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Great Gatsby thematic department is the Klondike for video-slot industry because of one particular and solid reason – authentic atmosphere of riches coupled with luxurious vintage can always become a great foundation for a gambling game. Once again, our adventurous entrepreneur named Mr. Green welcomes casino players to witness his fabulous lifestyle, only this time the remarkable extraordinaire is going to conduct an excursion around the place where he lives. Another slot machine released exclusively for Mr. Green Casino, again the well-known gentleman tells a completely new story. Recapping the whole series of machines under NetEnt’s brilliant implementation, The Marvellous Mr. Green seems like the first chapter in the sequence and an opening narrative followed by a watery journey across Europe where, presumably, his beloved fiancée found her death in the tight clutches of a ferocious werewolf, so the whole chain of events appears to come in a coherent circle. So, Net Entertainment proved themselves not only as an excellent developer but also as a talented storywriter. To get into the theme try the consequent in the story machines – Mr. Green’s Grand Tour and Mr. Green: Moonlight.

The Marvellous Mr. Green comes across as a colourful invitation to the life of the prosperous extravaganza-man to have a deeper understanding about Mr. Green’s backgrounds. He’s wealthy, his pockets are loaded, that’s why NetEnt portrayed the layout in very bright, yet expected, green shades while the backdrop strongly reminds of an opulent cabinet with the reels as though hanging on the wall. To our greatest sorrow, this beautiful games is a bit marred by the old-version platform, so if compare the next two machines in the series, The Marvellous Mr. Green loses some graphical and animation points in comparison to its gaming successors running on the freshest stuffed platform. Nevertheless, luxury theme has always been attractive to many gamblers, thus the game has a few advantages in terms of plush environment. Besides, an amazing set of in-game symbols throws so much authenticity to the slot that you sort of have an instant appeal to the game.

The Marvellous Mr. Green by NetEnt offers to celebrate lounge-style affluence on the layout comprised of traditional five drums and three rows with customisable 20 paylines. The structure supports a wide range of betting limits, so high-rollers might release themselves with a whooping hundred per shot, and at the same time on-the-budget gamblers can stick to a low 0.01 cents. In addition, NetEnt prepared a splendid load of different bonus features like Random Multipliers and Multiplier Meters, so that players could fetch good money from spinning. Anyway, classical reel rolling still allows you to leave Mr. Green’s mansion with around half a million bucks in your wallet which makes it a beneficial choice for a slotting session.

Interesting features

The Marvellous Mr. Green feels like a holiday when it comes to bonus features because here the developers attempted to diversify the machine’s gameplay without making it too weighty in volume – since the main character is an elegant nobleman the featurising should be fully appropriate. Here you will make an acquaintance with two categories of additional action – multiplication and Wild substitution. Moreover, the Marvellous Mr. Green slot machine has quite beneficial Scatters having an embedded multiplier going up to x100 for landing five matches on the reels. But first things first, as the saying goes.


Wildcard is the initial feature you can meet quite frequently on the reels during the main game course. Basically, The Marvellous Mr. Green incorporates relatively typical in function Wild symbols which, by the way, is depicted as a flopping hat moving around the icon’s frame. All Wilds can substitute for any other symbol from the paytable except for bonus pictures carrying no coin value. As an illustration, some symbols may form a particular shape of a combination on any payline and if Wild joins the pattern it would change its appearance in favour of this combination, i.e. take the picture of a matching combo. Note than Wilds bear no other function apart from replacing.


When it comes closer to Free Games, it surely gets hotter and more interesting because first of all you are provided with a guaranteed multiplication of your bet, and secondly the fifth reel will occasionally be a house for a specialty symbol – Multiplier Meter – multiplying all winning sums by some handsome number. It all starts with x2 value and as the game progresses and more Meters jump on the drums the initial multiplier simply gets bigger where the highest it can reach is x6 to all wins. Besides, there will be displayed a special zone counting your rewarding from multiplying, so players can always keep tabs on The Marvellous Mr. Green slots’ records.


Finally, Free Spins are triggered by another specialty symbol – Scatter – where Mr. Green’s uniqueness is definitely highlighted with an unconventional set of rules for bonus rounds. Whether it’s three, four or even the full house partying on the reels you get a specific number of free plays – unlimited. However, speaking of technical details the spins come to an end when the Multiplier Meter gets to its hand, but as long as the multiplication continue to grow do so your free spins. Note than due to theoretical limitless of bonus rounds, re-triggering isn’t included, so you can just activate the mode and in order to get a new package of rounds you have to catch Scatters in the base game. The Marvellous Mr. Green slots game also gives Random Multiplier feature working during the regular spinning only where you can get a boost in the range of x2 to x5 absolutely unexpectedly.

