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loose cannon Reviews by Players

Karon. Reviewed on 02.07.18
I have always liked the way Microgaming deals with the appearance of their games, in the case of the slot "Loose Cannon", theme has a color scheme that makes it extremely attractive, plus the selection of the characters in this game is quite right to the extent that look pretty friendly despite being pirates, background music is also pretty cool and very appropriate considering the central topic of this slot.

Microgaming is the specialist in games with 243 ways to win, commonly used in many of its slots of 3 x 5 reels, more lines also means that the game is more dynamic in the sense that you are constantly getting hits, no matter if they are big or small but it keeps morale high in the player and therefore always the interest level increases progressively as time goes by spins. Due to the high number of paylines the pay table does not look very strong, but that does not mean that its rates are unfair, because in addition to the good hit average, Loose Cannon has included in its arsenal two special features that make it a potentially profitable game, these features are "Wild Cannon Bonus" and a round of free spins.

- Wild Cannon Bonus: when a wild symbol appears on the middle reel, this is replicated throughout the reel and then cannons can start shooting bullets everywhere, and in every place a bullet drops it will become a wild symbol and the rules say that all the 15 symbols can be turned into wilds. Personally I managed to get up to 7 wilds only, but it was enough to me for getting a Super Big Win forming multiple lines that mainly involved the symbol of pirate girl.

- Free Spins Feature: it is activated by the appearance of 3 scatters on reels 1, 3 and 5, after this happens, 15 free spins are awarded to the player and during this round you can get hits by forming lines both left to right and from right to left, in addition this feature can be re-triggered indefinitely.

I think this game has 3 characteristics that I love in a slot, it is easy to play, looks and sounds good and most importantly, has decent potential to earn a few dollars, if we are lucky enough, of course.
Tennille Tomasello. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Somewhere on one of the many existent seas, next to one of the thousands of islands still unknown, there is a pirate ship anchored in a golf. In the background plays a holiday music and the pirates count their money and are happy for the rich loot they just had. All the necessary characters are present: he, the pirate with a pistol, she a corsair with a sword, the ship mascot which is a monkey sitting on barrel full with gold coins and a crab dancing on table full of drinks.

This is the “Loose Cannon”, one of those Microgaming slots that make the life of the player nice because simply they are there. “Loose Canon” is not a top Microgaming slot, is not one of those slots where you win or lose fortunes that you have collected for months, but also this is no weak slot. As I said, this is one of those hundreds of Microgaming slots that have to be tried. The story is beauty, and here and there the ship with the same name “Loose Cannon” is Extended Wild on the central reel and with the help of its cannons and cannonballs turns adjacent symbols into Wild. Another “splash of color” in the game is the Free Spins round, when the pirates decide to sail offshore, and the music becomes more pronounced. Also now the slot starts paying in both directions of each payline.

Without realizing I played pretty much here, because I was caught by the atmosphere and the story line of the slot. And although at the end of some 300 - 350 spins I was in loss with more than 30 Euro (even at minimum bet of 30 cents/243 ways) I have been satisfied. For sure, some will say that all symbols pay for “3 of a kind” less than the bet and when the ship “Loose Canon” is Extended Wild on reel 3, it does not offer more than a Wild (in the paytable you are told that there may be up to 15 simultaneously Wilds on reels – just a story!).

But me, especially I liked the story of pirates (although it has been repeated on several slots until now) and the music taken like from the dances and parties of the pirates, that accompanies this story.
Fae. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Loose Cannon it is Microgaming video slot. This game I played many times, and have quite enough experience with it, but this days I am almost stop playing it, because it is hard to see potential here. No, not it is easy to see that this game can pay a lot of money, but it is never pay so. So I am just tired from it, and not playing this game anymore.

Loose Cannon it is 243 lines game. Game with pirate theme, I like it, and have zero complaints to Microgaming about look of this game, sounds, animations - everything is great.

Apart from many other 243 lines games, there is only one wild, it appear only at third reel, but it is expand, and also have feature, which can highly boost winnings. Wild ship if appear can fire up, and add more wilds on random places. On paytable Microgaming says that all 15 symbols can be wilds, but I am never was even close to this result, but if they said it is possible - then it is possible, why no.

Also it is possible to trigger freespins, but it is hard here. You need scatters on reels 1 3 5, and then you will get 15 freespins. Freespins have brilliant chances to pay huge, because winnings start pay not only from left to right, but from right to left too now. This gives good potential to score big.

I played this game enough, and have good wins. Have couple of features which pay me more than 100x total bet, once I remember I hit 300x total bet during freespins, ships add couple wilds, and I have couple 5 of kinds. But generally it is very annoying and hard to get freespins, plus usually ship adds just one wild, or just not fire up. Be ready to be crazy mad when playing this game, because sometimes it is just sucks money, because payout for 5 of a kinds quite low.

Payouts is generally low, and also sometimes middle ship just do not shoot good.

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