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Pei Pucci. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Loaded is a Microgaming powered slot that has 25 pay line and 5 reels. It is evident that microgaming slots have good returns for money invested and this slot is no exception from the fact. The graphics are good and sound is crisp still not the best possible like in netent slots but the wins are definitely better. When i first played on the slot , i was somewhat puzzled to see that on the sides of the slot there was only one number then i figured out that was the number of coins instead of pay lines as in usual case. I play on the low to moderate of 0.05 to $1 bets with 5 coins on each line that pays me decent returns. If i am lucky enough and i am able to get free spins then decent returns turns out to be good returns.

Free spin feature gets activated when you get 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols rewarding you 12 , 16 and 24 spins respectively with the multiplier decreasing from 4X , 3X and 2X respectively. I have struck all three free spin rounds and believe me i have got hefty money as big as $51 ( that too on low coin value of 0.05) . Even if you are not lucky enough to get enter this free spin round, this slot still has lot of potential because of its 777 wild symbol which serves as usual wild but multiplying the winnings by 3 of a winning combination consisting of it. I have seen two scatters appear quite a lot on the reels and pays you double the total bet so even if you have not won two spins this will compensate for them on the third spin because of its high frequency. Thus these two features that is 777 wild and frequently appearing two scatters compensates for no bonus rounds (excluding free spins) and on top of it is the free spin round that is cherry on the cake. So in my opinion this slot at least deserves 8 out of 10.
I feel graphics may be improved.
Addition of bonus rounds may increases winnings
Loaded is the perfect example of Microgaming's variety of slots themes. It's one of the older games I still enjoy playing to this day. It's even available on mobile at some online casinos. The slot's theme will introduce you into a flashy hip-hop scene with lots of bling bling, expensive cars, huge condos, rappers and groupies.

Playing Loaded will make you feel like living the life of a boss! This slot has 25 paylines and 5 reels. In addition the game features scatters (hand throwing up the west side) and wilds (triple 7 !%@?#* - triples your win). I've played this game on bets ranging from the minimum bet of €0.25 all the way up to €2.50 per spin.

To be fair during base game it's not easy to hit big. You really need some good paying symbols, and some triple 7 symbols to help you get that 5oak. The top prize on this game can be achieved by getting 5 triple 7 symbols. You'll win 7000 coins in that case!

I've never came further than 4 of them in base game and I've played this game a lot. Basically my biggest hit been around the 120x bet size mark. It's all about the free spins though in this game. If you collect 3 or more scatters, then you have the opportunity to choose from a set of free spins and a set of multipliers.

Basically you can pick either 12 free spins and a 4x multiplier, 16 free spins and a 3x multiplier or 24 free spins and a 2x multiplier. I tried all different combinations and has my best success with the highest multiplier. Here I've hit more than 340x bet size thanks to a couple of 5oak's completed with a wild.

Overall a very nice hip-hop themed slot, while the background music is entertaining as well.

My final rating for Loaded is 8/10.
Rolande. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Loaded is one classic video slot I really enjoy! It's a 25 paylines, the common amount of lines to my liking and it does pay more than well. Some of the few reasons growing on this video slot lean forward towards triple 777, the wild character that triples every win I made! It's understandable that a few lower symbols don't pay enough, it is probably this triple wild that makes up for that, otherwise just a few dimes and nickels can be expected from a normal win.

There is, however, no way I will go betting the max $5 a spin because that is too much, it's risky and furthermore my balance will go down very quickly unless if I had really deep pockets or more pockets sewed on my pants! What I prefer first when betting on Loaded is to test the waters first using $0.50. If I can agree to nod a yes to this bet I will stay for a few minutes. Depending on the amount of free spins I can get within 2 hours I will no doubt increase my bets to $1.25. It feels like this bet is the most favourable on this slot when opinionating on various bets. I find it to have more consistent wins using $1.25 and on top of that should I hit free spins I will enter a screen prompting me to choose one of the 3 options. I like this slot because it points out how my free spins will be played and it makes me think about how the multiplier + amount of free spins will interact once the reels start spinning.

