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Emmett. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Excellent! I will be the first one to start Mega Moolah! Mega Moolah is animal themed progressive slot. It's features animals for symbols, the "King of the Jungle" Lion wilds that double anything it's connected with, of course it can't pay on it's own unless two wilds are present for some payout, scattered Monkeys which I really look out for the most as it triggers free spins and your four progressive jackpots just waiting to be hit by players in the Jackpot bonus.

Over the many times I played Mega Moolah, the small Mini Jackpots are always what I find sometimes. I completely ignore them overall because they, in my point of view are just for show most of the time. When I least expect something to happen on Mega Moolah, it comes out by surprise. The expression of words used to describe my many moments were, "Well, I'll be...." and "YYYEAAAHHH!!!". If I want a chance at a jackpot the best way to get it is always under $1.25, the maximum bet for Mega Moolah. But for a $0.50 bet it is less likely that I trigger the Jackpot bonus, though I don't expect it to appear.

For betting $0.50 I mostly win $21+ and for max bets I can get expect about $60 and over. Retriggering 15 Free spins at 3x are the best feelings to get out of this slot because a retrigger alone leaves another space for more winnings to occur! More money, more fun and more surprises! A little bit of the negative for Mega Moolah is what I see when the reels roll. Is it just me or do the reels occasionally not stop in order? I also see them "not stopping" when they are supposed to stop, by that I mean every reel stops in increments of 1 second but one reel doesn't stop until 2 seconds sometimes. It seems one reel rolls away a bit longer before it completely stops, occasionally preventing a scatter. I'm not sure if other players experience this but I do.

That's probably the only imperfect aspect I see on this slot. In conclusion, despite a bit of problems, Mega Moolah rests with a 8.8 out of 10!

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