that as the game has such massive variance and hence payout potential anyway, and being able to play four machines at the same time would dramatically increase the speed of playing through a bonus wagering requirement, casino managers feel it represents an attractive target for advantage players. My view, as always, is that the odds favour the house and so why on earth should it matter if the player loses their money four times quicker?!
Jami Zhao. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Pros: Megaspin- Break Da Bank Again is the super big version of the original Break Da Bank Again. Although with 4 video slots in view the scatters pay only half of my bets on a single slot compared to the original where it pays 2x my bets. Each slot costs $0.09 each so it will cost $0.36 minimum to play them all on 9 paylines but I like to play them on $0.72 and $1.05 bets. For 4 slots at a time spinning up in one bet, it's very easy to land the 15 Free spins at 5x because 4 chances are laid on every spin! It's very easy to get them which is the pro for this slot!

It's definitely a way to catch more of my money or see them flunk in a matter of bets when things aren't looking well for my balance! I do want to complete my goal to hit 4 Gems with the 5x Break Da Bank Wild in the combination during Free spins while under a very cool $1.80 bet! It doesn't matter if it happens here or in the single slot version of Break Da Bank Again as long as I capture that type of win someday..... it will be the greatest for this video slot, megaspin or not! You know what? I'll try persuading the guru for that super win he has for the gems. It's moments like that that motivate me to gamble more so that I can finally tell MY story someday!
Cons: As easy as the 15 Free spins at 5x can come, this video slot can be very cheap inside free spins! It's so tough to gather symbols that include the 5x Wild that turns into 25x in Free spins and I hate it also when combinations of gems or gold bullions leave itself on 2 combinations.

There is always a mess going on in most of these free spins and I never get a proper win for the most part! Winnings like less than $2 were a messy joke! The more triggers I get, the lesser their scatters occur for triggers. Also, it takes 2 scatters on two different slots to pay back my original bet!
Annmarie. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: Microgaming has a lot of great high variance slot, and I think any experienced player is familiar with Break da Bank Again. The sequel to this slot is Megaspin Break da Bank Again or perhaps we could better call it an enhancement. High variance slots have their pros and cons. The reason why many players choose to play them is because of their huge potential.

However, as always with high variance slots it can take ages before having that SUPER HIT. Therefore it's nice that Microgaming released this advances version of Break da Bank Again, where you can play on four of the same slots at the same time.

I always remembered I hated it when I had to wait so long to trigger the free spins. While playing Megaspin Break da Bank Again I notice the free spins get triggered much more often, as it should logically. For you guys who don't know, Break da Bank Again is a 9-liner with a 5x wild multiplier during the base game, and a 25x wild multiplier (5x wild + 5x free spins multiplier) during the free spins mode.

The best hit you can have is in free spins with 5 sapphires and at least one wild to complete that win. It guaranteed a 4,000x win I believe. Nevertheless I never got that close while playing the older version or even Megaspin Break da Bank Again.

Keep in mind that when you're playing 4 slots at the same time, your betsize gets quadrupled as well. So it will cost you a lot more when you play your usual bet. I usually used to play €0.36 per slot, so a bet of €1.44 per spin. I haven't played Megaspin Break da Bank Again as much as I liked to though, because of that same reason.

I prefer to play this game when I'm way behind. It offers a quick way to go either bust or win a nice chunk of money.

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