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Wizards, dragons, witches, mages – these characters are not very amazed by these sophisticated online gambling fans, because they are the heroes of numerous video slots from different software manufacturers for online casinos. Net Entertainment also has similar slots in the assortment of models, but this interest continues to be of interest to casino customers, so developers continue to release such games.

The free slot machine Magic Portals has become another novelty of this eminent brand. This is a great video slot, which has amazing graphics and no less effective set of functions.

General Description

Magic Portals is a five-reel video slot from Net Entertainment. It has twenty-five constantly active lines, three rows of pictures, special symbols, bonus rounds, and unique functions.You can play on the Magic Portals slot machine one by one – ten coins per line, the value of which varies from one cent to one euro. Consequently, the total bet on spin reaches two hundred and fifty euros.

To receive a payout in combination in the Magic Portals gaming machine, you need to collect a chain of adjacent pictures on the active line. It should start with the first drum. For each line, only the highest combination is the winning one.

The amount of payment is calculated as standard: the rate on the line is multiplied by the combination factor (up to x500). All payments for the spin are summed up and transferred to the player’s account. The Magic Portals slot machine has a theoretical return of 96.6%.


On the screen of the video slot Magic Portals, you can see pictures of the sorcerer, owl, dragon, wolf, and colorful magic spheres.Also you need to pay attention to the fact that in the middle positions on the first and fifth drums there are magic portals. There are 2 special symbols in the Magic Portals gaming machine: Wild and Free Spins. You can find them by the appropriate inscriptions. Let’s talk a little bit about their functions.

  • Wild symbols are needed in order to replace missing pictures in the combinations.When the same symbols stop on the first and fifth drums on the magical portals, they, as well as all the same pictures on the screen, also turn into Wild symbols
  • Free Spins launch ten free spins at the current bet and the number of lines. At this slot, they start, whenever Free Spins is simultaneously in two portals. During these starts, on the fifth drum, two additional magic portals are formed. Spins can be prolonged.


If you have to play Magic Portals slot in English, which you do not know well, you will find these tips useful:

  • Round button in the center of the panel – launching a new spin
  • Level – selection of the level of rates (analogue of the rate in coins)
  • Coin Value – selection of the denomination of coins
  • Bet – the size of the bet on spin
  • Coins – the number of available coins
  • Auto Play – automatic play mode
  • Max Bet – the game at the maximum rate
  • I – view paytable and brief rules

Magic Portals  gaming machine has a number of user settings, as well as an automatic game mode, a help section,and an information line with prompts.


Admittedly, Magic Portals is another interesting video slot from Net Entertainment. The company has learned to produce very effective and interesting free slot machines, pleasantly surprising with original functions and cool graphics. In addition, the game laid a pretty decent percentage of return.

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Magic portals Reviews by Players

Lulu Lemaire. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Magic Portals is a slot I've been underestimating for a long time. I never played long sessions with it because it wouldn't give me any decent winnings in the first 100 spins and I would just leave the game.

First of all, I have always liked the design of this slot. The theme is magic so there are witches and wizard, color scheme is also very beautiful but that is not a surprise since it is a Netent software slot. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines and a free spins bonus round. For me it used to be hard to trigger free spins but lately I guess I've been luckier and experience that a lot more often. I also think that the beauty in this slot is not only the design but the simplicity. Game has wilds that substitute for all symbols except scatters and there's only free spins bonus, which consists of 10 free spins and can be retriggered.

I believe that this game needs to be played a lot to get affection to it. But I think that the payouts can be very good. The reason this game is called Magic Portals is because there are two portals on this slot- in the middle of 1st reel and on the same place on 5th reel and that is how you trigger bonus round, just by getting a free spins symbol on both portals. And another interesting thing is that getting "Big Wins" on the main game isn't hard, because when two matching symbols (not scatters) appear on both portals, they turn into wilds and turn all the same symbols wild too so good combinations are not hard to get, besides this feature is also on free spins, but there it gets even better, because in free spins both reels 1st and 5th are full portals- so if you get free spins or other matching symbols on anywhere on 1st and 5th reels, they will turn wild like on the main game, but free spins would be retriggered and I personally have experienced that many times.

Having said all that, I do think that this game needs good bankroll because if it's in a tight mode, it can take your money quickly, that is why I usually play it with minimum bets of 0.25€ or with 0.50€ but not higher. Recently I spent some time with this slot and with minimum bets I played 1000 spins. And even though none of my winnings went over 100 x bet size, I received 6 bonus rounds in total and increased my balance for 70€ because as I said, main game can reward as good as free spins round.

