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When Steven Spielberg was creating his first Jurassic Park in 1993, he could not even guess that the movie would take 3 Oscars and several other prestigious awards. This story about the world, where real dinosaurs lived haunted millions. The movie made Spielberg a billionaire. Probably, Microgaming also decided to repeat this fantastic success and created its Jurassic Park slot machine — the game movie variant for casinos.


Jurassic Park by Microgaming is a 3D slot that is interesting for those casino players, who feel excitement when meeting various dinos, listening to their strange sounds, enjoying the flourishing nature surrounding these creatures and earning real money during the process of the game. It belongs to those gaming machines that strike the gambler with its stunning graphics, effects, which are never met at traditional slots, realistic sounds of roaring tyrannosaurs and whatnot. The game differs from classic slots a lot by the number of paylines and the quantity of winning combinations variants.

Interesting Features

Jurassic Park slot is a game that offers the gamers using the maximum odds to win. Here you will use 243 variants to win instead of 20-30 traditional paylines! Although there is no jackpot here, the percentage of the possibility to win is very high. First, its RTP is 97%, which is very high. Secondly, the probability of a hit (any prize) is 35, 91%. Finally, statistically, the gambler gets a bonus 9or bonuses) every 163 spins!

How to Play & Real Money Versions

Like any other gaming machines, Jurassic Park slots have the rules and features that are traditional, classic already. For instance, before the game, you should pick the bet (1-10). You must not choose the lines’ number. You will just watch how the images on 5 reels here change making special combinations that will bring you some coins. If a gamer comes to a casino just to relax, he can use the Autoplay function of Jurassic Park slots game. In this case, he will just watch the process and take his real cool pleasure from it. Here each player is given 1 – 10 coins (0.01-0.05 value). The keys for controlling the slot are placed down. To start the reels, the player needs to press the red Spin key. The Bet button changes the stakes.

Lines and Reel Strips

As it was mentioned before, Jurassic Park does not resemble classic slots with its fixed lines number that a gambler can change, activating all of them, or use even a single line. Here you use 243 lines — variants to win, and this quantity never changes. The bet size does not affect the game process a lot — all bets work well. When 5 reels are rotating, the images of these fantastic ancient creatures form variants of different combinations that give a gambler a prize.

Bonus Rounds

In Jurassic Park gaming machine Microgaming provides several possibilities to win additionally — here the gambler can have several bonus rounds. For instance, T-Rex Alert (the round that starts from the roaring sound of a tyrannosaur) can start during the main game. The player will see up to 35 additional Wilds on the reels! In a case when several Scatters (the image of a mosquito inside a piece of amber) appear on the field, the gambler gets 12 additional games (spins) and the money prize. The prize amount depends on the quantity of Scatters. For instance, 3 of them double your bet amount plus you get 12 additional rotations. 4 Scatters multiply your bet 20 times! The luckiest gamblers that see 5 Scatters at a time must be sure: their bet will increase 100 times and the same 12 more games will be given to them! Tyrannosaurus Rex round also starts twelve spins — this time all the reels can be filled with Wilds. Velociraptor round of Jurassic Park is characterized by “splitting” of the Wild and doubling the number of options to win. In Triceratops round Wilds can move (the same more 12 spins). Brachiosaurus launches 12 free games during which mysterious multipliers will work. Dilophosaurus is cool as Wilds can appear at any position. The maximum amount of the money a gambler can win is 95 000 coins. However, the gambler must always remember: although all bonus games bring a prize, the probability to start such round here is very low — only 0.61%!

Rules and features

The rules of the game are very simple. Even a newbie can understand them. Just try the free game variant to realize the playing scheme. The bet here is not taken to the payline, but to the spin. The bid must be a multiple of 30. Thus, here you change only the bet, increasing it or decreasing.

History of Jurassic Park slot

Microgaming has been creating wonderful slots for over 20 years. Its Jurassic Park appeared recently after the company made an agreement with TM & Universal Studios и Amblin. The game storyline repeats the main scenes from the famous movie of the same name. The developers tried to improve the video and sound effects and made the gaming machine that can attract even a professional gambler.

Jurassic Park is a new bright 3D slot that you can play for free or for money. It will bring you back to the world created by famous Steven Spielberg and let you forget about a reality for the time you will play. Enjoy stunning effects of video; listen to the sounds of dinosaurs and make your bets. With the slot high RTP and 243 ways to win the odds that you can get your prize are extremely high!

