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Lights slot machine has always been one of the most peaceful games in the industry and it is set in a placid place in Asia. NetEnt released Lights slots game back in 2014 and packed it with simplicity and quite a standard layout. Casino players are to enjoy that delightful atmosphere paired up with some cherry on top like Scatters bringing Free Spins and Wild symbols randomly popping up to raise the amount of won money.

Lights by NetEnt can be anything but boring: game itself is easy at first glance, but with appearance in regard the slot machine seems to be attractive. Oriental themed, it has five transparent reels and they’re backed by a somewhat typical Asian view of mountains, a river and a green valley taking the river in it.  Lanterns, that are strongly associated with the country, glow against this colorful picture in the background, so there’s hardly someone not relishing in this serene scenery.

All Net Entertainment games are usually compatible with popular operating systems – Mac X, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu – but mostly casino players may enjoy gambling from mobile platforms. So if you run on Ubuntu or a smartphone is the only options of yours, then NetEnt doesn’t mind it and you can safely start playing with various alternatives in hands.

Interesting features

Firstly to be mentioned is that Lights game isn’t supposed to bring action as many other slots do when interface inculcates lots of animation graphics bouncing all over the reels. Sometimes gamblers seek for a bit of meditation and just want to relax. If so, try not to daydream while Lights slots is on as the whole picture is gliding slowly and steadily. Probably, it’s not about extraordinary bonuses, but the leitmotif of the game makes it really outstanding in the catalogue.

Beside the set and the plot, Lights slot is a game where you can enjoy the rustling waterfall sounds, gently ringing bells and comforting nature singing a beautiful song of peace and glory. It’s much of a cliché, though, but the soundtrack for Light slot is worth mentioning, because it is not less as impressive as this game. Casinos should definitely add it into the library to make some percentage of payouts this exciting and tranquil.

And to wrap it up, Lights provides gamblers with a chance to play either with virtual money, or, if you’ve got the guts then there’s also real money version in many casinos. NetEnt official website disposes the game for everybody to play for fun and test the slot out before the real gambling.

How to play

NetEnt are famous for their small pre-stories, so when you firstly start the slot you’ll be shown a cutscene with some views of Asian landscapes. Then, right after, there will be the main screen with reels on it and a control panel. Jump into “Information section” (usually marked as an ‘i’ icon), learn the paytable, symbols the game offers and then go straight to the control panel to choose a comfortable bet for one spin. There are “Coin Value” (0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.1; 0.2; 0.5; 1 denominations could be found on the panel) and “Level” (from 1 to 10) – that is to raise bets on a line. When you’re done with adjusting, click “Spin” button or choose autospin regime not to click every time you make a spin. NetEnt machines are embedded with autospin limitations (50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 are available presets to be spun in a set). Lights is a very simple game, so you wouldn’t give it a sweat if you’ve already played slots before.

Rules and features

Referring to bet limits, Lights has to please every gambler with every bankroll on hands as coin values range from 0.01 to 1 while up to ten coins is possible to wager on each line. That makes the minimum bet to be 0.09 credits a spin and the maximum bet to be 90 credits.

Low-win symbols in Lights slot are decorated as classic cards from 10 to Ace. Medium-win symbols are represented by beautifully arranged lanterns coloured in green, purple, blue, red and orange serving the high value duty for the slot machine. The most beneficial symbol of these lanterns is the red one, so five on one line immediately give 1000 credits to a player.

Scatter reminds of Yin Yang image, but it isn’t involved into creating combinations and serves as follows: when three or more Scatters of the type appear in the reels, then Free Spin bonus is activated. The point here is that Lights slot is not so generous about allocating Scatters to build Free Spin bonus round, but when at least three Yin Yang land on the screen, payouts are guaranteed as long as it’s the only bonus the game possesses. Free Spin feature may contain:

  • 3 Yin Yang Scatter symbols and that triggers 10 free spins;
  • 4 Yin Yang Scatter symbols and that triggers 20 free spins;
  • 5 Yin Yang Scatter symbols and that triggers 30 free spins.

