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ladies nite Reviews by Players

Kurt. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Ladies Nite it is old Microgaming game, I think I like this game, I played it couple of times, and it always was interesting for me, I never was angry on this game, this is what most important - when you angry on any slot game - it is really bad game, or you have problems with gambling.

Game looks typical; I can't say anything about it. There is 9 paylines, which makes this game perfect for low balance, you could enter with something like 5$, and quickly recover to 20-30$ balance just after couple of good hits or couple of features.

During base game there is unlikely will be monster hits, based on paytable you can see that only 5 scatters and 5 wilds could pay decent money. But wilds is good here, because appear on all reels, and also double a win when substitute on payline. Actually even without great payouts for regular symbols it is possible to have very nice, once I opened game with 35$, and played with 0.45 bets. after about 100 spins I already built up my balance to 100$, and just happy leave this game, that's why I like 9 lines game, it could bring you good money in short period of time, because there is not many lines, and 0.45 bets it is 5 coins.

Freespins is great chance to hit big here. 3 or more scatters award 15 freespins with tripled prizes. Unfortunately in these slot free games is not my lucky feature. I played about 10-15 features, and never break 100x total bet, was close couple of times, but still, this achievement is not unlocked to me.

Overall interesting and very balanced slot, with low min bet, and with a chance due to lucky streak quickly built up decent amount of money, and then try your luck at some other slots.
Quite regular and very average slot, thereof it is hard to list something bad.
I am so excited to review this slot - Ladies Night! It is one of my favourite slots of ALL TIME. Not only that it rates very highly in my TOP 10 slots..again of ALL TIME. It would even be in my Top 5...where I would rank it here is a very hard decision to make as there are so many good slots but all I need to tell you is that is IS in that all important top 5.Ladies Night is a mere 9 line slot, please don't let this deceive you in thinking that means you can't win much because you would be very ... Very wrong. You may be more familiar with Ladies Night from Microgamings tedious tournaments. This is one of the slots they run regular tournaments on but I really wish they wouldn't because it tarnishes it as a bad slot. Whenever I have played it in a free roll tournament it's done terrible for me. But thanks to their tournament I actually started playing it. I remember I had a set of free spins which earned me loads in the tournament which is why I started playing it for real...I never looked back.You can place the minimum bet of 0.01p per line making it a very small bet of 9p per spin. Ideally your looking for three scatters...which are three butlers in the buff...even better for all the ladies fan as he has a very fine cartoon body haha! Three scatters on minimum bet will give you £1.45 and 15 free spins with a x3 multiplier. I have seen myself win in excess of £50/60 + many and many times from this simple 9p win. Every win you get on a normal win with a wild will give you a x2 multiplier. The 'Lady' symbol with a wild of 5 of a kind will give you a lovely £15 win...again with just the simple 9p bet. I've had 5 scatters once on a 9p bet which won me a very healthy £45.I always start playing this slot on 9p per spin and slowly start working my way up. A good bet to play if you can afford it is 45p per spin and 90p per spin. It starts getting very exciting indeed when you start getting in excess of 90p per spin! I've never bet more than £4.50 a spin here.This slot is fun, exciting, pays well, suitable for all types of slot players! It has a full five star rating for me! And what's even better is it is optimised on both flash/desktop and mobile casinos. If you ever get a £5 no deposit it here on 9 p per spin...
Lakenya Loh. Reviewed on 01.07.18
The one reason I know about Ladies Nite is because I played it a few times over by a Microgaming Tournament. The prizes inside the tournament were above my liking and I needed to push my luck to see where I would stand. Often times the competition can be hardcore. If I miss one to two days of playing the freeroll I will be ranked out of place. A chasing game that I find myself having little to nothing for a prize in the end.

At other times I tried playing Ladies Nite on my spare time just to test out a theory. I have been hearing internet rumors that this perhaps club-like slot can give out 5 scatters that pays 500x. I was so curious to find out if it did, even if this appeared to be at a personal cost to my balance. I used $0.45 a spin knowing Ladies Nite is a 9 paylines video slot. Yup, this slot is without question for the sp*nking ladies ;) . For us men we have Spike's Nite out because we like playing poker and as canines for characters in that slot we are the dogs. Rawwwfff Rawwwfff (howling)!

Ladies Nite can go out on many several spins as if it's sleeping during it's shift. It makes me lose about 5 - 9 spins before seeing any winnings, usually at small pays. All the time the problem is the lack of lines that don't hit symbols landing in non-active paylines. For example I would see a combination on a 25th payline using all 9 active paylines for nothing. This gets me a lot! The free spins are a standard 15 at 3x triggered for 3 scattered waiters holding a plate of shots possibly Jelly shooters. For the results, not so much to expect because of the small paylines.

I have never went over $13 after free spins, not once and basically for the most part I don't plan on spending too much time on Ladies Nite......because it's a chick "thang" lol! 15 Free spins at 3x, when triggered, that melted most of my free spins useless, graphics and symbols aimed at the ladies, hard to earn payouts that went for a ride 50% of the time. Ladies Nite reveals itself as a 6 out of 10!
Annabelle. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Ladies Nite is a game powered by microgaming. I love this game.For me personally it is one of my favorite games and i play it almost all of the time. This is a 9 line game so it is perfect for me. I have played this game like hundreds of time and have had some impressive wins. I have never had five wilds on this game till now but i did get four.I usually start with the smallest bet and if the game is paying out i gradually raise it. For me personally the higher i bet the worst the game pays. I had times when i would win more on a €0.09 bet, than €0.90 bet.

There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. To get the feature i had to get three or more scatters and i am proud to say it that i have got five scatters couple of times on a €0.09 bet and that paid out to €45. The max i ever got on the feature with the smallest bet was over €80. I think that is an unreal result for such a small bet. This game has paid out best wins on the smallest be t and i play it most of the time on the smallest bet.

This game has a lot of potential and can pay out huge. I would recommend this game to everyone and low rollers especially. It is great fun and sometimes this game really surprises the player. The graphics are average and the sound effects are fine. But the game play is very cool. If i was to rate it i would give it 9 out of 10.

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