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Mega Fortune Dreams

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Mega Fortune Dreams play online casino for real money

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The company NetEnt is famous for its gaming applications for online casinos and regularly replenishes its collection with new slots. Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine became a real hit from this provider. This game contains most of the functions that modern video slots boast about.  If you manage to use these as efficiently as possible, then you will receive very generous winnings.

Main Theme

What would you like to do if you became a millionaire? Perhaps, you would like to ride a yacht and drink champagne. If you are a girl, you would immediately buy expensive jewelry and updated your wardrobe with the latest innovations from the fashion world. And another great idea is to go on a round-the-world trip. Many of these ideas are expressed in the form of symbols in this game.

You will see what every person who wants to become rich dreams about. And Mega Fortune Dreams slots game gives you the opportunity to get these riches during an exciting and interesting gameplay.

Interesting Features

Casino players prefer to play 5-reels slots, as they give higher chances of winning. Mega Fortune Dreams is a representative of the category of video slots with 5 reels and 20 paylines. The game uses virtual coins with different denominations from $ 0.01 to $ 1. The bet on the line is not more than 4 coins. In real money terms, you can put up to $ 4 per line and up to $ 80 per game round.

Additional features in Mega Fortune Dreams:

  • Slot with progressive jackpot.
  • The themed bonus round and free spins are available.
  • There are special symbols Scatter and Wild.
  • The maximum multiplier is x5000.


Winning combinations that are located on an active line are paid. Such combinations are sequences of several identical symbols. Any paid combination must start from the leftmost reel. You will receive money only for the combination to which the greatest multiplier is applied. The amount of winnings is directly proportional to the size of your bet. It corresponds to the product of the multiplier for a particular sequence of symbols and the size of the bet. With a lucky coincidence, your bet can be multiplied by 5000 in Mega Fortune Dreams.


Mega Fortune Dreams provides controls familiar to many gamblers that are located under reels. On the left side of the round button that launches the spin of reels, is the Level control, designed to select the number of coins for the bet. On the opposite side is a similar control element, which is called Coin Value. Its function should be clear to you. Additional buttons will allow you to set the maximum size of the bet and start the gameplay in automatic mode. The corresponding text fields contain information about the amount of bet per round and the number of coins in your account.

Press the “i” button if you want to see all the winning combinations and their multipliers. Detailed information about the slot and the rules of the game will be available by clicking on the “?” button. In addition, you can adjust the parameters of graphics, sound, speed of rotation reels in the game.

This application uses the web-interface can be used without installing on your device.

Game Symbols

Virtually all luxury items that you could only dream of appear on reels. You will see expensive watches, beautiful jewelry, elite champagne and other symbols. In addition, this game contains the following special symbols:

  • Wild, which can replace the missing symbols in the chains of winning combinations. If you are the lucky one who saw 3 Wild in a row, then you will get 1 free spin.
  • Scatter also brings free spins. Land 3, 4 or 5 Scatters on reels to get 10, 15 or 20 free spins. In rounds with free spins an additional factor x3 is used. The size of this multiplier increases to 10 if the reels continue to show Scatters at a time when you are using free spins.
  • Bonus symbol, which can appear only on 2,3 and 4 reels. If these three reels show Bonus at the same time, a thematic mini-game will be launched.

Bonus Round

Mega Fortune Dreams contains a thematic round, which is called the Wheel of Fortune. This is a 4-level game with the ability to win a progressive jackpot. The first level of the wheel contains numbers and arrows. If you choose a number, you will get a small amount and go back to the main game process. If the arrow is selected, you will be taken to the second level, which contains more generous prizes.

You get the opportunity to win the jackpot on each level since the second. If you are lucky, you can reach the fourth level, which contains the biggest prize, available in Mega Fortune Dreams by NetEnt.


3 progressive jackpots in this slot are played, which have the following names: Rapid, Major and Mega. These are available in the bonus mini-game.


Mega Fortune Dreams has a huge winning potential. Therefore, this game attracts the attention of many casino players.  There are special symbols, free spins with increased multipliers, a thematic round, as well as progressive jackpots. An additional advantage of the slot is the high RTP over 96.4%.

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Mega Fortune Dreams Reviews by Players

Peggy Messing. Reviewed on 30.06.18
When I first heard Net-Ent produced Mega Fortune was to have a sequel I must admit I was sceptical of how good it would be. I am pleasantly surprised! Mega Fortune Dreams is miles ahead of the original!
Mega Fortune Dreams is a fixed 20 payline 5 reel video slot with amazing graphics and great features! Of course it features the jackpots Rapid,Major and Mega + smaller coin amounts (for most people) this is triggered by getting 3 or more mega fortune wheels on reels 3,4,5 awards the jackpot wheel. This is much better than the original where you had to get 3 bonus symbols on a payline to activate it (1st improvement)!

Next improvement is the free spins scatter symbols! Although they do not payout any coins return (like Mega Fortune did) There is none of this pick a scatter drivel and then the better ones shown to you when you have picked 10 free spins and you missed 30 free spins (just really annoying!). Players get a set amount of free games based on how many scatters(thank goodness!!) 3=10 free spins,4=15 free spins and 5=20 free spins and free spins.I’m not finished speaking of the changes for the better though! How about when inside free spins multiplier level can increase to a massive 10 x by collecting additional scatters and some free spins added on for scatters as well for good measure! Multipliers begin at x 3 so it is not hard to get a high multiplier! Fantastic improvements Net-Ent!!