The bonus round starts automatically with the same bet placed before and the same coin value, so note that there’s no chance you can change the presets after the bonus rounds begin. Additional feature in Lights slot Free Spins allows to double/triple a number of spins given if new Scatters appear on the screen during the round – your current balance of spins is simply renewed.

Apart from Scatter, you meet the Wild symbol, but it is not the usual type of Wilds you may know from other games. Basically, no Wild symbols are engaged, but each symbol of the game can be transformed into the Wild one randomly. Whenever the new spin is taken, the reels are adorned by two to four Wild symbols or as NetEnt developers refer to them – Floating Wilds. While Free Spin bonus is on, a number of Floatings increase, thereby a player scores from extra payout. Please, note that Scatter symbols cannot be substituted by these Wilds.


Here’s the paytable for all medium value symbols in Lights slot game:

Purple lantern Medium-win No 9 50 300
Blue lantern Medium-win No 9 75 400
Green lantern Medium-win No 9 100 500
Orange lantern Medium-win No 15 150 750
Red lantern High-win No 15 200 1000

Here’s the paytable for all low value symbols in Lights slot game:


Ten card Low-win No 3 15 30
Jack card Low-win No 3 15 40
Queen card Low-win No 3 15 50
King card Low-win No 3 15 75
Aces card Low-win No 3 15 100


All in all, Lights is a game that can be called an eye candy. Each stressed-out gambler may find a shelter in this relaxing environment thanks to the soundtrack and serene graphics. You’ll notice quite warm colours in the background layout and it definitely adds charm to the game itself. Besides, it’s a virtue when a game is not overwhelmed with extensive details that as a rule, at first, catch the eye, but then make players furious about all that whirling action. NetEnt is surely made the right choice when added Light slot to their main library.


Min bet Max bet Reels Lines RTP Progressive Jackpot
0.09 credits 90 credits 5 9 96.10% Not available


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Lights Reviews by Players

Temple Marrone. Reviewed on 02.06.18
This is one of the graphic perfect game that is designed to be fully in line with the name because you will see everywhere here - the lights. The sound is perfectly incorporated with the graphics and especially like his very distinctive instrumental, when I win the Big Win. Like, you probably already know, it is a NetEnt slot machine that is in the video slots section at one of your favorite casinos. Symbols that have been created in the "lantern" style, I was thrilled at first sight. Wild symbol is a story in itself, and he turns to his position in the column, while in the middle of the screen you can see the amount you have won. This slot is one of my favorites, but on one of my computers can not play because I get an error related to the graphics hardware.

Back to the slot usually gives me a fairly large amount, but many times it happened to win a Big Win. Yesterday when I started this review I received in all ranks, the symbol K in combination with a pair of wild symbols on the second and fourth column. This has brought me profit of 1200 coins, and repair my budget, which was marred by playing on Gonzo's Quest previous day. Then, after Jimi Hendrix free spins promotion of 27 spins on Mr. Green casino had in my account € 23. I have not played 100 auto play spins everything I lost. Lights slot normally play in Bet365, Unibet, Mr. Green and Mybet casino. And sometimes at: Betsson and Betsafe, but mostly when I have more money on betting, which I visit on the two above-mentioned site. I like the percentage of winnings on this slot, and boast that he brought me a lot of joy almost as Bloodsuckers in the best days.

When I mention this genre, I can not remember which slot could be classified as a category with this. Precisely, these slots whose theme is not borrowed from a comic book or a feature film, they are the future of video slots at all. Lights slot is proof that even though you do not have Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman or any other "man" on the reels, you certainly can find inspiration in the creation of a completely different slot machines. NetEnt was able to do that, and have the game as a whole, the only drawback is that it only has 9 payment lines. But if you look at the other slot machines with 25 or more screens line, this game with a random appearance Wild symbols on the reels, giving you the impression that in fact you're playing a slot with 50 lines, such as the Incredible Hulk or Hot Ink from Microgaming. Recommendation everyone, turn lights and start spinning.
Lights is 9 payline video game from NetEnt software. First time I played this game as free spins from different casino where deposit was not required. I didn't won anything at those free spin offer.

