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Lucky angler

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General Description

Online machine Lucky Angler from Netent plays the theme of underwater fishing in the winter. Turning your back, you will have an excellent opportunity to catch a bunch of trophy copies, which will be appreciated on the basis of the table of payments. Among the possible catches are: Raki, Soma, Okuni, Old Boots, and the dream of any fisherman- the Goldfish. To catch it you need to use all your skills and play at maximum – on 15 accessible game lines. In addition to the normal mode, the bonus game is also available for the players, caused by scatter symbols with free lines, and automatic, where virtually nothing is required from the user – the drums rotate on their own.


The visual side of the video slot is executed at the highest level. When the user start the slot, five reels with three positions for the symbols in each are met. In the upper part there is a logo with the name of the game and a winter landscape: several houses in the distance, a frozen lake and frost-covered trees.

Drums are located as if under ice: through a transparent background, we can see algae and fauna representatives inhabiting the reservoir. A sense of movement is created, because on the background of the fish are not static, but float from one part of the screen to the second, and the symbols themselves with the winnings begin to brightly animate. For example, a lure in the form of a goldfish is swallowed by the Golden Fish itself and is pulled by a happy fisherman to the ice surface. Other elements simply begin to flash along with the active line on which they are located, and on top of the combination the amount of repayment in credits is indicated.

On the side of the symbols for better perception, all active positions are signed with a corresponding number from 1 to 15. At the bottom of the window there are green buttons for setting the bet. During the rotation, the game is accompanied by underwater sounds, which are replaced by a solemn melody.


Since there are always 15 active lines in the game, you only need to set the bet size before starting. To do this, you need to specify the level of the game  from 1 to 10, clicking on the buttons below. Each level gives 30 credits (maximum 300 at the 10th level). Next, determine the value of the token in the coin value field.

Set the backs with the maximum denomination of coins and at the highest level you can click on the Max Bet button. The current bet size is reflected in the Bet field, the number of lines is lines, and the size of the bank is in the coins field. After the completion of all preparations, the moment the game was launched, so you need to click on the circular arrows.

The special feature of the video slot is the possibility of getting combinations regardless of the arrangement of the symbols on the reels – from left to right, or from right to left. The Autoplay button is on the panel for those who like to play in autopilot mode, when you need to specify the conditions for the spins, and the video slot will rotate itself a predetermined number of times. After launching, a mini-window appears where you can specify the number of repetitions (10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 700 and 1000), or you can use advanced settings, where you can specify the stopping time (after any win, after increasing the balance by a given amount, after reducing the account by the specified number of Euros, when receiving a win that exceeds a given number or on condition of winning free spins).

Another important button is Paytable, it is intended for acquaintance of users with the table of payments where it is easy to learn game rules, combinations and their payment on each symbol. Here, too, are the conditions for launching the bonus game and the features of the wild symbol are outlined. Navigation is performed by clicking on the arrows. At the very bottom of the window there are 4 additional buttons:

  • Wrench – to call up the settings for the quality of the picture display, animation; by function, the space for the start button function; on the launch of the game in the accelerated mode);
  • Speaker – adjusts the volume level of the sound;
  • Question mark – opens a window with information on the game, which describes the basic principles of its implementation;
  • Auto – the button is similar in action to the autoplay button.


The Lucky Anger video slot produces a pleasant impression from the very beginning of the game, thanks to the superb graphics quality with realistic animation, and also through the soundtrack, plunging the layman in the truest sense of the word under the water. Not the least role in the evaluation of the video slot is played and its financial return. To receive a payment, only 3 identical items on the line are sufficient, so that the winnings happen every few spins.

Pleasant and simple interface, a variety of characters, among which various types of fish, and quite generous prize money make this online slot machine one of the best in the gaming market. Good luck with the rotation.

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Lucky angler Reviews by Players

Heidy Hattaway. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Lucky Angler goes around the Fishing theme and fortunately we witness here, too one of the main strengths of this developer – the fantastic graphics. For me this company can provide the best quality in this segment (even better than Microgaming or Playtech) and it always can surprise me with it in a good way. Basically, at Lucky Angler we can’t speak about real background image as the reels dominant almost the entire visible area but the little stripe on top of the screen is really awesome. We can see a snowy land with little wooden cottages and it can create so tempting environment that I almost with I was there. The reels illustrate the underwater world where the superb-drawn fishes, crayfishes, lure baits live their lives or does its job and if I look at the overall picture I must say it’s a very good and honourable product from NetEnt.

