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Karmen Kulpa. Reviewed on 02.06.18
After a couple of reviews of well-known NetEnt slot machines back to the good old Microgaming software which has a respectable level of trust from me that I'm very experienced in online gambling because I follow this traveling circus for 10 years. At this slot I've never played so all I see is new to me at the Max Damage game. Right now I'm at Red Flush casino where real deposit to tried this slot.

My first bet will be € 1.20 per spin and added the only way for people who do not know, this slot has a perfect number of payment line 30. This is kind of a perfect number of payment lines as in games such as The Incredible Hulk does not have too many chances to players with less money in the account, these 50 lines eventually take away a lot of money if you are selfish and do not give up on time. As I said we are starting with € 1.20 in the first six spins, winning no less than 0.48 which is awful.

But things are improving significantly in the seventh spin where I get 6.40 because I got five of kind of symbols letter J. My initial capital here was € 30 so that after falling below 20 with five coming spins failed completely to come back and more increase your balance for a couple of euros. After all, this would still noted that I twice had five of kind, the first time it was a combination of letters J and long time the letter Q was Lucky.

When I was already tired of the game and all I received symbols which I recently opened free spins game and it was my complete return, namely this free game I graduated with a € 55 profit so I got out of the slot section with a positive score of + € 49 . I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the frequency of winning lines in this game, however these are mainly for gains half the size of my role per spin, except of course those that I listed above. All in all this is a charming slot machine, I like it.
Max Damage is a space themed slot from Microgaming and I know this is my fault but this is almost the only subject at video slots that I would be in real problem if I have to name some very good products. I don’t know why but I have really not found a single game that would have dazzled me so I’m always a little skeptic when aliens, space, out of world - whatever I call it – is the main motive of a product. This slot is no different and I have some things what I like here and others that not so much.

Speaking of the appearance of the game the background image where we see the Earth is really awesome and this picture is a real great graphical work and it was almost evident that the reel area is transparent because it would have been a big mistake to limit in any way the visual effect of that illustration. My issue with the interface is bringing up when the symbols and their illustrating style is the topic of conversation because no matter what the quality level of them (by the way it’s a solid work) but for my taste it’s a little bit childish and I would love to see much more any kind of ‘serious’ displaying scheme to depict them. The big picture is too colorful and I think this is among the very few situations when I can’t really appreciate if a game is able to create a cheerful atmosphere because I think it’s not really fit to the theme in my imagination. Anyway, if I try to see it another way through the glasses of objectivity, it’s a graphically well-made game with solid design but (except the image behind) it’s definitely not made for me and I just can’t really like it.

Max Damage is a 243-ways-to-win type slot but to be honest playing the game I’ve never felt any advantage of it and always seemed to me just like a 20- or 25-lines slot. It’s obvious that we can’t lay much emphasis on the written number on paytable as we all know the many paylines and the many options for winning chances are working another way and that’s exactly what I’m missing here. I get used to at games like this even if the indicated numbers not so attractive but the many simultaneous wins and features make even the base game more interesting and profitable but at Max Damage I’ve never experienced that. The average wins would be more or less acceptable at a less payline using slot but playing here where the potential and promise should have felt in every moments it’s far from being enough and that’s why my overall opinion can’t be too positive about this project.

The only exception here is the free spin session (15 games) where the wins are doubled and additional symbols can be transformed into Wilds and also gives instant cash prizes and thanks to them once I could won there more than €100 but overall the game features are not likable and even the important symbols like Wild (no paying ability or multiplying function though it may appear on the reels in stacked format) and basically that’s all we can get from this slot.

As I’ve already said because of the game can’t entertain me big way and I don’t feel any excitement while playing and generally the game doesn’t offer me much thing that I could really love I think it’s no surprise that my visiting time at this slot are limited and a saying in my country is coming to my mind – ‘If something doesn’t work it won’t do even if you force it’ – so I think it’s better if I look for another slot where I could get what I really need from a great gambling product.
Deshawn. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Max Damage slot is powered by Microgaming which is one of the reasons I tried it, but at that given moment I was exploring some new games. The game has 5 reels and 243 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.30$ per spin and the first time I tried it at Epoca casino.