The game has very nice design and graphics. The background of Chinese county is good, nice theme. Music into it is one of the best for me, from this software company. It could relax you, but when you see payouts it makes you angry instead of chill mode. The paytable is bad, very bad. During every spin there are floating wilds. You can get 2 to 4 wilds which appears randomly. The idea is good of these floating wilds, but paytable is too bad to be good.

There are also free spins which is trigger by at least 3 scatter symbols. They changed a little free spins feature and added more floating wilds. So here you can get 3 to 6 of them. I played this game even with my own money, after I won some nice money on Dead or Alive game. I didn't play at minimum bet, because I tried to wager the rest of the bonus as soon as possible. I played at 0.45€ and I had no good win at this game. It eats my balance very fast, I had only small winnings. I received once free spins, but the feature also paid poor.

This is one of the games from NetEnt which I don't like it. I won't play Lights in the future, because this game has really bad payouts. If free spins feature would be set better I believe I could play it and waiting for some great wins. But I don't have good feeling about it; it eats my balance fast when I gave it a chance to surprise me. I will rate it low!
Tiffiny Dube. Reviewed on 30.06.18
I will start to say that this slot from NetEnt isn’t special or something like this, for me is like Starburst, a slot where you can spend your money only to have some fun!
It is a 5 reel slot with only 9 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.09 euro but it has free spins feature!

I received an e-mail from Casino Luck that they launched this slot in their casino and they gave me 5 free spins to try this new game!
I logged in my account and opened the game to play the free spins! I didn’t won something from this free spins and I decided to play with the money that I had in my account!
I spent 15 euro on this slot but it proved to be a bad choice because I didn’t had fun at all and also I didn’t managed to catch the free spins or to win something bigger than 3 euro!

I have to say that I like the graphics of this slot,the game runs very smooth and it has nice symbols! Also it has an interesting feature called Floating Wilds which appear after every spin giving you the chance to win more money! But the payout rate disappointed me and I don’t think that I will try this game very soon!

I will rate this slot from my own experience but I don’t recommend it because it isn’t a slot game that deserves to be played with much money!
The graphics are nice and I will give a 9 for this, for the payout rate I will give only 7 because I don’t know if you may win something big with only 9 paylines!
It has free spins features and Floating wilds but this features didn’t impressed me at all and I will give only 7!
Overall not a good game in my opinion and I don’t think that I will play it again!
Lights is a new game that was released on NetEnt casinos and fell into a 9 line games category. There are some great games in this category and to compete they had to add something extra in this game that others don't have. The idea they came up with was having wilds on the reels which randomly land on different positions every spin. It is a very interesting concept and some times they land in good positions to give you a good win.

I am a fan of 9 line games and i just had to give it a good try to see the good and the bad side of the game. O so i hoped:) I started playing on the smallest bet just to get used to the game play and after playing for a couple of minutes i raised my bet to €0.36. The wilds would always come out in the wrong places and i could not hit a good win or get the free spins. Then i noticed that i can also double tap on this game and straight away everything changed. Straight away i got a couple of good line hits and the whole game play changed. Even though i was getting wins almost all of the times they were much smaller then i was betting. I kept on playing and soon after on a double tap i got four scatters. 20 free spins with more wilds, ye baby i was very excited. In the free spins you get more wilds and most of the time i would get four or even five wilds. Even with that many wilds i was not able to get good line hits and only got five of a kind once, the kings. Over all i ended up with €13, i got the feature a couple of more times but never got anything over 50x.

I must say i like the concept of random wilds but the game just did not pay out for me. I played this game on different occasions and it never paid out so far. If i was to rate this game i would give it 5 out of 10.
Earle. Reviewed on 25.09.18
NetEnt selected unique main symbol for its lately released 9-payline slot, Lights as besides the card elements the other figures illustrate some kind of lamps. I have to say they continued to make graphically first class products as this slot is very fascinating. The little animations we can see here really add many positives to the overall visual effects and with the beautiful background image we can’t have any bad word of the appearance.

