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Kings of chicago

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Chicago is a city of mafia and risk. If you want to experience all these sensations, then play on the slot King of Chicago. You will find an incredibly original video slot with very non-standard solutions. You will become a participant in the game, which reminds you of poker, but you will not only have cards waiting for you, but also dangerous bandits with revolvers.


The slot machine is designed in the form of a poker table, on which are located game drums, money, diamonds, revolvers,and other attributes that are inherent to the inhabitants of Chicago. There are five drums in the game, but they have a very uncommon solution, because their functions fulfill the symbols of playing cards. You will not be able to contemplate the rotation of the drum, because they are not introduced in the slot. And the loss of symbols occurs in the form of distribution of cards in three rows, the last so-called drum, can for some time delay the distribution, thereby adding excitement to the game. But the lines for the game are presented in the number of five pieces, and they are always active.

By the way, the line icons are shown in the form of casino chips, which looks very nice. The symbols in the game are playing cards together with the joker. In general, the slot machine King of Chicago has a very original design, which has beautiful graphics and interesting musical accompaniment.


The virtual device is presented in the form of combinations of poker and slot. All the rules here are subject to slots, but there are some elements of poker. First, you need to get acquainted with the rules of the game in King of Chicago. To start the game, choose the denomination of the coin and their number, after which we start the drum. The symbols in the game are shown in the form of playing cards, which must be formed in certain poker combinations, for which you will receive a variety of payments.

In this game,there are several special characters that give the player bonuses. For example, in poker you will not find a wild symbol, but in King of Chicago there is one. So, it will be quite simple to combine a profitable combination.There is also a Scatter symbol in the game, it can be any of the symbols in the game. How to distinguish it? Everything is simple, it will be indicated by the corresponding inscription. Dropping three or five of these symbols will offer you, apart from multiplying the total bet, get the right to have bonus spins. So, three symbols of the scatterer will launch 10 free-spins, four will give 15 of them, but five scatters on the screen will bring you a gift in the form of 30 free spins on the game drum. It is worth noting that during free launches you will receive all payments multiplied by two.


King of Chicago gaming machine is perfect for fans of risk and excitement.It has an original design and rules of the game that will allow you to pick up incredible prizes. Here you will find a combination of bonus slots and some rules from poker. Every gambler will appreciate King of Chicago and will remain its fan for quite a long time.

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Kings of chicago Reviews by Players

Rik. Reviewed on 13.04.18
Kings of chicago is another game from netent. Idea of the slot is another one unique and really great, but i am not this people who love such things. Why add poker in slots? When i play poker, i want to play poker, when i play slots, i did not want to see poker in slots, this is start mixing. But this game definitely depends on poker, and for player who does not know poker rules( i am sure such players exist), this game will be a bit hard of understand, because this game using in paytable poker combinations, like flush or straight, for example.
This is my opinion, i did not like this game, but i should say that it looks good, and also it can pay really great money for natural royal flush. Add to this free spins feature with multiplier for winnings. Take note that game had only 5 lines, and so minimum bet for this game is just 5 cents, which is really great for lowrollers, lot of playtime can be received on this game even with 10$ deposit. My best experience on this game was long time ago, these days i play netent games almost all the time at redbet casino. I start this game with 150 euros on my account, and bet euro in spin. It was terrible run and soon i left with 20 euros, but then comes free spins, and luckily it pay me nice money, and i won around 200 x total bet, and this is my best result on this game. Conclusion: I believe this game has its own fans, and it is not bad game of course. I am simply did not like to see poker in slots, and that's why i am almost did not open this slot. But i can not rate this game low, because game is great, and i give it 7 stars.
Can take from you really fast even £30 balance at small bets can go quick!
Big wins are few and far between this game requires lots of patience! So many near misses it can really annoy you!
Kings of Chicago is a nice and good game, the bonus is not very hard to trigger, most of the times i start playing this slot when my balance is about€2-3 euro, playing 0.10 bet can give good payouts, lots of times i get 2 euro big wins pretty funny:)

One time i was so lucky to hit an 5 of a kind also on 0.10bet which payed me 60euro thats pretty nice if i only had 1,39 left ! Its also very excited if you see the flashing cards which mean it cant be nothing or it can be a big win! very good game, never hit a royal flush in my life but maybe that day will come! the 0.05 bet i never try i think if you are very very lucky you can win big on 0.05 bet, but for me this is just an finishing slot, put my last euro's always in this slot, it would be great if it goes mobile! because it's not a big game they keep it simple, its a nice game!

I think not many people play that game but i hope more people will find out it's a pretty good game and nice to reach up your balance!
Luanna Ferrera. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Kings of Chicago is a video slot containing 5 paylines. It's one very conservative video slot on NetEnt! This is one slot I forget sometimes and I've already forgotten how fun it would be to play on it. Of course with my opinion placed on Kings of Chicago it does need more than 5 paylines. To define Kings of Chicago as "conservative" it's mainly since the paylines are really small for 5 on this slot the bets won't chop my balance very quickly.

