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Traveling on a cruise liner, luxurious life, expensive cars, diamonds and champagne is not a dream, but an amazing video slot from the NetEnt team called Mega Fortune. The main theme of the slot is comfort, rest, respectability and wealth. The game justifies its name. To date, this video slot is the record holder for payment – more than 17 million dollars won the lucky winner in the bonus game Mega Fortune. The game looks really bright and luxurious,  additional features and options further increase the return rate.


Elegant design and detailing of symbols also corresponds to the idea of ​​the game. The background music is unobtrusive and pleasant, control and settings system is classic for most NetEnt slots. The endless ocean, scorching sun and cold champagne are your faithful assistants on the way to the main jackpot of the game. In addition to Mega Jackpot, there are also two secondary ones, which will also be pleasant.

The principle of drawing combinations is used classical, collect from three identical signs on one line from the left to the right, and receive weighty rewards. A distinctive fact is that all spin combinations are paid, not only the most valuable. Winning combinations are accompanied by bright animations. A pleasant surprise will be a prize round with free scrolls and a dynamic multiplier. This mode is very popular and is a real advantage of the game.


It’s very easy to play the Mega Fortune video slot, as the control system is no different comparing to other games. You can set the denomination of coins through Coin Value, and set the bet level with Bet Level. Lines in the game can also be customized with the Bet Lines button. For lovers of luxury games in large, there is  Max Bet option, that sets the limit value of the bet.

The Autoplay function will perform a certain number of rotations for you. Information about all payments and features of symbols is contained in the PayTable section, and additional graphics and sound settings can be found in the lower left corner of the screen. After all preparations, you can safely go on a trip with the help of the main round button, which starts the drums.

There are also three special symbols in the game: Wild symbol, scatter symbol and bonus symbol. The main feature of the game, of course, is the progressive jackpot, which any user can win. The jackpot system is such that each player in the world contributes to the total amount, and thereby it is constantly increasing to finding a new lucky person. But not even the record amounts of the main award exceed the value of a million dollars.

The most pleasant moments in your journey, of course, will be two additional prize levels. The first round with free spins will start after the appearance of 3 or more scatterers on the field. In the regime of free spins an additional multiplier x1-x5 is included. In addition to the Wild symbol and the scatter sign, there is also a symbol with the inscription Bonus. This is your chance to become a multimillionaire. Three of these signs will launch an additional level, where you will rotate the wheel of fortune. Depending on the dropped values, you will have a chance to win one of the three offered jackpots, including the biggest one.


Mega Fortune will give players unforgettable emotions, comfortable pastime and a chance to win the biggest prize in the online world. Try and take risks, and maybe you will be lucky enough to get the multi-million prize.


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Mega fortune Reviews by Players

Russ Hempstead. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Hello, Mega Fortune is probably the most well-known Jackpot-slot nowadays and it is now even in Guinness World Record-Book, because in 2013 one Finnish player from my home city won over 17 MILLION EUROS and he played only with minimum-bet, which is 25 cents! There are many other progressive jackpot-slots, but Mega Fortune seems to be popular. I do not prefer Jackpot-slots, but sometimes played Mega Fortune and also Hall of Gods, which is a good second of those slots.

I have played Mega Fortune with different kind of bets, from 25 cents to 5 euro. I have never been disappointed to that slot even never won anykind of Jackpot from it, but often some money still. :) Graphics of Mega Fortune shows luxury-lifestyle with rings, whisky and cigar (propably Cohiba), yacht (wild-symbol), champagne (scatter-symbol), rolex, dollars and limousine. So, typical Jet Set-life. ;) Well, Mega Fortune might make anyone who plays it to millionaire. ;)

Mega Fortune is typical 5-reel slot, with 25-lines, and you can choose lesser lines also, if balance is too low for playing full lines. In Mega Fortune wilds are very common and very often comes two scatters, which give your bet back 2x. Three or more scatters, which give you freespins, seems to be quite rare, but sometimes I get those. You have to click champagne-bottle and then it gives you freespins, but number of those and also multipliers are random, so you can never know how many freespins you will get and in which multiplier. :) During freespins, if you get two or more scatters, you can win more freespins or get better multiplier. Have to say that Mega Fortune has one of the best freespins of NetEnt-slots. Often I have got good money from that slot, just because of freespins. :)

And now something about reason why Mega Fortune is so popular. It is because of Jackpot. There are three Jackpots; Rapid, Major and then every gamblers dream, Mega. When you get three or more Wheels of Fortune-symbols from left to right, you can go to spin Wheel of Fortune, which has three levels before Mega Jackpot. I have managed to go only to second level and mostly I can go only to first level. Wheel of Fortune seems to be actually quite common, but often you do not win so much and all jackpots, seems to be very difficult to get. Well, it is understandable. ;)

I have played Mega Fortune for two main reasons. First is that many casinos often give freespins to it, mostly after when someone has won Mega Jackpot. After Mega Fortune-freespins, it is natural to continue with same game. Another reason is that Mega Jackpot, even it is like a lottery and getting it seems to be impossible. However, gamblers naturally are greedy, so who can resist to possibility to become millionaire with small bet? :D

Mega Fortune might change your life suddenly, but do not be disappointed if that does not ever happen. Like I earlier wrote, it is just like a lottery. ;) However, Mega Fortune is also quite good slot, and I am 100% sure that I will play it in future too, even without getting freespins to it and even if it would not has any Jackpots. :D I can recommend everyone at least to try it sometimes. Though most slotgamblers propably have tried it already. ;)
Ruthann Lederman. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Mega Fortune is another progressive video slot by NetEnt software reeling in with 25 paylines. Honestly, I feel in my opinion that Mega Fortune is neutral and I will explain. When I play Mega Fortune for just $0.50 a bet, no more over because it doesn't reward me with profitable returns, it pays my bets back and to less than that.