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jurassic park Reviews by Players

Warner Swann. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Where do I start with the Jurassic Park video slot. From the brief experiences I had with this game, I can certainly say that this is truly a fantastic slot in design, graphics, bonus features and basically the complete picture is astonishing. When I first heard that Microgaming came to an agreement with Universal Studios to release a series of video slots based on the successful blockbuster, I was very delighted and looked forward to see and experience the game myself.

I tried my lock on the game for the very first time about six weeks ago. Just like many other branded Microgaming slots, the game features the almighty 243-ways-to-win format, 3 rows and 5 reels. The symbols are made of the lead characters from the movie and of course several types of dinosaurs.

In addition it also has a random feature when the number of wilds per reel increase to an incredible 35 wilds. However, I’m not sure how many symbols there are on each reel, so far I haven’t had any decent hits yet with that random feature that can appear any time during base game.
It basically gives you like 5-6 spins the chance with increased wilds. Nevertheless, I had some great hits during base game thanks to several wilds dropping. The wilds are stacked and that’s why you can even have a full screen of wilds during base game. I played this on 0.90 euro and 1.20 euro bets solely and had some fantastic results.

I’m probably around 1.000 euros up and I can’t say that for many slots. My best hits during base game were around 150 - 200 x bet size thanks to the wilds and one of the higher paying symbols. There are also scatters, which is the orange symbol with a fly or mosquito in it. You need 3 or more scatters to trigger the free spins bonus feature.

I probably triggered the bonus feature like 20+ times in only approx. 2000 spins. It just shows it’s completely random and lady luck can drop any time. During the bonus feature, which is a bit hard to explain, it randomly chooses a feature. There is also a progress bar, if you complete it after hitting the bonus feature more than 25 times, then you can choose the bonus feature yourself.

There are five different bonus features with all a specific set of characteristics, including stacked symbols, up to 6 x multiplier, random reel wilds and much, much more. You really have to experience them yourself to see what it’s all about. So far I several 300 x hits during the free spins, it almost seemed like it was so easy to hit.

I guess it’s a rare occurrence and I just got lucky. Nevertheless, a fantastic game where Microgaming really put the effort into creating this masterpiece slot.
I have not won a single Free spins trigger, ever on my 4 times playing Jurassic Park! It's nerve-wrecking for me to find two scatters of fossilized mosquitos and find every reel to be empty. I just hate that this happened too often and I'm left wondering if I will trigger them. Is it the type of free spins that are worth it or am I not missing anything by thinking they might suck and maybe be the worst feature around.

Another issue I had - the cost of the T-Rex Alert feature for more wilds, what is this? Untamed Bengal Tiger for each collected wild spins? They need to make each spin free at least on this feature for more enjoyment! To pay them would be to flip over a turtle about to go into the water to swim.
Earleen. Reviewed on 01.07.18
I have not seen the movie, only the movie clips, because I'm no fan of Dino, nor dinosaurs. Going back to the days of free-roaming dinosaurs just isn't my mug of coffee. Nope. They don't thrill me at all. With lots of movie clips included into this Jurassic Park game, everything tends to go slowly and laggingly, for me at least, due to my slow ISP. Loading the game up is a pain in my you-know-where. So, with so many negatives already declared for this game, I can only wonder how the actual would be like.

I must admit that the graphics are impressive. I like the moving jungle background as you spin the reels, I also like the bits of movie clips thrown in too, keeping my interest going for the time being. But as I've said many times before, impressive graphics do not necessarily make impressive game plays. I've played Jurassic Park only a few times, far apart between them, because the game just couldn't grab my interest. The paytable is so low, I couldn't see any possibilities of getting good huge wins. Mediocre wins, yes, but that's never good enough for me.

The Logo is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays a very low 26x the total bet, and comes Stacked in the base game. The Mosquito is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays 100x the total bet, again low, 3, 4 or 5 of which activates a randomly selected dinosaur feature game of 12 free spins each. No win multipliers in 4 out of the 5 feature games. Not to my liking at all! After playing 25 rounds of these feature games, you can then select which feature game you want to play your next free spins on.

