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Lost island play online casino for real money

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Overview “Lost Island” slot by NetEnt

As usual, developers from NetEnt were able to modify the game process in such a way that it was unfamiliar for players. This time, each of the symbols that fall out on the wild while executing their main function, increases the multiplier of the total winnings by 1 (each wild +1). The multiplier counter is in the upper right corner of the game field.

The first wild does not increase the gain by filling the multiplier by 1x, and the second doubles, the third triples, the fourth increases the winnings fourfold, and the fifth multiplies the total win by five. It is important to note that in “Lost Island” slots game, the multipliers are added regardless of whether the wild symbols play in the current combination or not. Since a larger number of wild symbols promise a large gain, it is necessary to increase the common factor exactly in this rotation.

The bonus game is implemented in the form of free spins, in which a wild symbol is fixed in the center of the playing field, and it becomes possible to catch several wild symbols in a vertical row on other reels. If this happens, then, due to the amount of wild, your winnings are multiplied by five. Thanks to a lot of “wild” characters, playing in “Lost Island” slots you will always be in suspense.

  • Number of drums – 5;
  • The number of active lines is 20;
  • The maximum rate is 0.2 euros;
  • The maximum rate is 100 euros;
  • The percentage of refund rates in the form of RTP winnings is 96.5%;
  • The maximum winnings are 500,000 coins;
  • Implemented bonus rotations with an additional multiplier.

Interesting Features

“Lost Island” provides excellent graphics, sound and gameplay. NetEnt does not change its traditions to do only quality products, regardless of their prospects and potential interest of players. The slot action takes place in a dense forest. We must think that we are on this very lost island (translation of the name of the apparatus). Wild symbols are drawn in the form of beautiful blossoming flowers, from the center of which the light shines. The remaining symbols also show the general mood of the device. Pay attention to the table of payments, where the nominal wins for symbols are indicated. If at the same time you have two wild symbols on the field, then you will get twice winning. With three wild – three times, and so on. All the older symbols are executed in the general mood and the theme of the lost island.

  • The highest symbol is the red chip. For five of these characters in a row, you get 500 bets per line;
  • For the yellow symbol with the image of the muzzle you will get 400 bets.
  • Five symbols with a drum – 350 bets;
  • For the necklace – 300;
  • For the triangular stone – 250;
  • As we can see, the payout ratios in the slot are high. So, for example, if there are five reels and 5 wild symbols, we get 1750 bets per line.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

As a game currency, coins are used in “Lost Island”. Therefore, in the beginning, you must set the coin rate in credits, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5. To change the value of the course, click on the arrow keys located next to the inscription “coin value”. The next step is to determine the level of the bet on each of the 20 lines that are always active on this online slot. To do this, use the arrow keys next to the word “level”. You can select any value, ranging from 1 to 10. And the “max bet” key starts one rotation with the maximum possible bet parameters. If you play on the online slot machine Lost Island for free, then get virtual credits.

And to start the rotation with the parameters you have chosen, click on the round arrow key, which is located in the very center of the control panel. You can use the automatic mode – it includes the “auto play” button. The full table of winning factors is called by the button “pay table”. Winnings are given only for those sequences of identical patterns that go from left to right, start on the leftmost coil. The maximum possible gain is 500,000 coins.

Lines & Reel Strips

The main pictogram in “Lost Island” is the “wild” symbol – the lotus flower. It replaces any pictures in the sequence, except for the scatter. In addition, the lotus gives an additional coefficient. Even if one such pattern falls out, the coefficient on the scale above the coils lights up. If this flower falls again in the next spin, the coefficient will increase by one position, if it does not, then the factor will be reset. The additional multiplier has such levels – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The prize amount received for the combination you have collected will be multiplied by this figure. The scatter on the slot machine Lost Island serves for calling free bonus rotations. To win such a bonus, you need to collect at least 3 scatter, pictures, on which is written “scatter”, in any position on the reels.

All images in “Lost Island” form combinations of only 3, 4 or 5 identical pictures in a row. The table opens with the number “10”, for it is given 5, 20, 50, then follows the letter “J”, it brings 5, 20, 60. For the letter “Q” you get 5 20, 75, as for the letter “K” . Ends the set of letters and numbers of the letter “A”, bringing in 5, 20, 100. Three gray stones with yellow inserts are paid with multipliers of 20, 100, 350. A necklace of blue stones gives 20, 75, 300. The drum brings 20, 100, 350 The golden amulet made in the form of a fairy-tale animal is paid 20, 125, 400. And the largest sum of prizes is brought by a round red amulet with a gold inset in the middle, for it is given 20, 150, 500. Free games are given in “Lost Island” for scattered anywhere on the screen scatter. For three such icons you will get 10, for four – 20, and for five – 30 such games. In this mode, on the middle field of the third drum there will be a fixed “wild” symbol – a lotus flower, while other such flowers will appear either singly or in whole groups. Under such conditions, you can break a big jackpot, collecting the most incredible combinations.

