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lucky koi Reviews by Players

Kara. Reviewed on 01.05.18
So...TtrustGamblers now has Lucky Koi up for auction...I mean up for review hehe :D. It is just me or is this month everything Asian flavored. How or whatever this month unfolds for me...I like it regardless!

Lucky Koi is a very neat Asian themed slot of 25 paylines holding a maximum of $2.50 on a $0.01 coin size. It can be adjusted all the way to the $25 bet range. This is much more suited to the gutsy players, the high rollers or simply meant for the honorable gambling guru.....who I think is reading this right now. $25 a roll!? Count me out! I would prefer my mighty video pokers straight up for that bet just for a temporary moment though.

Lucky Koi contains this serene melody in the game that captures beauty towards the moving water background swimming inside the wonderful kois (Cyprinus carpio) or types of carp for short. The feature is like a choice you would try to weigh your opinion on for what feature would take the gold trophy. Would you take free spins that are on a random value of up to 30 Free spins with a randomized multiplier of up to 5x or would you settle for the Koi bonus feature where inside players will choose from a bunch of koi swimming and stopping as each pick rewards for bonus credits. Extra picks are lying inside some of the koi but the prizes aren't magnificently super! I would always pick Free spins unless if the option contains 10 Free spins then I leave it out to get the bonus round. Who knows. Even the least of choices can contain big outcomes and better prizes. The 10 free spins could be holding a 5x multiplier so be sure to sometimes take the less obvious choice or better yet listen to your gut instincts. For me trying to trigger the feature can get me on my ugly side, it's tough to get 3 wheels on the reels. Getting two scatters most of the time is the ugly scene of Lucky Koi and what sucks the most is they don't pay out in pairs. Slap me with a blueberry cream pie to my face already!

This slot simply gets me to recall similarities on Asian Beauty, some symbols there are on here but the decision making idea might come from the Lucky Star slot after the chosen star sign becomes correct, 15 extra Free spins are set instead of random Free spins & multipliers found here on Lucky Koi. Frequent small payouts of Koi combinations, worthy results coming from my $0.75 bets, $1.50 is more of a disaster to get the choice bonus.

All in All, Lucky Koi gets a 7.8 out of 10! A fun way to kill time! I still don't understand why the other members would hate this slot. Is it the music? The scatters (I agree with you all)? or is it the overall details? By the way, enjoy the music in free spins ;)
Harrison Hanline. Reviewed on 01.07.18

Lucky Koi game powered by microgaming. Really nice game to be honest. There is a nice and relaxing theme to this game and i do enjoy playing it. Another thing that i really like about this game is the stop button. I am a big fan of double tapping and i got the bonus on this game many times because of it.

There is only one feature in this game but it has two parts. You could play the koi bonus or free spins feature. The amount of free spins is random you could get from 10 to 30 free spins with up to five times multiplier. To get the free spins i had to get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. Once i got that i had to either the free spins or koi bonus, i always pick free spins. I usually get around 10 to 25 free spins and max i ever won on this feature was around €40 on a €0.25 bet. I play this game on the smallest bet because i double tap a lot and when you do that your money goes down very fast.

Over all i really like this game. It is very interesting and the idea of getting 30 free spins with 5x is very tasty. The wild also comes out a lot on this game i got five wilds few times but they only pay 40x. the graphics are really good and relaxing, the sound effects are very gentle and nice too. I would recommend this game to everybody. If it has been good to me it could be good for you too. If i was to rate it i would give it 8 out of 10.
Fishes Fishes,. Yep, it is one of those Asian themed games. I played this initially because the thumbnail looks pretty decent. I returned because the background music was pretty catchy and reminds me of those Bruce Lee / Jackie Chan movies back in the days.

However, with all the attempts I have made, I could not really say that I made it big. I would either fail miserably with a big loss or simply return with the original bankroll or around the same starting amount. (I must have been pretty pathetic with my luck during those times). I would however recommend to play this game if you are attempting to finish a playthrough or wage requirement. simply put it on autospin for 100x and let it spin away.