Kind of like the slot is giving me words of wisdom, "Before you do something, think about it for a second". 25 free spins at 2x sounds low in multiplying wins, plenty in spins, get your money's worth and effective type, 16 free spins at 3x sounds like the "in the middle, neutral status quo of the bunch and 12 free spins at 4x feels like the risky, get lucky before the free spins run out option. I always get lucky with the spins with the most multipliers because who know, maybe I would see 5 of a kind with triple 777 in the mix with a 4x multiplier. (gasping for air). If I have to, which usual is "occasionally" I stick with 16 at 3x and I rarely take the last option. It just doesn't seem like it can work out for a low multiplier. Winnings on my experience in this slot are about $40 - $50 with a $1.25 if it's under the 12 free spins at 4x. I expected a lot in this slot and it delivers plenty!

I strongly recommend players should try this out if they haven't already but for people who have, keep the gambling spirit alive!!! I would grant this slot a 7.8 out of 10!
Lurlene Rosas. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I’m not entirely sure the RTP value shown on this page is entirely correct, as I heard this was like one of the very best paying on-line slot games out there, hence why some casinos don’t allow it for bonus play. All the same, 96.29% really isn’t a bad figure, particularly when compared to some of the games Playtech have on the market at the moment, and Loaded is a lot of fun in my opinion to boot!

The game has actually been given a “HD” makeover recently, with the graphics, sound and animation all improved to bring the game up to modern standards. As far as I’m aware nothing else has been changed during this process, though I’m sure there will be a whole bunch of tin foil hat skeptics out there sure that the game has been messed with in some way which is the real justification for taking the time to upgrade the presentation elements in this way!

Loaded is also one of the simplest games to understand in terms of payouts too, as many of the symbols share identical payouts – I sometimes find it a little annoying, that said, as all three of the women have identical payouts, which can make it quite frustrating when you are constantly scoring lines of five of a kind women where one of them doesn’t match the remainder!

The “Triple 7” character acts as the wild symbol in this game, and as his name suggests, scoring him as part of any winning line also triples your win. This makes it possible to hit some truly impressive wins even in the base game, but as ever, the feature is where its at!

Three or more scatters scores you a choice of free spin modes, I pretty much always go for the 12 free spins with a 4x multiplier though there is also 16 at 3x (why not 18, the maths would suggest???), or 24 at 2x available. Grab a full line of any of the women, or better yet, a line of the women with Triple 7 – OR a full line of Triple 7 himself with the 4x multiplier active, and wow, your going to be having a happy gambling evening. I’ve had some of these combinations when playing tournaments at Microgaming casinos and just one massive hit like this is often enough to take down the tournament, provided its not one of those ridiculous ones with 999 continues that is!
Nick. Reviewed on 28.09.18
My first experience with Loaded slot was a while ago when I played free roll tournaments at Microgaming powered casinos. I never managed to win in those free rolls, but I really enjoyed this game. It has music and gangster theme mixed altogether with all kinds of symbols that just screams money/wealth and music. It's not something I would usually go for, but this game looks fun.

I don't know why I thought it was a 9 liner slot, while in fact it is a 5 reel and 25 payline slot. I think it's because the design little reminds me of Microgamings' older slots. As a bonus round this game offers free spins round, which is triggered by 3 scatter symbols. Then you can choose one of 3 free spin options-bigger amount of spins with smaller multiplier or smaller amount of spins with bigger multiplier. I prefer less spins with higher multiplier, usually 16 free spins 3x multiplied or 12 spins 4x multiplied, but almost never 24 spins with only 2x mutiplier because from my experience I never get nice wins with so many spins. I like that as most slots it has a wild symbol, but the best part is that it triples your winnings, instead of just doubling them.

Minimum bets for Loaded are 0.25€ per spin and I don't play with higher bets because honestly it feels like it is very hard to get a nice win on main game.I can't get even higher than 20x bet and even that happens rarely.But then on free spins it's not hard to get at least 40x bet winnings.
Overall I can say I most likely will stick to playing this game on freerolls, because I don't think there is big winning potential. I haven't seen many winning screenshots from other players, main game mostly gives few cent wins, with minimum stakes I usually get from 0.03€ to 0.12€ cents and that is just losing all the time. I believe that free spins can give nice payouts, especially with wild symbols, but so far I have been stuck in the middle and haven't got over 60x bet winnings, which isn't a success. Definitely not one of my favorite games from Microgaming and I won't be playing it much with real money.

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