Bonus Rounds

A turtle with a precious stone is a scatter symbol. Catching three (or more) turtles, during the main game in this slot machine, you will receive a bonus game in the form of free games with a fixed wild symbol in the center of the playing field, and therefore an additional multiplier.

They fall out quite often. Especially often one by one or two drops out exactly in those places where they prevent symbols from converging on the playing line. For example, between two wild symbols on a diagonal. If you have several times dropped two scatters on the first two drums and the third was not found on the other three – this is a serious reason to think about changing the gaming machine for today, or about testing the slot in free mode.

  • For three skaters you will get 10 free games;
  • For four – twenty free games;
  • For five to thirty free games.

In the process of bonus game in the slot “Lost Island”, one flower (wild symbol) is fixed in the central position of the drum. Rotations occur around it. Also there is a probability of loss of vertical wild symbols (two symbols together or three together). In other words, one wild symbol is enough in any position on the first reel so that the line is paid. If you are lucky enough to catch a vertical wild symbol (two or three) on the first, second and fourth drum, then even at an average rate, the amounts will be very impressive due to the maximum (5x) multiplier for winning. Naturally, bonus free games are the culmination of the game. The possibility of winning really astronomical sums increases at times.

Variations of this slot

Fans of gambling will be able to practice in a demo mode. Having sharpened your skills, you can choose from the list of online casinos, working with the software of NetEnt Company, the most suitable and reliable. Casino players can play for real money and make good income!

Rules and features

“Lost Island” slot is a game with five drums, within which it is allowed to play only on 20 lines. Before each new round gamers will be able to choose any level of rates ranging from 1 to 10. That is, beginners will have the opportunity to play for real money at minimum rates, but experienced players are available rates in high limits. As the symbols here appear all sorts of amulets, drums, rings and necklaces. A beautiful flower, radiating magic, became Wilde. They appear randomly on any positions during the main game, acting like a joker. One Wild symbol always activates an additional multiplier.

The golden amulet with the image of a turtle is Scatter. If at least three such images fall, a bonus will be launched. At the very beginning of the bonus game Wild will take place on the central drum, as a result of which winning combinations will appear much more often. Undoubtedly, the won money will be able to withdraw to any payment system as quickly and reliably as possible.

History of “Lost Island” by NetEnt

The slot was created by the NetEnt team in 2012, based on all the adventure stories about the lost islands and their inhabitants. In the slot “Lost Island” the player gets to an abandoned piece of land, covered with lush vegetation and dotted with ancient ruins. He must find the prehistoric counting device of the mysterious tribe that once rules this island. When free spins are activated, a meadow appears with lotus flowers spreading a soothing atmosphere. The soft sounds of the game help create the perfect balance between a calm gaming experience and the opportunity to win a huge sum.

Online slot “Lost Island” upon the NetEnt platform will offer players to explore the island with rich vegetation and ancient statues, which contains the spirit of the tribe and the secret of inexhaustible luck. The mysterious plot of the “Lost Island” slot machine cannot be better combined with a set of functions, which includes several bonus features and a bonus based on free spins. Adventures in the slot machine “Lost Island” will take place against the background of the ruins of the temple, in the center of which there are drums with pictures of various objects and denominations of cards. This category of names brings participants payouts on lines, and that combinations formed more often, a substitute Wild was added to the slot. The last in the collection of characters is loose – amulets that do not bring winnings, but will help activate the bonus.

Comparing the “Lost Island” slot machine in terms of potential profit, it is worth considering the high theoretical return, which will ensure a stable income over a long distance. As an additional source of information for preparing a bid strategy, you can use the volatility level.


The parameters of the game cycles and the dispersion values ​​in the “Lost Island” slot will allow the player to increase the chances of winning. This truly innovative product will appeal to the players. The return of funds in the video slot “Lost Island” is set at 96.5%, and the maximum win can be 500000 coins for one spin. Be sure to play in the demo of this video slot for free and without registration. It should be noted that “Lost Island” does not respond very well to large (more than 25 euros) bets and cycle cycles with spin and max-bet. Try to notice situations when the game “replaces” the wild and scatter symbols. For example, when the flower should go along the way of the symbols, then the line is updated and another symbol falls out – this is the reason for additional testing in the free mode, or changing the game for today. A lot of wild give good chances for big winnings. At the same time, these same symbols give a multiplier for a big gain, which gives us potential huge gains on the slot.

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Lost island Reviews by Players

Queenie. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Lost island it is one of the newest Net Entertainment slots. I tried it couple of times already and have some experience. Also I was invited by Mr. green to test this slot about month before it released when it appear at Mr. green, and casino even give me 30$ free cash to try this new slot, and then passed the quiz about this slot.

Game looks great, but there is nothing to surprise, really. NetEnt new games always looks awesome, sounds great, and all symbols looks great. So they just kept their level of quality that they made long time ago in online slots making.