The first I noticed was the graphics which were not so good and the background music well it was just ok. I started playing it with 50$ and after 40 minutes I was moving between 45$ and 55$, after another 10 minutes of playing I finally hit the scatter bonus that granted me 15 FS with 2x multiplier on everything except the alien spaceship prizes. In that first trigger I managed to get 28$ which was awesome and only maybe 5 minutes later I hit the FS feature again that gave me another 15$. At one point I was at 92$, so I just left the game with 100 FS and when I came back I had absolutely nothing to see. I had no good wins at all and my balance was at 57$. So what are the alien spaceship prizes? Well there are 5 of them that can only appear in the FS feature. Single, more or none can appear on the reels depending on your luck and when they appear they will be shot down and you will be granted a prize that depends on the alien spaceships because some of them are worth a lot and some of them are not. Also after the alien spaceships are shot down they will turn into wild symbol so that can boost up your profit and in my case they usually appear on the worst place possible which at some point really started to annoy me. Also the wild symbol in the main game can appeared stacked in all reels which can also give a nifty profit as well. The best that I got from that was 50x bet thank to the five of a kind.

Overall it can be a fun game but it is really not so interesting enough to play for a long time, plus I don't think it can give a good payout. 7/10
I did find this game lacked that edge to keep me interested, with no exciting bonus feature and the wins not doing enough on their own for me I found myself zoning out.

The graphics in this game gave me the impression that it was designed for kids more so than adults and it did nothing for me.

Out of all the games that I have played from Microgamning this one provided me with the least entertainment. I am not looking for a slot full of bright flashing lights to detract me from the lack of wins because at the end of the day its the fluctuating coin pile that entertains me and I found in this game it was just a downward spiral.

My rating for Max Damage is just two out of ten.
Mario. Reviewed on 25.09.18
My taste for online games has never been with Aliens or spaceships including some Super Heroes saving the earth, but I must admit I kind enjoy this game, especially there is a possibility to win big on Max Damage game. It is not a new game I believe it is released last year, had few occasions to play it, but given as a free spins and from those free spins had a lots of fun.

Max Damage is a 5 reel with 243 winning ways as I could see presented as 30 liner, just because the minim bet takes from 0.30 cents, made by Microgaming provider. On this game you'll see space ships, aliens spaceships, ax itself the Super Hero saving the earth and destroying those aliens and some classic letters and numbers symbols which pays less.

The Max symbol is a wild so as in any game; he will substitute all the symbols on the reels except from the scatters helping you making winning combinations. What I liked about this game is the wild because it’s acting as a stacked, so it will cover the entire reel and especially if you have a chance to trigger more than one wild, even with the minimum bet it could give you nice decent wins.

The little green alien in the little spaceship is the scatter symbol, so triggering three of them will award you with 15 free spins, which are multiplied X 2. There is a another little alien but with red color, so while you playing the free spins if he appears 1 or more of them, then Max will start shoot and destroy those red aliens, so they will become wilds, helping you to get some winning pay line and there will be some random cash prize as a reward.

It might be not the best slot from this software, but as a mentioned I really enjoyed playing it, because from all those free spins I got I managed to raise my balance to 29 euros and had fun for almost an hour, but as always wanting for more raised my bet and lost it all. I think I will give it another try in this game, who knows might become one of my favorites, good luck!

Low payouts even for 5 of a kind symbols. Freespins feature is great, but payouts for destroyed aliens spaceship is insane low, better was just not do payouts for this ships at all.
Wm. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I have played the first Max Damage video slot, well you could say it's more a skill video game than a video slot. Now the sequel of Max Damage is online, this time the game is a real video slot because it has reels... Personally I don't like 243 paylines video slot because of the low pay out. I still remember playing The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight rises, these video slot has the highest pay out for a single win line of 7,50 with the lowest bet. It is probably the standard prizes for a microgaming 243 pay lines video slot.

Anyway, fortunate right after this game was launched I got a mail from Crazy Vegas casino regarding a free tenner with no deposit required. With this tenner I had the chance to try the game without using my own money.

10 euro is 1000 credits and its good for 33 spins playing Max Damage. So I went to the game and my balance went down very fast but when my balance reaches under 2 euro, suddenly I got 3 scatters (alien ship) and the bonus round was triggered.
The free spins bonus round boosted my balance up to 20 euro, it's not bad for first time playing, right? But I still wasn't satisfied with my 10 euro winning so I kept playing the game and of course I stick with my lowest bet just in case the game sucked my balance like a vacuum cleaner sucked on dust.

It took me more than 50 spins to trigger the second bonus round, I was excited when the bonus round was triggered but then something happend that I never expect from a microgaming game, I won less than 2 euro this time. So disappointed and a little bit angry because I expected a lot more of it but sometimes things are not going to happened the way you want it.

Max Damage is an average video slot, if you like the sci-fy themed games, well this game is definitely for you.

6 stars is good enough for Max.
The slot is pretty boring, playing for the minimum bet probably more than 15-20 Euros extra will never have and the losing risk is as high.

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