Next improvement! Yes there is more to tell ya! If you land 3 or more wild symbols on the screen you are given a re-spin (wilds remain in place) this gives huge change of 5 wilds and even 5 wilds x 2! What if you land 5 wilds in one go just think of the wins possible here! This is easily one of my favourite newish Net-Ent features(first saw this on Creature from the black Lagoon)

Net-Ent really have done a fantastic job with this new Mega Fortune! The paytable is still highly lucrative too. Jackpot of 5000 x coins for 5 wilds and other symbols such as diamond rings, watches, cocktail glasses. The best other premium symbols are 600 x, 1000 x and 2000 x your line bet! Smaller symbols are Alpha Numeric ranging from 40-150 x line bet. Minimum betting level of 20p and maximum of £80 is also good!

Easily one of the most fun releases this year and has given me a far better RTP than some non progressives I’m giving this superb slot 9/10 with ease! Mega Fortune Dreams is exactly the rejuvenation the original needed!

Pros of Mega Fortune Dreams(wow so many!!)

Easier to get on jp wheel than original

Sticky wilds with respin (3 or more)

Improved free spins upon original!

Fantastic paytable!

Fun to play and outstanding rich graphics!

Extra free spins and massive multipliers in the free spins.
Fixed bet of 20p never miss anything again!

Romeo Claytor. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Mega Fortune Dreams is the successor of Mega Fortune. I noticed that many online casinos just ended up removing the first version. I also came to the conclusion that some online casinos have chosen to not update the slot and just leave the old version only like Redbet for instance.

Not sure how all of it works with the licenses and all that, but I would have liked to see that both versions were available. My take on progressive jackpots has never been too positive, also due to my own experiences. Seems like it’s almost impossible to hit a decent jackpot.

Mega Fortune Dreams is the trendy version of its predecessor. It has 20-paylines, 3-rows and 5-reels and the minimum bet is only €0.20 and that’s a huge plus! I’ve only experienced this game with the lowest of the lowest bet so far. I don’t like playing progressives with a too big of a budget, and most often only opt for them when I’m almost through my budget.

Much credit too NetEnt for the decoration of this video slot. It looks flashy and the diamonds sure will be able to lure the people. It also has three progressive jackpots attached to it: Mega, Major and Rapid. Firs time I played this game was with free spins from Unibet.

That didn’t mount to nothing unfortunately. The next time I’ve played it was again at Unibet with my last €10 after losing a couple of hundred. I wasn’t expecting too much from the session. I played €0.20 bets and it kept threaten to give the free spins. The diamond symbol is the scatter in this game and you need 3 or more to trigger the free spins.

However, it kept annoying the hell out of me. Giving two scatters on the first two reels and then nothing. It did that like 10 - 15 times, while doing the same to the bonus round. The bonus symbol appears on reels 3, 4 and 5. You need to have three to trigger the jackpot game.

When I was almost through my money I managed to trigger the jackpot game. As usual I didn’t win any jackpot, I ended up winning 60 whole cents. Well, thank you NetEnt. That really made my day - NOT!

Apparently the free spins mode has more potential though. So I just have to try it out again to actually experience the free spins which is different from its predecessor.
Sometimes can take a while to get into a rhythm but when it does you are almost always rewarded highly!

As it is a jp slot after all it can be stingy in rtp but as progressives go this game is brilliant!

So high powered it can crash or malfunction if your computers not decent.
Janie. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I have a very good friend, a former colleague from the faculty years, with whom I worked together over 15 years here in my country. 10 years ago he moved to US. Since then we kept in touch about once a month. He invited me about one year ago to see his property on the internet from satellite and I found that it came to become a really millionaire having about all the things presented in this slot: a big house, palms over all his property, high life, well... about everything that defines a good living. “Mega Fortune Dreams” is no doubt a slot full of the shine characteristic to millionaires and probably this dream of wealth is having every professional gambler. Unfortunately to achieve this, in 99.99% of cases it is required hard work and only in 0.01% of cases a lucky spin at a good slot. To realize the glowing of the slot, the Mega Jackpot here is of the order of 2 millions!

As I said the wealth that the slot emanates is evident at every spin and playing here is like that dream of wealth that lies in each of us is one step closer.Although the wins obtained are average of 10-30 coins for a bet of 20 coins, the slot brings also quite common Big Wins.First, when there are on the reels at least 3 Wilds you will obtain for sure a handsome payout, followed by a free respin that will bring again a nice sum of money. Secondly, the 10 Free Spins come together with a minimum 3x multiplier. Any Scatter in Free Spins automatically increases the number of Free Spins or the multiplier. Usually you will play 13-15 Free Spins with a 5x-7x multiplier at the end.Moreover, there is even a Bonus game when a wheel of fortune is spun. Now you can win even the Jackpot of 1.7 million! As far as I am concerned I have had ups and downs playing here, and finally after about 30 minutes, I quit game missing just 2 Euro from the original amount.

The slot is nice for its brilliance and it gets definitely a bigger than average mark.
I don’t like the fact that even the lowest jackpot is incredibly hard to win, and even base game wins aren’t really worth it. Lower RTP. So you really need free spins or a progressive to hit big.

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