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lucky firecracker Reviews by Players

Lauran Lusby. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Lucky Firecracker it is Microgaming slot, which available at a lot of casinos, and I played this game only couple of time, because apart from some really big and epic releases by Microgaming, this slot release was not so big, and generally game is far away from innovating ideas.

Anyway, there are 243 lines, and I must say that I like games with this amount of lines. Usually games like this have a big win potential, and also yes, there is no need to watch on paylines, much more easier gameplay. Game looks okay, sounds also okay, but unfortunately nothing special here, when I opened this game for first time I was not excited, and my thought was something like this 'okay it is just their another game, let's see what they do'.

Quite unusual for me was to see on paytable that wilds here are presented only on reels 2 and 4. Well, it is quite strange, usually when Microgaming release 243 lines game, they have wilds on all reels, and most times stacked wilds, or any feature with wilds. But here wilds are just wilds, nothing special about it.

Freespins is possible to get, but there is another 'no wow effect' for me. 3 or more scatters trigger freespins, and there is 15 freespins with x 3 multiplier. And that's all, right, no any special feature with this wilds which only on reels 2 and 4, nothing really interesting for me. There is some good wins potential, but monster wins like at most other 243 lines game there is not possible.

I played only couple of times, like was said in begin, and what can I say? Okay, freespins is not very hard to trigger, this is good, but unfortunately to achieve good payout during freespins you need 5 of a kind symbols, and lowest ones do not count. I played probably 5-6 freespins features in total, and do not have any feature which paid more than 100 x total bet. Well, base game also never pays me this amount. Quite not interesting for me, because I love games where I can win decent money, after just one spin, here win great money is almost impossible.
The most unpleasant fact is that you keep playing and all you just do not believe that these two slots (“Lucky Firecracker” and “Gung Pow”) are actually one and the same.
Jamel. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Microgaming must have lost it with this one. Believe it or not but the video slot Lucky Firecracker is almost identical to Gung Pow. In my opinion it’s a duplicate which I definitely can’t appreciate when it comes to new releases. Last month we saw the release of Gung Pow which was a slot based on the Chinese New Year’s celebration.

Well, Lucky Firecracker was their second slot this year with that theme in mind. It did take me like 100 spins to figure out that I wasn't playing Gung Pow but something else. If this is how Microgaming plans to proceed, then I fear the worst. Releasing some sort of duplicate slot with the same theme, are you guys kidding me? This review will continue in the negative section I'm afraid.
This purely is filler material and that I do not appreciate one bit of it. So yes, although my rating for Gung Pow was 6/10 I’m afraid I sill rate this game even lower simply for the lack of being original. If they think changing the name and two symbols is all there is to satisfy a much demanding player like me, well then they got it all wrong! They could at least maybe released a 15-paylines version like they did with Game of Thrones? But no!

Lucky Firecracker has 5-reels, 3-rows and a 243-ways-to-win slot format. The symbols are exactly the same as Gung Pow with rockets, sparklers, firecrackers, paper lanterns, Chinese coin (scatter) and the usual high card symbols. The only difference is that the logo on top is in Chinese and that the Wild symbol (appears on reels 2 & 4 only) is in Chinese as well.

Lord knows what it actually says, Lucky Firecracker I suppose. The minimum bet on this game is 25 cents. I played it the other day on minimum bet at 32Red during a late night. My session was short since it paid like trash. I did manage to trigger the free spins once with 3 scatters though, which awards 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier.

And what did I win? Well, a whopping 50 cents equaling 2x bet! As you might guess I soon had enough of it and moved on. Will certainly avoid this game in the future and can’t recommend it due to the lack of originality.
Loan. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Lucky Firecracker is one more of the Microgaming slot games that comes with 243 pay-lines. This game has the theme of the Chinese New Year.

Here you have symbols which conjure up that, such as symbols with fireworks, rockets etc. The design is simple and Lucky Firecracker does not offer anything that is extra when it comes to graphics.

The sound that is heard in the background, some Chinese melody, I like that. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of everything that has something with the Far East. So far I had a chance to try this game a few times.

The first time was some 15 days ago at the Wild Jackpot casino, my first spin here and five of kind. I was a little disappointed when I saw that the five symbols of tens paid only 1 euro to my bet of EUR 0.25. It is only 4 x bet. But I noticed that this is a game where you often have 5 of a kind. Unlike from most other 243 Microgaming games, here you will not lose money so quickly. Well, on the other hand maybe you can’t expect not so big wins like in some other games with 243 pay-lines.

From features Lucky Firecracker does not offer much. There is a wild symbol that changes the others wherever is that possible. Then you have the free spins feature with 3 x multiplier. So, you can expect big wins only during the free spins. As is usual for a slot game, the free spins can be reached if you get at least 3 scatter symbols. The Scatter symbol is a symbol of Chinese coin, which is pierced in the middle.I came to free spins once and I had total wins of nearly 20 euros on a bet of 0.25 euros.

Lucky Firecracker is a game with simple rules which I like. Because of that, for her I give a solid 8 stars although I expected better graphics, as though this is one of the newer Microgaming games.
Not interesting game for me. Can't even say exact why, but really not nice, probably just my personal feelings.
Clorinda. Reviewed on 28.09.18
A month ago I played 3-4 slots from Holland casinos that were actually all the same slot only having the names changed. However there, between all those slots there was like a difference of a star added to symbol to give it a higher value. Well it looks like Microgaming continued this example and gave us exactly the same slot (“Gung Pow”) renamed as the “Lucky Firecracker”. When I opened the AskGamblers page to play “Lucky Firecracker” I thought that I just have written the review of this slot (I did last month the review of “Gung Pow”) and I was clear that actually this is a new game only other after reading the other review of this game here. Yet I was not fully convinced and I have also checked in a real casino that in fact these are two different slots.

And you know that is the most unbelievable part: playing here it is like those contest that ask you to find the 7 differences between two identical images. I just do not know if there are 7 differences between these two slots. LOL. How is this possible, these games belong Microgaming?! Shall I describe my game play here? I guess I did once before in the “Gung Pow” review. Of course, the game is like a classic Microgaming video-slot, sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. Except this, what I can say? That I like fireworks? Or that I like the banjo music from the Free Spins? This is a bit too simple and too identical to the opinions from the review of “Gung Pow”.I will say only this: this is something I did not expect from Microgaming!

I just took a peek at Adebisi review and many opinions about the differences between these two slots and their rating that I expressed here were almost identical up to the word. (I then deleted these comments for the reviews not to be alike). Probably this says everything about the quality of these two games. (I am writing first the reviews in my native language and then translate them into English).

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