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leagues of fortune Reviews by Players

Ranae. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Microgamings "Leagues of Fortune" is the first "1024-ways" slot that I spent a significant amount of time playing - I had seen a couple of such games previously from IGT, but the high minimum bet amount relative to my typical starting bankroll of £50-£80, and the obvious high variance meant I would only tend to fire them up for a few spins when I was late on in a successful session.

In a scenario that would only occur with Microgaming though, I found "Leagues of Fortune" being offered as a new tournament game, and enjoyed it so much in that context that I couldn't resist trying it out for cash a few days later. As others have stated, the base paytable is rather disappointing - this is inevitable though, because with 1024 pay-ways, and stacked wild symbols on every reel, it is possible to win five of a kind on ALL 1024 ways simultaneously, both in the base game and during the 5x multiplier free spins.

Lets think about that for a second - if a particular five of a kind combination returns just 3x our bet, and we score an effective full screen giving us a win on all 1024 pay-ways simultaneously, that gives us 3072 x our bet! In fact, 3 x your bet IS the maximum payout for a five of a kind payout in leagues of fortune - tell that to a 9 line slot player and they would perhaps spit in your face in disgust, but you have to remember this game has 5 x multiplier free spins available too, bringing the effective jackpot up to a very respectable 15360 x bet!

I'll say a little about the presentation, though if you are familiar with Microgaming's slot output, I'm sure you won't need to be convinced that the graphics, sound, animation and user interface are typically excellent in this game. The symbols are well drawn, the animation is silky smooth, the paytable explains all of the games features in a simple yet complete way, and whilst there isn't a lot of music, what the game does have did not annoy me despite looping in a repetitive manner - this really says something about the talent of the musicians working at MG, as so many slot games I just have to turn the volume down almost immediately upon beginning play.

You might have wondered how any game can possibly offer 1024 lines,or more accurately, "pay-ways" ? Well, this game uses the common five reel layout but four stops remain visible on each spin rather than the more usual three. This gives a view port size of 4 x 4x 4x 4x 4 = 1024. Every single path across the reels from left to right is included as a payable combination, and the stacked wilds on every reel mean it is easily possible for you to win on a large number of these pay-ways simultaneously.

Whilst the base game does have great potential, there is no denying that most players will be itching to catch the free spins feature most of the time - you need 3 or more treasure chest symbols to activate this feature, at which point tentacles will began smashing the reels and awarding random numbers of free spins. The lowest I have received is 8 and the highest is 36, though I cannot be sure if these are the absolute limits. No matter how many free spins you receive, you will always enjoy a 5 x multiplier!

Ultimately, this is a very enjoyable slot game, but its enormous variance will only suit those players who have a sizeable bankroll and a large tolerance for risk - this is not the kind of game you short load up with a £10 balance unless you are prepared to go bust 9 times out of 10. Of course, most slot players start with a lot more than £10 most days, and this is a game that offers the possibility of an enormous payday when your time comes. Leagues of Fortune is a superb high variance game and I recommend all MG players to give it a try soon!
David. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Leagues of fortune slot is inspired on the famous novel by Jules Verne. It is an adventure themed slot as the symbol suggests it is based on finding the treasure hidden in the bottom of the deep ocean. It is among the few Microgaming slots which have 1024 play lines.

The most impressive part of the slot is the 5x multiplier which is awarded with the 15 free spins in the free spin bonus round. Starting with the account balance of $4.3 which was due a loss at another slot I came to this one to try my luck on the remaining amount. I could have not made a better choice I boosted by balance to whooping $242. The first spin I made till the last spin gave me some coins. The slot has wild which is stacked in all the reels. The number of free spins awarded in the slot is random. The maximum number of free spins that can be awarded are 34. Although I triggered the free spins bonus round only once and got just 11 free spins but still managed a win of $110. The first spin I made when the free spin bonus round ended the first three reels had stacked wilds. I was rejoiced by the win another booster for me. I kept the bet at $0.50 mostly which is even the minimum bet possible may be I increased it to $1 I don’t remember exactly.

The only thing that matters is the high bet value but 1024 win ways neutralizes it. Everything about this slot is just wonderful graphics, sound, wining potential. The number of free spins should have been fixed in the slot, the minimum being just 8 free spins. In my personal experience everyone should do try this slot. I would rate it as 9 on the scale of ten.
Leagues of Fortune is a game powered by microgaming. What can i say? The word bad is just not enough. When this game came out i was very excited to try it. There are not many games with 1024 lines in microgaming and adding free spins with a five times multiplier just makes it irresistible.

I had around €50 when i started playing this game and because it was just out and had potential to pay big i played on €1 bet. I got a couple of wins, no bigger than €5 and kept on playing. Within 10 mins i was down to €0 and very pissed off. With in all of my spins i only got two scatters like once or twice. I thought to myself that this game is new so pretty much everybody is playing it and that's why its not paying out. After about a week i gave this game another chance. I had around €45 on my account so i played it on a smaller bet €0.50. Same thing as the first time i got few wins but nothing special. When i was down to about €20 i finally got the bonus. The amount of free spins is completely random and i was awarded with eight free spins with 5x. On this feature i won around €18 and almost freaked out. After the feature was done the game stopped paying and within five minutes i lost the rest of my money.

Over all my personal experience with this game was very bad. I am pissed off because i know it can pay out crazy but for me it would not pay a penny. If i was to rate it i would give it 3 out of 10.
Pei. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Leagues of Fortune is video slot with 1024 paylines from Microgaming software company. The theme of this slot is underwater, sea. I like slot with this kind of theme, underwater relax me so I was hoping that this video slot with do the same.

This was the first video slot from this company where I saw this kind of paylines. It is huge number and the minimum bet is set to 0.5€. I played this game at go wild casino at tournaments. The game has free spins feature which is trigger by at least 3 scatter. How many free spins will you receive depends on giant squid of fortune. His golden tentacles will reveal number of free spins into some reels. All free spins are at multiplier x5. I think multiplier is great, maybe I don't like the fact that number of spins is set randomly, many times you will received around 10 of them. I think this feature could be set like as pick feature, where you can select between some option with different numbers of spins and multipliers too.

Wilds are stacked into reels during main game and also into free spins. The big win more often came from free spins where is multiplier x5. During main game the wilds raised your win and that's it. While I was playing this slot I received a couple of times free spins feature, but I didn't have any big win on it. I think this is because it has so many pay ways and it is hard to get it. Otherwise the game is ok, the sounds and graphics are cool. Maybe I miss some random feature during main game, in that way could be much more interesting to play it. I think I will play this game only at some tournaments, for me it has too many payways and I didn't won anything big on it.

I know your paying for the 1024 pay ways, but for me 50p minimum bet per spin is a little on the high side. Sure, some nights I’m feeling crazy and going for £3 - £5 per spin, but only when I’ve already got a substantial balance and am hoping to win some serious coin. I much prefer the 30p minimum level of the 243 ways games, so its worth keeping this in mind if you’re a low roller or only playing with a small deposit.

During the free spins mode, all wins are worth 5x as much as during regular play, but as ever the reel strips have been messed about with. I think this is a bit of a cheap trick personally and wish they could design the games with the RTP worked out so it all adds up without having to do this. Apart from that though, excellent game!

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