To save my balance and hitting good winnings while this slot provides mega entertainment based on many hands being dealt to the tune of 100 or more I find Kings of Chicago to be excellent amongst players who are no stranger to Poker! If I wanted to conserve my balance I will choose Kings of Chicago but if I need more fire power into my action then the MIcrogaming slot Reel Play poker would be the one to use despite it having no free deals or multipliers. Even for 5 paylines Kings of Chicago has joker cards that double and random scatter symbols appearing in any cards that award 10 free deals! I would start out for $0.25 and always find hitting poker hands like flushes more often and I really like when finding 3 identical cards to make three of a kind. The cards would highlight itself yellow then the other reels would go into a round about to try finding a 4th identical card for a four of a kind win. If talking about the 10 free deals I've only gotten around $8.15. With a small win I wouldn't complain since my bets are just 5 nickels. That's a pretty good price to pay for 15 dealt cards carrying with it potential! I'm happy to win $8.15 in exchange for $0.25 triggering bet. The highest poker hand I've come across is Four of a kind 8's for a $3.75 win from a $0.25 bet. Wonder what would it would feel like to hit 5 of a kind (Joker included on four of a kind) or the legendary ROYAL on Kings of Chicago!?

The pros for Kings of Chicago are bets can be really gentle on my balance, many dealt hands can be done, winnings are fairly good with or without the 2x joker, three of a kind leaving other reels....the "potential"....can be very dramatising at that moment and as for cons well it needs more paylines, it definitely needs a small base hand like a pair or at least two pairs rather than three of a kind for the smallest win and assuming this can be accepted as a con....there are no buttons to hold down cards on the slot. Furthermore Kings of Chicago deals an 8.2 out of 10!
Monte. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Kings of Chicago is a poker/mobster themed 5 line 5 reel video slot courtesy of Net-Ent. The slot is very different to other slots as instead of spinning reels it slides the cards to the right hand side to reveal your win. Although it is only 5 pay-lines do not be tricked into thinking that your balance will be safe! This is another game to be cautious with as even with a £30 balance betting 15p a deal it can eat a balance up when it’s running cold just about as quick as DOA or Reel Steal!Kings of Chicago does not have symbols it has playing cards all 4 suits Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and Clubs it also has a joker wild which doubles the players wins.

The objective of this slot is to be dealt the best poker hand on the reels that you can. Hands that can be won include three of a kind, four of a kind, Full house, five of a kind (the only hand not in any table poker variation), Straight flush and the prestigious natural royal flush! This pays out a whopping 10,000x line bet to player (20,000x line bet in free deals)!

As you would expect Kings of Chicago as most Net-Ent titles do, contains a free deals round. To get this you must see 3 or more cards with the word scatter on them. The amount of free deals you receive depends on how many scatters you have hit. For 3 or more 10 free deals, for 4 or more 20 free deals and for 5 scatters you get 100x total bet and 30 free deals! All wins during the free deals are doubled and quadruped if you get a line win with a joker wild in. This game can be great for building up cash but if it takes off you fast I’d personally get off it as quick as you can!

Here are my pros and Cons of Kings of Chicago:


Bright colourful classic four colour deck
Will be particularly enjoyed by poker players!
Very nice top payout for elusive Royal Flush
Joker wild symbol
Free deals round and all wins doubled during these (quadrupled if joker appears in your line win)
Can be exciting and fun to play when it is hot!
Quick deal feature for speedy play!
Overall I give Kings of Chicago 7/10 It just takes too damn long to win anything good and sometimes it just gives absolutely nothing after long cold periods!
Janetta. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Kings of Chicago has always been one of my favourite slots from NetEnt. NetEnt is my favourite casino-software and even if they have so much different and exciting games, Kings of Chicago will always be in my favourite-list. That slot is one of those what I have mostly played. If casino has NetEnt-slots, they very surely has also Kings of Chicago and when I go start playing in thatkind of casino, I can say that 95% I will always play Kings of Chicago.

Kings of Chicago is very simple game and it is combination of poker and slot with 5-lines and in game you hope to get the best possible pokerhand. Joker is also in that slot and it gives your winnings 2x. Like most slots, Kings of Chicago also has scatters, which are in random cards. Two scatters give your bet back, and three scatters gives you 3x bet and 10 freespins, which in that slot are knows as Free Deals. I have often got also 4 scatters and got 15 freespins and bet back 10x. During freespins you can also win more freespins and all wins are 2x. 3 scatters are quite common and also 4 are not so rare, but I have not ever got 5 scatters. My best hand is 4 similar cards and joker, but bet was just 5 cents, but still I was very positively surprised. :)

I have played that slot in many bets, from 5 cents to 1 euro. Minimum-bet is only 5 cents, so you can play alot of time even with small balance. ;) From my own experience I can say that Kings of Chicago is one of the best slots for wagering bonus, if balance is not so big, because you can play many hands and sometimes that slot has also saved my whole wagering-process. :) Also sometimes when I have just lost money to other slots, then I have started to play Kings of Chicago and it has surprised me very positively and saved my day.

I like simple slots and I like poker also, so Kings of Chicago is slot for me. I have played it so many times and never got disappointed of it, so I can recommend it also to others. It really is worthy of trying, and if not for other reasons, it does not take so much money if you play even 100 hands with minimum-bet. :D

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