The champagne scatters for free spins can be tough to trigger on as I see them coming for 2 scatters only, it rarely becomes a reality for 3. If I do hit this feature, the 3 scattered champagne bottles hold a random amount of free spins with a mystery multiplier! I would need to pick one of the bottles to find out what I've won. The most I discovered is 15 Free spins and the highest multiplier I've ever landed is at 5x initially. There is something even worst for free spins and that's to start off with 1x multiplier despite the amount of free spins to begin with. It's awful to find my hard work go to waste with normal payouts using 1x....if I find it, unluckily. That's the bad news about Mega Fortune. Inside, be on the look out for two more scattered champagne bottles to receive a boost in multipliers or some more free spins. On average two scatters when landed gives about 3 free spins and can give a high 10 and anything in between! But as they can be random it's tough to pinpoint what is really a fact for the free spins and multipliers.

Another pet peeve I have to endure are bonus progressive wheels landing on the first 3 reels. They can be a huge pain in the @s* when I want to visit the progressive wheel for a one time chance at the big progressives! Holla! Most often for the players as well as myself you will notice these wheels will land on the first 2 reels without any avail on the 3rd for that HIT. Again, it hardly shows for 3. Mega fortune makes it worse as it has to be on an "active payline" to trigger the wheel hahahaha imao.

Positively the only reason why I come back is sometimes I want to stick around to offer myself with a better outcome and pretty much stay for the cool piano music in the background. The Luxury music theme motivates me to "keep going" for that jackpot and never give up to hit that big one! That once in a life time shot.....when and how is the question! Low Payouts, a hard to earn free spins feature, a progressive wheel that's not only a hassle to trigger but I have only came as far as the second ring in the wheel for less than $10. (Sighs) Mega Fortune gets a 6.5 out of 10! The features are mostly an illusion to part for my profits though I love the music.
Marcy. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Net Ent's Mega Fortune slot is probably the most popular online slot in the world, and for a very good reason. This progressive slot has broken the Guiness World Record of the biggest win online several times. I believe a Finnish player won more than €20 million playing this slot in 2013. We all dream winning a jackpot, but for this player it became a reality with only €0.25 bet if I recall this correctly.Now, let's discuss the game in depth. The game itself has 25 paylines and is built around a luxurious theme. Symbols consist of limousines, stacked dollar bills, glasses of champagne, earrings etc. It has 5-reels and offers multiple options to receive a nice win. Each reel has a wild symbol which falls very often, but I reckon most of the wins during regular play are small.The lowest bet size is only €0.25, but high rollers can up their bets accordingly. I've played this slot a lot just like many other progressive jackpot slots (e.g. Dark Knight, Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods etc.). Unfortunately I never managed to win a jackpot on the Mega Fortune. Although the Mega Fortune has three different jackpots (Mega, Rapid, Major), they are just not meant for me yet.I probably haven't played this slot enough since it has a lower RTP, simply for the fact it's a progressive game which means a fair percentage contributes toward the jackpot. The bonus round can be achieved by hitting 3 bonus symbols on the first 3 reels. I never really understood why this game has a bonus symbol on every reel though, since as far I know it doesn't influence the bonus round, and the bonus feature only gets activated when you hit them on the first 3 reels.The bonus feature takes you to a sort of a Wheel of Fortune. However this bonus game consists of multiple levels, and you have to be lucky to get your way up to the last level. I managed this twice and just couldn't believe how close I got. However I did not end up with any jackpot, just a big prize. I believe I won €187.50 on an €1 bet. The game also has scatter symbols (champagne bottle) which activates free spins of you collect 3 or more. The number of free spins and multipliers is random, and can increase if you collect two or more during free spins. My experience with the free spins isn't that impressive. My biggest win is 200x my bet on a €0.50 bet.My final rating for Mega Fortune would be 7/10.
Eula. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Mega Fortune one of the rare jackpot slots I play nowadays, at least with a hope to win jackpot. This is a 5 reel 25 payline slot from Netent software with a free spins round and jackpot wheel. There's also a sequel to this game called Mega Fortune Dreams and in the last couple of months I've read many articles how players have won big jackpots on these games. Maybe it is a little odd, but for me it works like a good PR, so lately I've started to play this game more, hoping for my jackpot to come.

As most Netent games, this one has a really great design with very good quality graphics. Since the name is Mega Fortune, the symbols in this slot are ones that are associated with wealth- champagne, jewelry, car, jacht and money. There are scatters that trigger bonus round, if you get at least 3 of them anywhere on the screen, you'll have to choose one of the scatters and it will reveal your free spins amount and multiplier, mostly I get 8 free spins 3x multiplied or 10 free spins 2x multiplied.And best part is when you get 2 scatters in the free spins, they award you with extra spins or multipliers. Wilds are also a great part of this game, they are on main game and free spins round and substitute for all symbols but bonus and scatter.

Bonus round, which is so exciting that my heart races every time I get it, is triggered by 3 or more bonus symbols in succession from leftmost to right. It may seem hard to achieve but the bonus round usually come up often. They hold coin winnings and jackpots- rapid, major and mega. You can spin the wheel yourself or let the system do it after 20 or so seconds are gone.And as a consolidation prize, the coin winnings vary and you can get a decent prize there.

I have absolutely no doubt in this game winning potential, the free spin round can award really nicely, I have had a biggest winning of 200 x bet so far. I think this game is great, it has exciting free spins round where the possibility to win extra multipliers or free spins is big. There's nothing I would change about this game
Boring game. Free spins pay low, all symbols pay low. You of course will get good payout for 5 wilds or 5 scatters, but chances is bad. Everything else is pay slow, and game just sucks money. You need jackpot here, or bust.

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