Perhaps it was an already used gaming element but I’ve never seen and play it so far but I like the idea of the Floating Wilds game add-on. In each and every single spin on randomly chosen position 2-4 Wilds symbols appear on the screen theoretically much increasing the chance for getting winning combination and if we consider it’s just a 9-payline slot we could easily imagine that it’s a very profitable game but of course it absolutely matters where land the Wilds. Naturally, if they come on the third, fourth and fifth reels their great functionalities getting more useless and sadly the most of the times they arrive there and even if one of the two reels at leftmost contain them most of the times just the smaller, less paying winning combos are completed if there’s any.

The Free Spin feature needs at least 3 Scatter symbols on the reels at the base game to be activated then 10-30 extra games are awarded where the number of Floating Wilds increases and guaranteed 3-6 such figures appear on every spin there. This is the part of the game where the arrangements of the newcomer Wilds on the table is very important because in a lucky situation with 6 Wilds the simultaneous wins can be easily happened giving a boost the balance. What cool would have it been if a multiplier value had been attached to this segment of the game! We have no too much right to expect more features from a little game like this so the importance of the free games are very obvious but I think it still needs a best paying 5 of a kind line win (pays 1000 coins) to be real profitable side game.

When I first heard about this Floating Wild feature, to be hones I’ve waited much more, better saying some more remarkable wins by this extra. Maybe it’s one of the feature that sounds good but practically it doesn’t prove its greatness. Anyway, my experience so far with the game is not comprehensive but I surely say based on my history with the game I’m a little disappointed by this replacing figure work and despite I appreciate the nice environment what the appearance creates somehow I’m not totally dazzled by this new product.
Bernarda. Reviewed on 27.09.18
When I read the synopsis on the new game Lights, I was excited. An Asian game, with oriental music and lantern symbols. Not many of these kind of games are available, so when I started playing it, I was rather pleased with its graphics, its soft soothing background music and the dusky ambiance of the game. Nice! It was something different, yet pleasing to the eye, easy in recognizing the symbols, and I especially like the highlighting of the Floating Wild symbols against the dusky dark background. Again, very nice! 1 star up.

Playing the game was indeed a joy. The sounds and the music blend very nicely together. It doesn’t overly excite you, neither does it make you sleep! Even though the game doesn’t have expanding Wilds, the Floating Wilds work nicely together with the symbols that can appear stacked anywhere, either on the same reel or on all the reels, therefore making it possible to get all-of-a-kind of any symbol. All-of-a-kind of the red Dragon Lantern would be the highest payout possible, up to a maximum of 90,000 coins. At the maximum coin value of $1, the payout will equate out to $90,000, which is pretty good, since Lights is not a high variance game, more like a medium one to me. Yes, the possibilities for big wins are there, but I haven’t got them yet. 0 star.

The 3 scatters do come quite often, awarding 10 free spins each time, while 4 and 5 scatters would award 20 and 30 free spins respectively. Better still, retriggers are possible too. If 10 free spins can pay on average 40x the total bet, 30 free spins could certainly pay out 100x and above, but I haven’t had the opportunity to see this for myself, as yet. A really good round of 30 free spins could possibly pay between 500x to 750x the total bet, or even up to the maximum of 1000x, who knows?! But the possibility is certainly there. Nonetheless, I have yet to win on Lights, so 1 star down.

I guess a game like Lights doesn’t need to have other special features, like a bonus game or a random feature game, but having them would certainly add much more excitement to an already exciting game, and adding in more possibilities for wins. On top of that, the paytable is also on the low side, which falls below my expectations. 1 star down. But generally, and without any doubt, this is another one of NetEnt game that I really like.
Pity, 9 paylines are so few, but even this contributes to the kind of easy and enchanting atmosphere of the game.

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