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mad mad monkey Reviews by Players

Whitney. Reviewed on 02.07.18

Another great game from nextgen, i am really feel so good with their game, and therefore i am happy to write reviews about their games. As i told already 100's times, all nextgen is very simple and did not have anything really unique, or anything what about i can say 'oh, this is really great thing'. And this is their biggest plus in my opinion, not need to find ways to entertain players, as this ways already was found many years ago. And therefore nextgen just made this simple games, and everyone can enjoy their games.

Mad mad monkey is one of my favorite nextgen games,50 lines with 0.5 minimum bet, and stacked wilds on middle reels, plus in frees pins player awarded x 3 multiplier and stacked bananas, which never come with wilds for some reasons, or this is just my experience. My best hit on this game was at queen vegas casino, i hit 3 reels wilds and bananas on first, not in free spins though, but it pay me around 400 x total bet, and this is great result. Such hit on free spins will pay great x 1200. I like the game, and i am play it quite often, unfortunately all skill on net casinos bonus ban me, after i had some great runs with bonuses, and i can't play this game with a bonus.

Conclusion: Just try, and you will see why i love nextgen games, this guys know how to create amazing slot without spending a lot of time and money on eye candy. 9 stars from max of 10, game is really great. Forget to add that variance here is somewhere between medium and high, and taking note on 0.5 bet prepare some money before starting playing this game, or monkeys will eat your money and buy bananas. And i am not joking, they really can eat your money, as they eat mine lot of times.

Of course I don't have anything bad to say about this slot - I LOVE IT!
Mad Mad Monkey is another slot based on monkeys just like Microgaming's "Big Break". This game however is developed by Skill On Net I believe, just like Medusa and 300 Shields. However, lately we have been seeing much more Skill On Net slots being adopted into Microgaming's Quickfire portfolio.In my opinion this is a good thing as long they pick high quality slots with some additional value. Mad Mad Monkey is definitely one of them. This game has 50 paylines and 5 reels. Besides that it has 4 rows to complete winning combinations on.In addition it has stacked wild symbols in the base game (smiling monkey), which only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Symbols include bananas, nuts, parrots, snakes and high card values. The best paying symbol is the banana. I played this game on the minimum bet of €0.50 and experienced the wilds dropping regularly. I once got lucky to have reels 2, 3 and 4 almost complete wild which resulted in me winning more than 80x bet size. I wish it was more but unfortunately not all symbols on reels 1 and 5 matches. There is also the scatter symbol of which you need at least 3 to win 10 free spins + 3x multiplier.During free spins the banana symbol is stacked. This is the best paying symbol, and therefore there is some huge potential to have a big hit. I agree with IcyMod that the difference between 3 and 4 bananas or parrot symbols is very marginal, while a five of a kind guarantees a huge hit.It don't really make sense to me, apart from that maybe the developers wanted to turn this game into a higher variance slot. Therefore you need to have a 5oak to make a killing on Mad Mad Monkey. My best results during free spins was 45x bet size, but I have only played this game in some limited sessions.My final rating for Mad Mad Monkey is 7.5/10
Lovetta Hagstrom. Reviewed on 26.09.18
NextGen has generally been characterized by creating slots plain-looking and does not seem to innovate much with the passing of days, so the amount of good comments and high ratings given to this game, not only in AskGamblers, but also elsewhere, caught my attention and I decided to try it on a demo account to see what it was.

What I have discovered is that "Mad Mad Monkey" retains the same simple appearance and the same with sound effects, but this particular slot has not 3 rows as usual but has 4 and 5 reels. It has 50 paylines and the theme is based on an environment of tropical jungle, where we find animals and fruits such as snakes, monkeys, parrots, coconuts, bananas, and peanuts, plus symbols of the highest figures of poker 10, J, Q, K, and A.

Soon, after I started playing, I started scaling my bet due to I was not getting enough utilities, although in theory, it shouldn’t be, since such a powerful feature as it is "stacked wilds" that also doubles the value of gains in the formation of paylines in which they participate. I kept increasing my bet and even one round of free spins I got, my balance didn’t manage to recover the initial $1,000. I lost almost everything and started again without success yet. The intrigue consumed me because I could not understand all the noise around this slot machine and decided to restart again, but this time I decided to keep my stake at minimum without scaling it, which in this case would be $ 0.01 x 50 paylines = $ 0.50. This time the result incredibly varied and I could see that the appearance of the ape, which is the wild symbol character, was more common, and more frequent it was the event when wilds appeared stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4, in addition to a huge gain realized during my first round of free spins where these columns were practically covered with wilds and of course, profits during those 10 spins were triplicate according to the rules of the game. In these free spins, where my bet was $ 0.01 per payline, meant me $243, which could be considered huge. Finally I understood why so many people like this game.
All these leads me to conclude that the game behavior is excellent when stakes are low, but I think a good game should behave the same no matter what the amount wagered. Personally I think I would hesitate in playing Mad Mad Monkey on a live account, but the decision is of each player and I respect every existing opinions about this slot.
Janee. Reviewed on 28.09.18
This is truly a mad game and the name suits it perfect. That mad monkey just loves to give wilds and when you get few reels full of wilds you start to see the beauty of this game. To be honest when I saw this game with its mad drawings I thought that it is just another stupid game with average pays and nothing spectacular, so I never really bothered playing it.

Then one day I saw my wife giving it a shot and I decided to join her. We were playing on minimum bet and were playing for quite a while before we got the feature. Before the feature, the game was giving us few wins here and there and we had one win of around €20. So we weren't down money and weren't really expecting anything special from the free spins. The bananas (biggest pays) become stacked in the free spins and come out quite a lot with the wilds. At the end of the spins we won around €90 and were pleasantly surprised. We did not even think that we could get over €20 and here we were with 90. We raised the bet and within half hour managed to get the feature a couple of more times. Each one giving us more than €70. I don't know why but the free spins in this game are really generous and you really win good cash.

Our only mistake was being greedy and raising the bet to €2.50. We thought that we can try €50 and if we did not win we would stop. But as usual we ended up spending double of what we thought and lost most of our profit.
The game is pretty bad on bigger bets and actually pays more on small ones. We won more on €0.50 than €1 or €2,50.

You can also get a heart attack while playing this game because two scatters come out a lot and you always get disappointed when the third one just passes or stops on top of the reel.

Over all a mad game with mad payouts. Has real potential and can pay huge. But goes bad on bigger bets. My rating 7 out of 10.

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