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mamma mia Reviews by Players

Irvin. Reviewed on 02.07.18

Well, this is a Betsoft slot, the title sounds great and I was determined to try it and to have fun. Now, the problem with Betsoft slots is that the minimum bet is usually 0.60 euro because of the 0.02 coin that can’t be changed to 0.01. Another thing that I observed at this kind of slots is that even if the graphics are good, with 3d animations, the reels are too far from the screen, so the symbols are smaller than the regular slots, that’s because something has to happen in the background, I mean, those animations. I am not playing very often this slot, only when I have more money to spend because of the big bet. I noticed that sometimes it has lag, it doesn’t run smooth most of the time but I think that maybe it was my internet connection or it’s because of the 3d animations.

Regarding the features, I realized that it is a little bit hard to catch the Pizza Free Spins feature, I am catching every time only 2 scatters and the 3rd one won’t come. When I finally managed to trigger this feature, I was disappointed to see that paid me only 5 euro when I was playing with a 0.60 euro bet, not a decent amount at all. It has other 2 features, Food Cover Click Me, this isn’t important because gives you a cash prize, usually small amounts. The second feature is Critic Bonus Round, this one is more interesting, paid me 17 euro.

Overall, the graphics are quite good, I like the 3d animations and the theme and symbols, so I will give a 9!

About the features, I want to give an 8, are interesting but are not paying so good.

I was disappointed by the 0.60 euro minimum bet, isn’t a slot to play with small balance!
Betsoft games are impressing with theirs graphics and the animated features like you are watching some animated movie.

Betsoft Games i like those game like Mama Mia slot specially,because of the little Italian fat chef who is cooking and when the wheels stop and you get 3 or more pizza features ,they can be placed anywhere on the wheels,there you trigger the free spins round ,while you are spinning the free spins round the little Italian fat chef is making pizza and when the free spins round ends hi is putting pizza in the oven,like some animated movie.

On this game there are two bonuses which one of them is pick me feature,well that happened when you hit 3 or more cover food features so you are awarded with that game pick me,well have to say i do not like it a lot because it always gives me small amount ,but the other bonus round ,well this game has 2 bonus rounds ,that happens if you hit 3 or more menu symbols feature and this bonus i like it a lot because it always brings me solid winnings,well depends what will you pick from the menu and how high will be rated by the critic food ,so bigger score from the food critic you get bigger winnings.

So what i like about this game Mamma Mia is that the game it allows you to lock 1 or 2 reels that means if you lock those one or two reels but the bet will go higher,well you have to pay for it extra ,so your chances to win something big are really high.Whenever i got chance of free spins from casinos i ,well mostly i play Mamma Mia game or Mr.Vegas ,so far i have never won something bingo more then 68 euros on this game but maybe next time will be better.

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