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jungle wild Reviews by Players

Gertude. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Jungle Wild is a little interesting game for me visually because as its name shows the game has Jungle theme but the game not just introduce some plants and animals to us but also some ancient Indian relics and treasures and it’s an uncommon symbol matching. Jungle Wild has a very tempting and greatly designed interface and I like the symbols it uses because they’re very beautiful and has great illustrating ability and the mentioned 2 type of figures somehow fit to each other and at the end they’re really create a great, comprehensive look so I think we’ve got nothing against the appearance of the slot.

Recently my main problems with WMS Gaming products are related to the game segment and I don’t find them too competitive. Fortunately, the developers are in a hard battle nowadays to offer great features and seduce as many players they could and that’s what I’m missing at the slots of this developer, I can’t see the endeavor for it at all cost. Maybe a little bit better the situation here but Jungle Wild also has limited features and just a very so-so payout tendency in use. The best paying 5 of a kind line win awards only 2500 coins which is not too much and this special Jungle Wild symbol also acts as a substituting icon but without the power to multiply the wins.

The only real feature that the game can offer is the Free Spin extra session which is quite great for a WMS Gaming slot. After getting at least 3 nicely drawn Indian Pyramid symbol in main game the feature starts with 5, 7 or even 20 spins where 2 randomly selected reels become entirely Wild in every spin but what I appreciate the most at this segment of the game is the guaranteed bonus win. At least a secured x300 of line bet win will be ours at the end of extra games if all paylines were active and if our success lets me down and the result on the table wouldn’t reach that limit the game automatically fill out the reward to that x300 minimum win, and in that case if not all line were used a special Bonus Mystery Kicker attribute may come alive and compensate us with a x2, x5 or x10 of total bet prize.

I like this kind of behavior and player friendly little rules from the creator’s part and always thought with something like this mini feature the developer really can give a nice gesture and I’m sure this kind of treat will really pay off in long term. Anyway, with all of these good qualities this Free Spin feature at Jungle Wild can be impressive in money wise standpoint and sometimes (especially true for the 20 games variant) because of the 9 appearing Wild this session really can make players satisfied.

In my eyes, Jungle Wild is a better product than an average WMS slots. It has a decent and nice interface to play with attractive and well-done graphics and symbols and I can’t see that main shortcomings at game features what I’ve experienced at other games and I go further some of the features what this machine has are quite good and useful. All in all, I’m usually enjoying my time with this game and feeling myself entertained enough to be a returnee player here when I’m around at WMS place.
Yvette. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Jungle wild is the game that I will never forget that's for sure.
Why you wondering? Well, a few years ago I went to a land based casino alone because I was bored as hell, there was nothing to do nor inside or outside (outside nothing to do? Yes, it was a hard rain).
So I decided to go to the casino and at that moment WMS was not online, at least not in the Netherlands.

I went playing Jungle wild and this game has less paylines than the online version, this one has 9 paylines and it pays more than the online version. I put a 5 euro bill in the slot and after pushed 3 times the spin button the machine went tilt, I thought I broke the machine. A minute later a casino worker walked towards me and put his hand out and congrats me, he told me that I just won the mystery jackpot worth 1000 euro.

First time playing jungle wild did gave me luck and I was 1000 euro richer.
The online version of Jungle wild has 30 paylines and last year I played this game at Casino euro with no luck at all, I deposited an amount of 100 euro and lost all of it within 2 hours playing this game, not even got any bonus round. I just couldn't believe my eyes and of course there was some cursing involved but in the end it didn't help a thing.

The next thing I did was deposited another 100 euro and stubborn I was I continued playing this game because I had the feeling that it would give all my losses back but unfortunately it was not the case, instead I lost another 50 euro playing this game.
That day I decided never to play this game again but my curiosity thought otherwise.
The next day I did gave this game another try but this time I played just for fun but with real money.
Surprisingly after a few spins I manage to get the bonus round and it gave all my losses back plus a few tenner winnings.

Now I know that online Jungle wild has more paylines I never play the land based version ever again.
Mitchell. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Jungle Wild is one of the games that I saw someone play on Youtube and I was very happy to play it when I stumbled upon it. I remember on Youtube some guy was playing it in the Las Vegas casino, and because I really want to go there I wanted to experience their type of slot games.

As I understand most of them use WMS games and I honestly see why. All of the games have great graphics and are more attractable than other games. Also I noticed that the games play much better of high bets and I would recommend to everyone to stay away from small bets. I myself try to stick to that strategy but sometimes have no choice but to play small. A perfect bet would be from €0.90 to €1.60.

This games is one of my favorites and the reason is that I get really lucky on it. It is the easiest by far to get the feature and good pays on. I always change my game play. I would start off playing normal, then double tap few times and then play normal gain. It works for me and you should give it a try too. On some occasions I was even lucky enough to get the feature straight away after another one has just ended.

My best win in the free spins was €196 on a €0.90 bet. I dont even know how I got it, because I had to leave the room when the free spins started and I only came back when they were finished. I actually really like the free spins on this game. Each spin two reels are wild and can give you a huge win.

Over all the game is really cool and I really like it. For me it is one of my favorites and I am giving it 10 out of 0. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

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