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lucky twins Reviews by Players

Jamee. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Lucky Twins is one of the few games Microgaming software released this month. This game is inspired by Chinese traditions so I think it's smart to release it in the festive time, right around the Chinese New Year. Frankly I don't really like this theme and their previous work about it I wasn't a fan either, so I wasn't very excited about this release.

I was quite surprised that this is a 9 payline slot, as they lately have been releasing only slots with more lines, 40 and 243. But what surprised me even more was the fact that with those 9 lines, the minimum bets were 2.25eur because of the minimum coin size. For me it didn't make any sense, what is the point of such expensive nine liner, in my humble opinion it just lowers the amount of players that will play this game.

I’ve played this game a few times on free play and once I played about 20 spins with real money, I just simply couldn’t afford to play more spins with such bets. The design was quite decent, there were twins which were wild symbols and substitute for all except scatter symbols and overall the symbols fit good to the theme. The first time I played this game on free play and after I had played about 200 spins and there was no feature, I only then checked the paytable to see that this game has absolutely no bonus which for me again doesn’t make much sense, because usually most slots have at least one bonus round. I have to say that it is quite upsetting to play a nine payline slot that gives only scatter winnings.

There are 5 symbols that have the highest values and the others are letter symbols and a wild. However, I played around 600 spins on free play on this game and not even once I saw a win bigger than 40x bet. All I saw was either empty spins or bet size winnings, and only few times 20- 40x bet winnings, higher winnings than that didn’t appear and considering the fact that there is no bonus, where you could expect to win big, it was really upsetting.

Overall for me this was another disappointing release and this time not so much design wise, because it was decent, but payout and price wise. I can't find fun in games that don't have any bonus round and pays so low and at the same time are so expensive.
Lucky Twins is nice designed and themed video slot from Microgaming software provider. It has 5 reels but only 9 pay lines. I played it a few weeks ago when I had balance on over 100€, but there were bonus attached; so I was searching for some new game to try them out. I found this one and when I opened it I saw minimum bet which is set really high for 9 payline game.

Ok, I can not complain about bets such as 0,45€ or something like this but come on – 2,25€ for one spin on 9 pay line is really too much. I think Microgaming company made mistake here with this move in minimum bet. After all I decided to make a few spins just because I had good run in all other games. In first 10 spins which I made, I got winning around 22€ so I thought I could raise my balance even higher and maybe complete the W.R of bonus. But later after this win of 22€ I got only empty spins. I lost around 40€ on it in 5 minutes or even less than that and later I just closed it.

I think this could be a good game, but the minimum bet is set to high. I am sure I will not play this game again, I rather play other 9 payline slots where min bet is set to 0,09€. I will rate it with 5 out of 10 possible stars.

I expected some bonus game or at least free spins here at Lucky Twins. The game is quite boring with many dead, empty spins which appears during base game and I do not like that. I think the game would be much better with some bonus game with cash prizes, at least. There are scatters which gives you no feature or bonus. Really boring main game.
Sulema. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Well, what can be so lucky about these two twins, don't you ever wonder? They look like very nice twins, a matching pair of a boy and a girl, a combination that no parents would ever want to say 'no' to. With everything nice, you would expect this relatively new game from Microgaming to be good too, right? Hmm!

Let's start by looking at the paytable, as I always do, and will do. Those two twins is the Wild symbol in this game, a symbol that doesn't double any wins, that doesn't pay for itself, that doesn't expand or move, except to substitute for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol, that Gold ingot. I hate to say this to those lovely twins, but they represent a dumb Wild, a truly dumb Wild! That Gold ingot is the Scatter symbol and pays 50x the total bet for 5 of them. Damn low for a 5-Scatters payout, but at least it isn't all that dumb. Nope, they don't activate any Free Spins game in this game, that's why they are partially dumb.

The wording 'Lucky Twins' is the highest paying symbol, 5 of them paying 555x the line bet, with other symbols paying from 66x down to 11x the line bet. Is that any good? Hmm, no need for me to say. Cannot win anything big by getting 5 Wilds. Cannot win anything big by getting 5 Scatters. Cannot even win big by getting 5 of the highest paying symbol. So, can anyone win at all from this game? Hmm, a good question, one that only Microgaming can answer!

If you care to look back through the years, this Lucky Twins game has a very similar paytable with a much older game from the same stable, the Big Top game. Both games play with 9 paylines, has dumb Wilds, has partially dumb Scatters, and both games do not have any Free Spins game nor any Bonus game. Both are very straightforward win-or-lose games. No thrills, no frills, just plenty of chills. But, there is a saving grace for this Lucky Twins game, in that it plays with only $0.09 minimum bets, as opposed to $2.25 for the Big Top game. So, low rollers like us can play this game at any time, if you want to, that is.
What is disappointing when it comes to this game is that there are no bonus features. No free spins no mini games. So basically this is a pretty boring game. If we add to the fact that its payouts are not that good then you are probably asking yourself why even try to play it. There are still the wild and the scatter symbols but I cannot say that that is enough for a game to make me come back for more.

I also did not like that this game has a very high min bet. The minimum coin value is 0.25, if you multiply that by the lines then you get a minimum bet of 2.25 which is a lot. Especially I do not like to play with more than 0.50 when I play a game for the first time. Maybe this is the main reason I tried this game just in 50 spins and nothing more.
Azalee. Reviewed on 28.09.18
What are Lucky Twins? It’s another game by Microgaming which is not to my taste. So let’s start and check out what this slot is all about. It’s a 5-reels 9-paylines video slot. A Boy & Girl symbol represents the Lucky Twins and it’s a Wild symbol too. The theme looks Chinese to me and I am not sure if I can guess where the idea of creating this slot came from. Can’t even guess it. The only time I played this game was when I got some free spins from Jackpot Casino, and I don’t think I will deposit my money to repeat the disastrous session I had, and I don’t really like this game. Even if you like it, the paytable looks pathetic and there is no way you can make something big to boost your balance or make some nice screenshots in here.

The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol, and that is pretty much all that you can expect. It doesn’t double any wins, it doesn’t expand and it doesn’t pay for itself. Pathetic. Now let’s see what we could get from the Scatter symbol. If you really want to know, you must collect 5 Scatters in order to get a 50x win. At least the Scatters do give wins and that is something. This sounds ridiculous, but it’s the painful truth. I started wondering what they were thinking when creating this game. It has no features, no Bonus game, not even free spins!

There is no way you can make anything decent from this Lucky Twins game, probably only to lose your money. I am wondering if players liked the previous game with 3 reels, so Microgaming decided to award these Lucky Twins fans with new 5-reels version. As for me, this game will remain as one of the most terrible video slots Microgaming could come up with. So sad, but I don’t even dare to put my money into it. There are many other better games out there worthy of your money and your time.
I've played Lucky Twins with free spins and I've played it with my own deposit too. None of my plays made any wins, as expected. The free spins were gone like a wind passing through. My deposit didn't make any extended play time, so it went off with the wind too. Then I realised, what the argh, I've been played out by Microgaming yet again! Thinking this was a new game, but it is really a recloned game from decades ago! I've told you before that Microgaming doesn't make any new games, didn't I?

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