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Dillon. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Pros: Love bugs game is from Nextgen (now it is NYX), but it is presented in Quickfire portfolio games (actually quickfire have a lot of games from different providers, so I hope there is no surprise for you).

Like almost all other games from Nextgen, this one looks awesome. Symbols made good, and it looks good, and also I am always happy with this slots because they spin with their some special way, I can not explain this with words, and probably you did not notice it, but please try and see.

Games has 20 payouts, and unfortunately here we forced typical problem for many other slots from this software, there is nothing really special or interesting, and you can have ony single feature here - FS feature. But it is triggered its own special way, and it is interesting to see how it goes, just get wilds on reels 1 and 5, and you have feature, where you can get up to 40 FS with x 2 multiplier. Also I should say about wins from both sides feature which we can see in this slot, it is very rare for Nextgen.

I tried this game couple of times, but all my experience was in Skill on net casinos, games from Nextgen I preffer to try only there. To be honest my experience with this slot is awful, I tried it in probably 10+ occasions, have many freespins feature, but somehow never managed to bet x 100 total bet feature result mark. Every time I tried this slot, I lost pretty much, and when finally hit freespins feature, but it does not cover my losses. I can not say that i am happy with this slot.

I rate this slot with 5 stars, I love Nextgen games, it is awesome software creator, but this video slot is definitely not their best slot, and better tried some other games to have better experience.
Cons: Love Bugs, Love Bugs Love Bugs. What can I say about this game? The first thing that springs to mind is awful. I have played it tones of times and have never managed to walk away with a profit. I have played this game on 1, 2 and 3 coins per bet and all of them were the same, horrible.

The game pays both ways and there are some nice pays. But no matter how much I play me never get a decent win and the feature is just disappointing. My biggest line hit was no bigger than €10 and that was on a 3 coin bet. Not surprisingly it gave me that win when I raised my bet and with that gave me a fake hope. That €10 was played in a minute and I was losing my own money once again. The game also gives a lot of good symbols but not on an active payline to give you that extra heart ache.
There is only one feature in this game. You get it when you get the bugs on first and last reels. Apparently you can win a ton of free spins on this game but I never managed to get even one free spin. Every time I get the feature and I must have got it a tones of times I just get cash prizes. And they are always small too. On the smallest bet the biggest amount I won on this feature was just over €7. I always hope to get the free spins but they are nowhere to be seen. Makes me wonder if they are actually there.

No matter how I play this game it is just not paying out. These days if I play it I am sure that I’m going to lose money. Yet I still play in search of those mysterious free spins.

Over all the graphics are ok but the sound effects are not my cup of tea. If I was to rate this game I would give it 4 out of 10.

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