The bonus is pretty fun with the player making choices as if to decide his "fate" in the bonus round despite the fact that at the back of my head, a bonus trigger is already predetermined regardless of what you choose. If it matters though, the background has some cool kois swimming around which gives a bit of calm or soothing feeling which is needed if you are making a loss.
Nila Chichester. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I know the Koi fish is much more than an animal and it’s a very important emblem in the Japanese culture and it represents love and friendships but never imagined a slot game would be dedicated to it. I have to say I’m glad that Microgaming thought about it in different way. It has a fantastic visual appearance and for me it has some kind of relaxing, peaceful look. We got here an insight to pond life illustrated with very beautiful water flowers, frogs, slider turtles and other symbolic emblems. Without being too overflowing, I just say, thumbs up to creators.

Of course at this 25-payline game Koi symbol is the most important and to prove it the slot has 2 best 5 of a kind win with figures that contain this noble fish and both pay 4000 times of line bet. One of them is the Lucky Koi symbol that also serves as a Wild and substitutes other symbols.

3 or more Scatters trigger the bonus game which is basically the player’s choice what she/he wants to play with that can be either Free Spin feature or Kai Bonus. At this latter we have to go fishing and catch 3-6 Koi fishes that all reveals an instant bonus credits and though at the end the sum of collected credits are calculated with total bets and has nice animations and pictures but I don’t find it too interesting so I always select the other option which is randomly determined free games (10-30) with given multiplier value (x2-x5). Naturally, it all depends on the gotten numbers but generally I had much more success with it than the bonus and sometimes the feature re-triggered and caused a really great return at the end of the accumulated free spins.

I very like this game and am happy to find it among the lots of games that Microgaming offers. It almost gives everything that I appreciate in a slot game and basically why I play with slot games. It impressed me at the very first time with its appearance and the environment and luckily I didn’t have to disappoint when I got to know it in details. The rewarding system here are average or just haven’t had much luck on it so far but the free spins payouts sometimes can compensate me so at the end of the day I’ve got nothing to complain even about this segment. Overall, I’m very impressed by the whole game and definitely find one of games from the few what always can expect my interest if I play at a casino that this game is available to play.
Lois. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Before anything else for the information of others i play this slot because it's the 2014 luckiest slot of all! That's what Feng Shui expert said because of the theme and previously this slot was always featured to every casino news articles especially Askgamblers. This slot's attractiveness was the key why many people choose to play this kind of slot. Like me i felt "lucky" after that playing this slot i don't know if it's true? I read an article says that this sort of slots are indeed can transfer lucky to the players who play or contact to it. Well, forget about that and let's move on why does i play this slot? When the year of the 2013 ended i started to find some slot that was fit for the up coming year so after wards of searching on net i finds this slot called "Lucky Koi Slot"!

When did i started to play this? Weeks ago when it was released and i will say that i am lucky that i play this kind of slot. I didn't want to believe that this slot was keeping up my luck well and i prove this as wrong. Iv'e got $210 credits to my All slot casino account at that time it's a reversible withdrawal from my winnings when i deposited 100 bucks but i was tempted to play again and my temptation get fulfilled when i saw this slot Lucky Koi. As expected i reversed my pending money and started to play the Lucky Koi. That yin and yang pattern of Koi give me an exciting view to this slot at that time and i was hoping to strike that lucky jackpot!

The first batch of spins were lucky and i got the 3 exciting lamps that gives an opportunity to choose between free spins or koi bonus i decide intelligently because i know that my bets were high so i choose the Koi bonus because my winnings after i catch the koi they rewarded me $155 credits for all of the 3 koi. I quickly decided to withdraw it again and back it to pending mode so that it can process it immediately i know that it's a luck but the risk of losing my credits is high chance. Luck is a choice it depends on how you will deal with it.

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