Bonus rounds

The Marvellous Mr. Green provides some great action as soon as you roll into bonusing from Scatters. Nonetheless, the main game course is also spectacular for having a couple of interesting extra moments surely lucrative for wallets. To begin with, Free Spins are built upon the Multiplier Meter both prolonging your life on the free mode and ending the whole action when the hand is reached in the long run. The base game tights two additional features – Wildcards and Random Multipliers – which can enlarge your win-line rewarding. Overall, let’s look a little precisely at this feature assemblage to find out how the company turns up and acts.


Basically, three Scatters or maybe five have a special mission to open access to the pool of free spins loaded with some intriguing activity. But don’t forget that catching Scatters is already a profitable enterprise making you some instant money for a landing combo multiplying your bet by some concrete value. The following set of spins is to played using the same bet level and coin range applied for a trigger-spin, so you won’t have a chance to make amendments during the bonus. The number of rounds, again, has no bottom in capacity and only the Meter can force you quit loading pockets when the “Stop Hand” says hello to you from the screen.

  • 2 Scatters give a guaranteed x2 multiplication to your bet.
  • 3 Scatters give x4 multiplication.
  • 4 Scatters give x25 multiplication.
  • And finally, 5 Scatters fetch great x100 multiplication.


The Marvellous Mr. Green slot’s ability to surprise won’t reach the end with a bunch of multipliers because you can take some additional advantage of Wildcards during every game mode, but only when they stand in the same line with matching symbols. Wilds help to ‘reinforce’ structure and fetch better win-combinations with advanced payouts. Yet, there’s nothing new in function about Wilds – they just substitute and that’s it.


These beauties can show their face only when you are on a regular spin forming a value before you bring the action. In general, the randomiser comes up with a number from 1 to 5 to be used as a multiplier in a random fashion and if a win-line has something winnings will be increased by this determined factor.


Rules and featuresThe Marvellous Mr. Green slots game doesn’t deprive gamblers of multiplying in a bonus game, only here it won’t be a constant guest on the reels. The fifth reel is reserved to bear the responsibility for hosting the Meter counter which, for the record, starts with x2 multiplication. As some more Multipliers flash up, the counter increases by one and it can go a long way to a whooping x6 multiplication. Though, as it has been mentioned, when the “Stop Hand” comes into view the bonus regime ends and you return back to the regular action. On the whole, the Meter provides a guaranteed boost to a winning sum if there is one.

The Marvellous Mr. Green can deliver pure enjoyment from the first seconds because of one great thing: rules here are so primitive that everyone even without prior knowledge could horse the machine. Follow the pattern to get started: select a comfortable number of paying lines to go with, then place a wager on them and watch the reels rolling around with bright symbols. In case active win-lines house a combination of matching icons according to the paytable, you get rewarded. Speaking of stakes, you need to work on two setting values – bet level and coin value – which are responsible for adjusting the amount of money you are going to parlay. Bet level also carries an additional duty to serve as a natural multiplier for all winnings – when you play on the first level, all rewards are fully corresponding to the paytable, but bigger numbers multiply the layout by the level. Coin value acts more as a denomination factor – playing 1:1 always means not convertible prizes in coins. Lower values will decrease the real sum.

As long as all lines are pretty customisable (from 1 to all 20 included) you can play, for example, with a single payline incorporated and bet not more than 0.01 credits per one hit. When all strings are gathered in participation, the maximum stake rises to 100 credits whereas you still can cling to any value in the range of 0.01 to 100 respectively. The Marvellous Mr. Green has the whole action tangled around multipliers and this is going to be your prime option to make real money from the reels whether it’s a base game or spins for free. What’s more, Scatters are in game meaning an endless number of rounds waits to explode. Finally, the paytable offers 10 different icons with various payouts, so make yourself at home and look through what you might expect from the reels (bet level 1 example):

SYMBOL 3 4 5
Gold 60 200 2000
Mansion 40 150 1200
Car 30 100 900
Airplane 25 75 600
Umbrella 20 50 400
Ace 10 40 140
King 7 25 100
Queen 7 20 80
Jack 5 15 60
Ten 5 10 50


To put in a nutshell, The Marvellous Mr. Green slot is a game with exquisitely high quality and minimalistic for modern machines gameplay, yet not devoid of additional perks in the form of Free Games and Multipliers. If you happen to be a regular customer at Mr. Green Casino, then hardly is there anything as suitable and matching as this game because the series about our courageous aristocrat is the key component and the greatest accentuate for the place. Not many casinos can actually present an exclusive slot series especially made by NetEnt to please clients with something outstanding. The Marvellous Mr. Green is exactly the case, so if you really want to experience classic gambling action filled with colourful and artistic gameplay this should be the perfect option to play.

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The marvellous mr green Reviews by Players

Orlando Owens. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Some online casinos have such a good status and reputation, that they can launch their own exclusive game. For Mr Green this is the recently introduced video slot: The Marvellous Mr Green. The slot has been produced by Net Entertainment exclusively for Mr Green. I believe no other casino offers this game apart from Mr Green.