Overall I have really changed my mind about this game, if some time ago I wasn't a fan of it, now I understand why other players like it so much. Graphics are great, features interesting and payouts are good too. I will definitely play this one more!
Reading what I wrote so far even I am beginning to think this slot can pay out enormously. Still it can’t.I don’t think there has ever been a win of over 200 x bet and that may come once in 10 years. The reason for this is simple. The paytable is horrible with max payout of 500 coins and there is no payout for wilds on the reels. You can imagine my disappointment when I got 5 wilds on a payline and a win of about 20x bet. The same thing happens in the free spins. They don’t have a multiplier attached. Which game pays 30 x bet win with 2 retriggers and a total of 30 free spins. It’s a disaster. If you want to lose money go ahead and play this game. Personally I will never invest one more cent in it.
Donella. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Magic Portals is one of the older NetEnt games but one which can still stand on its own by today’s standards. Although the graphics may have been excellent in those early years of online gaming, today, it can only be considered as good, but still better than most other older games. The excellent use of bright colours make the icons stand out well, creating a nice overall ambience for the game, accompanied by a soft and simple eerie-sounding background music. Nothing outstanding though. 1 star down.

Standard NetEnt paytable, as usual. Very low payout values for all symbols - the highest paying symbol of the red lady, for example, pays only 500x the line bet. There aren’t any other paying symbols in the paytable - no payout for the wild symbol, no payout for the free spin symbols as well. 2 stars down.

Feature wise, luckily there are free spins to look out for, plus the permanent Magic Portals feature too. What this Magic Portals Wild Transformation does is that whenever a same symbol appear in the left and right portal simultaneously, all the other same symbols are transformed into wilds, creating good to very good payouts, depending on the number of the same symbols on the reels. Sometimes it doesn’t pay a lot though, and sometimes it pays nothing at all. 10 free spins are awarded when the Free Spins symbol appear in the left and right portals at the same time, and 10 more additional free spins are won each time the Free Spins symbol reappear in the portals. Furthermore, during the free spins play, 2 additional portals are added to the 5th reel, making a stack of 3 portals, and increasing even more chances of getting wins from them. Nice! 1 star up.

However, from my few tries at this game, there were times when the portals were paying out quite well and the free spins continuing on with more frenzy and better payouts. I’ve had 70x to 100x total bet wins from the free spins so far, which is reasonably good. But after such a win, the game play would make an abrupt turn and my credits would start disappearing into the portals, until every bit of credit is gone. No luck yet for me on Magic Portals, even though I can see the good chances of making some nice wins. 1 star down.
I do tend to get bored with this slot, it can get quite tedious if itdoesn't want to pay out! I mentioned that there was no additional bonus game maybe that is what this slot needs to keep my interest in it.
Kraig. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I was curious to find out more about this slot Magic Portals and I found that it was available, labeled as highly addictive, but this comes as natural because when you start spinning this slot, it'll take you into it's magical dimensions. Magic or sorcery is in the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and languages, with the aim of exploiting supernatural forces. The beliefs and the practices of magic have been present since the earliest human cultures and we could talk forever on this subject as there is so much to be said. Let me admit that this slot is powered by NetEnt, will live long, and it's gonna take an effort to replace it, in my humble opinion. NetEnt did a great job, and heads up from me. Besides the fact of having a few scary symbols, whose evil eyes I don't want to look at, this game is in my taste and I am so impressed by its theme, graphics and features. Altogether, I admire this slot which went live on 22nd August 2013.

Having 5 reels and 25 paylines, playable from as little as 0.25 cent bets per spin, Magic Portals is affordable to any player, with a possibility to win up to 64,000 coins when the magic symbols activate Wilds transformation. I can't remember how many times I have played this fabulous game with real money, but my heart would start beating so fast whenever I had won a BIG WIN or a MEGA WIN. But no matter the fact, it was a glorious experience. Most likely this game was made to take your money away eventually, well, that's the gambling industry after all, and we are always dreaming of winning big and want to make lots of money. Same goes for life too, but I personally prefer games like Dead or Alive, for example, the one game that has been proven so many times before, and I would rather put my money into Dead or Alive then to loosing it all in Magic Portals. Labeled as highly addictive proves that NetEnt 'brains' know very well what they want to do.

Well, it's all up to you, whether you decide to play Magic Portals with your real money, or simply enjoy the game in the Fun or Demo Mode, like what I'm doing most of the time now, and losing the fun money into a magical slot that only knows to empty your pockets!
The free spins could pay more, if there were multipliers during this feature. And this is the only thing I missed at this game. This could bring a lot bigger, higher wins.

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