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lucha libre Reviews by Players

Lucretia. Reviewed on 04.07.18
Lucha Libre is the newest game from Real Time Gaming and I always like to see what they have come up with. At first I had no clue what does the name of this game mean, but after using translator, I understood it means "All in wrestling". Looking at the slot design you could understand it's about wrestling, but the name at first confused me, but now I know.

It has 5 reels and 25 paylines so the minimum bet is 0.25$ per spin. I played it one of RTG casinos where I had 30$ balance. I placed the minimum bets and played on autoplay. After about 30 spins I received free spins feature. You get it when you have at least 3 scatters on the spin. Then you have to choose one of 3 moves for your wrestler. Then your wrestler will fight and there are two options- either you nailed it and won, or you lost. For each of the moves (there are 3) there are 2 numbers of spins- the ones you can get for "nailed it" and the other number is in the case your wrestler lost. So in my feature I chose Spanko Special, which in best case would give me 14 free spins with 2x multiplier or if I lost, I would get 12 free games with 1x multiplier. In my case my wrestler won and I played 14 spins with 2x multiplier, however, the result was really disappointing and from that I won only 2.40$.

About 40 spins later I received another feature, this time I chose another move, which in best case would give me 10 free games 2x multiplied. I lost and got only 9 spins with 1x multiplier and won 1.30$. I mean, the paytable is just bad, I cannot remember the last time I won so little from free spins. While I played free spins, I saw there were mask symbols on right corner with name- respins, and although many times on free spins I got 2 masks, I didn't get any respin, so I'm not sure about that feature.

About another 40 spins later I got another bonus round and I took the move with the smallest amount of spins. I won and played 6 free spins 2x multiplied and 2 Mask of Feary spins, although the amount of spins was the smallest, I won around 6$ on this feature. Mask of Feary were 2 spins which were all covered with fire, 1st and 2nd reel covered with mask symbols and the other reels spinned. That was interesting and with higher bets maybe would have paid well. And on the free spins masks are scatters ad if you have 2 of them, you'll get paid.

Other than the free spins, there is also Mask of Feary doom feature, you will play it if there are mask symbols on 1st and 2nd reel, followed by 3 wilds on reel 3. I think it's really hard to receive that one. On the main game there are grouped wilds that appear on reel 3. They can double your winnings (except scatters) or jump to one more reel, but I have experienced only doubled wins.

I played this game with all my 30$ balance and it got lost soon. Good thing is that the free spins are quite easy to get, but the bad thing- they pay really little. I think RTG has done a good job regarding the theme and design, but the paytable isn't generous.

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