It would be weird for other casinos to promote the game and at the same time a competitor I suppose. Nevertheless, I think this is a great addition and basically solidifies the undisputed reputation of an excellent casino like Mr Green. The first time I was introduced to this game was by an email I received with 10 free spins from Mr Green.

I thought I’d check it out, but to my surprise there free spins weren’t available. So fast forward, I contact customer support and they corrected the mistake by putting €2 into my account. The game has 20 paylines, 3 rows and 5 reels. The minimum bet equals €0.20 and therefore the money they put in my account equaled the 10 free spins. I didn’t win much from the free spins though and went bust very soon.

I never deposit too much at Mr Green. Just small amounts due to their low deposit limits. I did play this game another few times though. The Marvellous Mr Green is completely decorated in the style of the casino. With the man in suit, green hats, green cars, green umbrellas, houses and other worthy symbols.

It also features wilds (hat symbol) and scatters (chips). The background music is relaxing and the quotes of gentlemen do support the game theme. What I like about this game is that you can basically win an unlimited amount of free spins.

There is no set amount. Al you need is 3, 4 or 5 scatters to trigger the free spins feature. It has the same feature as Subtopia. The free spins keep playing starting with a multiplier from X 2, X 4 all the way up to X 6. If a specific symbol appears on the fifth reel, then the multiplier will become higher.

But the higher the multiplier gets the closer you get to the end of the free spins. If the symbol appears after you have a X 6 multiplier, then the free spins end. I’ve experienced the free spins feature twice so far and won like 50 x bet size as my best score. I will probably play this game again in the future since it got some huge potential thanks to the multiplier.
Randal. Reviewed on 26.09.18
The Marvelous Mr.Green, I just love this game. The first time I wanted to play this game was after I saw a Facebook promotion and where I won a hat from them. That is when I decided to make a deposit in Mr.Green and try this game which looks so elegant plus it is NetEnt software. A 5 reel 20 payline video slot created exclusively for Mr.Green Casino, that is so nice. I don’t think I know about another casino that has a game created just for them with their name in it, colors and characters. I think this was a very clever and innovative decision. The main character in this game is Mr. Green as expected. Everything in the game is green just like the symbols, green posh car, umbrella, and there are golden bars which bring a note of elegance and luxury into this game. The max win here is 463,050, the wild symbol is Mr. Green Hat that I am still waiting on to be delivered. The scatter symbol which triggers the free spins feature are casino chips, I can't remember at the moment if I managed to trigger the free spins or not, but what I can say is that I was positively excited when I played this game and I liked it very much even though I had no significant wins. There is a Multiplier Meters symbol and if it appears on reel 5 winnings can be multiplied up to 6 x bet. The music is calming like you entered a cabaret or a land line casino. What worries me at the moment is the cash out potential of this game, you know when you are limited with a deposit and don’t have enough money for the number of spins you want to play and you move on to another game. I didn't have much winnings in the 3 times I played here which doesn't mean that this game won't surprise me just like Jurassic Park did when I thought I wasn't going to win anything. Personally I would recommend this game to everyone, considering that the minimum deposit here is only 1 euro everyone can afford to try this luxury game.
Hard to win much during the base game. 5oak's are extremely rare, and therefore you really need a good hit during free spins to win big.
Griselda. Reviewed on 28.09.18
The Marvellous Mr Green video slot was released not so long ago by n
Net Entertainment exclusively for Mr Green casino. If someone not play this game, please did not wait from this slot anything really special or new, this game is just clone of old slot sSbtopia, nothing else.

Game looks great of course, green color is my favorite, and of course I like layout of slot. Symbols made also nice, but of course it is not surprise, as NetEnt slots usually looks good, I was surprised if they release game for Mr Green and game looks bad.

Game has all the same features as Subtopia, here we have wild without any multiplier and without payout itself, and random multiplier for wins during base game, up to 5 x. If you hit 3+ scatters, congratulations, you won FS feature, during it you will have random multiplier up to x 6, and by the way freespins can last long, till you hit special symbol.

I tried this video slot only once at Mr Green, just when it was released, of courseI wanted to try this new game. I made 40$ deposit with 50% reload bonus, which Mr Green casino kindly offer to me to try this new game and start playing with 0.6$ bets, since my balance allows me to play with such bets. Unfortunately my luck was bad, I had two freespins features, but first one let me play only 5 freespins, and second one finished on second freespins, of course I was sad about it, and also was sad about deposit that i lost.

I rate this slot with 6 stars, it looks great, but it is just clone. Since I did not like Subtopia, of course I did not like this slot too. But for fans of Subtopia slot of course such release is very good news, and I think such players should be happy.

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