This 15-payline slot’s best attribute is the ‘win both ways’ feature when the winning combinations starting from the last reels also result rewards. It’s a fixed feature so unlike other games this isn’t a selectable option to use. The other unique game solution attached to Lure Bait, wild figure. Instead of assigning a multiplying function to it, it got re-spin triggering ability. If a winning combination is occurred by its help it remains on the position while other reels and even the two other figures on its own reel re-spin until the newly shown arrangement doesn’t result a win with it. On the downside, the Wild appears only on the second and fourth reels but neither pays any in itself nor multiplies the wins. The best paying 5 of a kind win is worth 2000 coins which is not bad for this game type and specific Scatters only just activate free spins in the number of 10-20 without own paying capability. The only thing that separate free spins from normal game is the Wild has spread function as it may appear on the third reel, too.

Exactly that’s happened with me at one of my best session when during free spins 3 Wilds landed in middle and they fortunately didn’t move from there until the feature has ended because wins after wins came up and the Big Win label also flashed upon the screen and final I won around €140.

Eventually, it’s a good slot with some interesting and very good, unique features that proved to be very usable and profitable at times and I also appreciate very much the visual effects the game works with. Lucky Angler is a better than average game but lack of high end features. I mean the not having the traditional Wild and Scatter qualities the game still has room for improvement.
Lita. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Lucky Angler is a slot I played a number of times. The theme of the game is probably ice fishing because the slot is situated under some frozen lake. The slot has a descent graphic and animations. There is nothing too fancy with it, the background music is OK and it just looks like a descent slot to play.

The paytable is also descent. The highest paying symbol awards a win of 2000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline and the next 2 symbols have a 1500 and 1000 coins payout. So this slot has a better paytable than some NetEnt slots and you can expect some nice wins here. Another great feature in this game is that it pays both ways. Considering that this is a 15 payline slot with this feature the minimum bet to play it is 30 cents but in return the wins can be bigger. This especially comes in handy because the wilds during base play land only on reels 2 and 4. They don’t have a multiplier attached but are sticky wilds for as long as there is a win connected. I have to say that sticky wilds are my favorite and sometimes you can get some big wins even in the base play if you get 2 wilds on a same payline and corresponding symbols.

This game also offers a free spins bonus game. It is triggered If you get at least 3 scatters on the reels and you get 10 free spins. In the bonus the wilds are sticky for the duration of the free spins and can land on reels 2, 3 and 4.

This is a great game to play and I had some really nice wins here. If you are lucky to get all 3 wilds in the first few spins and retrigger the free spins later you are looking at a win of at least 300 x bet. My biggest win is almost 300 x bet with a 15 extra spins retrigger. I recommend this game to everyone.
Mila Hartzler. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Lucky angler slot is netent game. I play this game a lot of times, but i like to play this game at redbet casino, i even did not know why, but looks like i get good run on this slot only there. After lot of time spent with this slot, i have my own opinion about this game and i am happy to share it with everyone here.

First of all, i like graphic and sounds, who did not like to catch some fishes? This game featuring both ways win, and this is another one great reason to try this game. Also there is sticky wilds during base game, they can appear everywhere on reel 2 or 4. When sticky wilds appear, it will stay on it place till it will be used for any winnings combination. Since there is wins comes from both sides, chances not so low.

Free spins even better on this netent game, during all free spins 1 wild on 3 reel place and will not disappear. So this is possible to get some nice combination of wilds on reels, and every free spins will give nice win. My best result on this game on free spins, around x 300 total bet, but this slot can pay even better, just need luck at free spins to get more wilds as soon as possible. Actually i think this is awesome game to play, with a lot of fun and playtime.

Conclusion: The game is really great and interesting, and it is always a pleasure for me to enter it and give it few spins. Nothing bad about this slot i can not say, and to be honest most time i had good run on it, without any pain to my money. Since that, i like this game and suggest you to try it too, another one perfect game from netent, i give lucky angler 8 stars , not awesome game of course, but at least nice.
Latoyia. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Lucky Angler is 15 payline video slot from NetEnt. It is nice and funny because of all fish symbols. I like this game. It offer win both ways so minimum bet is set to 0.30€.

Last time I played this game at video slots casino after i had a good win from rhino game. I set my bet to minimum and my session started. I guess i had lucky session at the beginning. My balance goes up to almost 60€ without any free spins feature. I had two wild symbols in the middle of 2 and 4 reels. Every spin was a win combination, my balance goes just higher and higher. I was happy, because I had this lucky run, later I raised my bet and received free spins.

From them I did not won good money, I expected more since base game paid well. I played it for like an hour, but the game changed. I had sticky wilds, but the payouts were lower than at the beginning and in the end I lost the money.

I think this game is good, but you need to play it carefully. It could eat money really fast. The graphics is good so as the sounds. I like to play this game sometimes. Often I played it just for a couple of spins to see if the game is in the mood. Most of the time I close it later, and I go to some other games. Otherwise it could offer some good winnings in short time, like I had it. In just a few minutes I doubled my balance, but later I lost it, because I was not carefully.

I will rate this game with 9 stars, because it is good. The paytable is good. I also like fish symbols, theme and sticky wild symbols.
10 stars and nothing to post in this category. Perfect slot for players.

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