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Wally. Reviewed on 04.07.18
Thrilling, winning and a good time are what you would find on Lotto Madness. This exciting 20 Paylines video slot let's an average individual become an instant jackpot winner. How? With the help of the Dollar ball feature on the top right corner of the screen of course! In the main game, the higher the number balls the least amount for a payout but if considering the lowest number ball it can be moderately big for wins.

The features Lotto Madness has is just one lucky spin at the Crazy wheel for many types of free spins to land. There are a bunch of them to name so it will take up this whole review but to say the most from it you can win a high set of 20 Free spins at 10x multiplier. The only sets I came close for are 20 Free spins at 4x! The least to find on the Crazy wheel is 3 free spins at 2x multiplier. Pretty gross right? If you asked if your being punk at this moment then the answer would probably be a "No"! As I paid attention to the spinning reels, one by stop they would stop in a sequence to decide my fate for prizes on each spin. Once all my free spins have been used up I got $53 on a $0.80 bet, my usual if it comes to a lot of free spins. But that win doesn't beat my record for $86 for a $1 bet.

The crazy wheel can be very hard to find as it needs two lotto wheels on Reel 1 and 5 so consider that "maybe" it might or might not be worth fighting for. Altogether Lotto Madness needs a bonus siding with the Crazy wheel. No stuffing for the roasted turkey bird and sauce to go with it means less for a turkey dinner. That's what I'm getting when debating about features. Perhaps a well deserved pick feature containing Lottery tickets will do nicely aside from just the wheel alone. For scattered dollar signs they aren't a pain in the @s* so to speak. I can't get lucky enough to win 5 dollar signs for a half "than usual" 50x just 4 of them for 10x on my $1 bets. That will contribute well for my 5 scatters topic.

In other news the rating Lotto Madness gets a 7.7 out of 10!
Stacie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Basically, Lotto Madness is a 2in1 game which tries to seduce and make satisfied players who equally love slot games and lotto. The main game of this 5-reel, 20-payline slot also commits to lotto but works as an ordinary slot. It has lotto balls, champagne, $ sign, stack of money icons. After the 5 wild that pay x10000, the second highest paying symbol only rewards us with a x1000 winning if we get 5 of them on an active line. It has only one feature – the Bonus round – where we have to spin a fortune wheel to get to know how many free spins on what multipliers we won. Based on my history with this game this feature was triggered on very, very rare occasions and when I finally got it, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

The only thing that makes this slot interesting or simply playable for me is the lottery game. On the upper right corner we can activate the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot game. (To be honest I still can’t quite understand how it’s possible for a game like this to have a real jackpot game. I know several other Playtech products that would deserve much more such an extra additions). It’s almost completely separated from the slot game and the only connection is we can only play jackpot if we spin the reels. The jackpot works as a traditional lottery game, we have to select 5 numbers out of 49 and that’s it. The price is fix €1 for each and every draw so every time we spin the reels we also buy another lottery ticket. If all of our 5 predicted numbers are pulled out we win the jackpot that would be no less than €10.000 as it is the minimum starting prize. If we’re just one number shy of it the 1% of jackpot will be ours.

Without this main award I don’t think to play with Lotto Madness too often. I just find here nothing that impresses me.

It’s really just an ordinary slot game that has no outstanding visual appearance or any specialty what make me excited to return.

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