There is also a random T-Rex Alert mode in the base game, whereby up to 35 Extra Wilds can be included into the next 6 spins. This may sound good, but my spins have always been mostly with none, at times with just 1 or 2 Extra Wilds, only once with 3 Extra Wilds in one spin. The total payout for these 6 spins have never exceeded 20x my total bet amount, so they don't excite me at all. The Free Spins game mostly featured the Triceratops 12 free spins, which usually pays poorly. Only once I got the T-Rex game, but that too paid lowly, the first 8 spins paying almost nothing, and the last 4 spins seeing 1 and 2 fully Expanded Wild reels. The Brachiosaurus feature is the only game that offers a mystery win multiplier, but is usually 2x and 3x mostly. In short, all 5 feature games have failed to impress me so far!
The soundtrack is a little boring, the gameplay lacks exciting good wins, T-Rex Alert mode is hardly ever winning, all 5 feature games pays mediocrely, from 10x - 40x, with only the T-Rex free spins paying me 82x my total bet. No single win has yet exceeded 100x my total bet so far, but I won't be chasing after it either. Nosirree. Jurassic Park can remain jurassic as far as I am concerned!
Jayme. Reviewed on 25.09.18
My nickname is evidence of my love for dinosaurs, hobby acquired since my childhood thanks to the admiration for these ancient, gigantic, and exotic animals, which fortunately for us, millions of years ago disappeared off the planet. "Jurassic Park" is another of the slots that Microgaming has created in the format of 243 Ways and it is inspired by the great Steven Spielberg film of the same name, released in year 1993. While playing, player is taken on a tour by Isla Nublar in company of the four main characters of the film, Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm, and John Hammond, who share the island with five species of dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and Dilophosaurus.

Every time some gain is obtained, an animation or a passage of the film is shown as a kind of celebration, thus making the game more thrilling and entertaining. Spins are somewhat slow for my taste and stop button does not seem to stop all reels at the same time, but also, for me, is still a very useful tool in the search for three or more scatters (amber Stone) needed to trigger the free spins round. The wild symbol is the logo of the film Jurassic Park and its writing changes to "wild" when participating as substitute in payline formations. "Stacked wilds" feature is also enabled for this game.

During the game, the player will unlock each species of dinosaur to complete lines of 5 of a kind of each one, that way they are available to be randomly chosen when free spins are triggered. Each dinosaur has assigned different benefits for player within free spins as follows: Tyrannosaurus can turn up five whole reels into wild, Velociraptor can Split wilds or grants wilds with up to 6 x multipliers, Brachiosaurus grants misterious multiplier wild up to 6x, Triceratops grants running wilds where wild stack grows, and Dilophosaurus turns random positions into wild. Number of free spins are always 12 for all dinosaurs. After you have earned 25 free spins rounds (check free spins meter) dinosaurs can be chosen by the player instead of being chosen randomly.

Finally, if you ever see the reels start spinning faster than normal and earth shakes, it is because it has been activated randomly the special feature called "T-Rex Alert", which increases the chance to win by adding 35 extra wilds during the next 6 turns, this does not mean it will appear 35 wilds through next 6 spins, but 35 extra wilds will be drawn in each of those spins.

Good game, though I'm still not sure if it could also prove to be profitable.
Erich. Reviewed on 27.09.18
The “Jurassic Park” slot from Microgaming casinos is what the “Aliens” slot is for NetEnt casinos. I mean the game is all the rage in what it concerns the graphics part,and you begin to ask yourself (like when playing Aliens) if this is a slot and not the movie itself. The tropical rainforest moves in the background of the slot and the animation of the symbols that is so intensive during the so-called “T-Rex alert” feature and also the scenes at the beginning of Free Spins that are like being taken from the original movie, all of these contribute to the exquisite quality of this slot. Being a new slot it makes the front page in many casinos, and you should see this front page shaking when the T-Rex is passing. Not even at the launch of “Terminator” I have not seen this in Microgaming casinos.

Being a 243 ways to win slot, the chances of winning are considerable. I played this slot in two Microgaming casinos and I had both the opportunity to lose pretty much and to win something. If you play on a 1.5 Euro bet/spin, the minimum payout is 0.50 Euro and is frequent accompanied by wins of 1.5-3 Euros. But, like I said, because of the 243 ways to win from time you can win even 10-30 Euros from a single spin, especially during the "T-Rex Alert", when the number of wilds on the screen increases significantly, or during the Free Spins. Depending on the character of dinosaur randomly chosen in the early scenes of Free Spins (the ones I was talking a bit earlier before) this round takes place in different ways. There are 5 different game modes, each having a certain peculiarity. One can earn a good amount of money (10-30 Euros) at the end of this round, and almost nothing. Even during normal spins, with a bit of luck, if you have on two different reels a few Wilds, wins are considerable. You just have to play enough and the wins will come.

The slot is very good at transposing the story from the movie into the game and it without a doubt it deserves to play here because of the sensations and emotions that this game will bring to you. “Well done Microgaming!”, again for such a good slot.
I like everything about this game.

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