This game has feature with multiplier during base game. Every wild which appear on reels, increasing multiplier for win in such win by 1 x, up to x 5 total. Wilds appear quite rare, so it is not easy to have nice multiplier. Freespins can be triggered by 3+ scatters, and you can get up to 30 freespins. Freespins is the most interesting thing in the slot, and this is a place where you can win good money. During all freespins one wild held at middle of reel 3, and also now at reel can appear stacked wild, which increase chances to big win.

I tried this slot couple of times at different casino, both with freespins that this casinos send to me, and with few real money deposits. In general I am minus player at this slot, because I was not able to win anything decent, actually I never cashout from playing this slot. I had few more than 100 x total bet features, but unfortunately this does not help me to make WR or achieve decent amount of money. But I like this slot, and will play it again.

8 stars, good online slot from NetEnt, but sometimes it is extremely hard to hit freespins feature, I had few long runs without it.
At first glance, "Lost Island" inspires an atmosphere of immense wealth and this can be for their two main colors that are black and gold, used for background of the screen and decorations and symbols. Encouraged by the expectation aroused by the appearance, begin to discover that this game, developed by the major company Net Entertainment, is quite weak, and not only because of lack of special features that usually make games more interesting, but also because besides of being some monotonous, it is totally disappointing in their ability to produce profits.

The only special features of the game are free spins rounds and wild symbols that appear randomly in both the standard game and free spins.

The wild symbols also serve as substitute for standard symbols and they have a 1 x multiplier effect for every wild that participates in the formation of a line, and this feature is the most prominent feature of the entire game.

The free spins offer no multiplier gains for themselves, but give a wild symbol in the middle of reel 3, which remains frozen throughout the free spins round, and with the possibility of appearing single or stacked wild symbols. These 10 free spins are triggered by the appearance in any position of 3 or more scatters represented with the image of a golden medallion with turtle shape that has a gem in the place of its shell.

The "Return to Player" (RTP) of this game is 96.5%, and I cannot deny that during the long time I was playing I got a couple of "Big Wins", which, incidentally, were not able to cover the accumulated losses up to that times. Due to the lack of emotion and utilities, I decided to stop with this slot, but it is necessary to clarify that not every day we the players have the same spirit and the same luck, so I think it is better that everyone try this slot to reach his own conclusions.
Ema. Reviewed on 25.09.18
If you can find a lost island somewhere, you can expect to find lost artifacts or lost treasures, right? Like the mythical and legendary Atlantis, for example, find it and you can expect to find all sorts of ancient artifacts, jewelry, coins, and whatever else you can think of. Aah, but that's really like a dream come true. Even with the most modern and sophisticated equipment, man has yet to discover where the lost cities and the lost treasures are being hidden in the depths of the oceans. But not to worry, NetEnt has already found one such island for us, and we don't even have to dive deep into any ocean, but, we may have to dive deep into our pockets and wallets to get there though! Sigh.

Leave it to NetEnt to come up with some new ideas and some new interesting games. Lost Island is one them. Nicely presented, vibrant scenarios, colourful icons, all adding up to a deserving 'new game' label. But like they say, beauty is only skin deep! Dig deeper behind that beauty to discover all the untold and unseen secrets behind it...and what you find may very well surprise you! But where do we go to do that? To the paytable of course, the backbone of the game, the skeleton of that beauty! Not many players like to do this, maybe because they cannot really comprehend what it all means, maybe they cannot put things in their proper perspective, and thing s like that. Not many can understand that a non-paying Wild symbol, coupled with the highest paying symbol of say, 500x the line bet, would determine how the entire payout scheme of the game would be! Aah yes, it takes lots of experience to 'read' these 'behind-the-line' facts of any paytable!

What I have just said above reflects what Lost Island's paytable is all about. The Wilds don't pay anything, they don't expand, they don't come stacked, but they carry a x1 win multiplier with each one of them. Meaning, get three Wilds anywhere on the reels and whatever wins there are on the reels get paid x3. 5 Scatter symbols have a very very low 50x total bet value, and all the other symbols follow suit too. If you're still wondering what all this means, it simply means that the paytable is damn low and the chances of getting really huge wins are almost non-existent!

Having played Lost Island on many occasions, I have yet to win one single time on the game! On the several free spins games that I've had, I couldn't even get a 100x total bet win. The closest I got to it was 97x. The payouts looked exciting and big, but when the final total has been added up, it wasn't that big after all! It fell short of my expectations! But having said that, the game play can be fun and exciting too, with some extended play time on occasions, with lots of ups and downs, wins and losses, but keep on playing the game and everything soon becomes lame! So, better to quit while you are ahead, leave that greed behind, and just be satisfied with whatever small wins you can get!
If not for the free spins game feature, this Lost Island game would be no different than the other poorly rated NetEnt games, like Go Bananas and Attraction, for example. They share the same low paytable, the non-paying Wilds, and the lack of huge win possibilities, but at least the free spins games in Lost Island can provide some useful exciting non-big wins. If you're expecting big wins of 500x and over, better find another game to play!

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