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Jungle spirit: call of the wild

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Jungle spirit: call of the wild play online casino for real money

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The world of flora and fauna of the Earth’s planet is incredibly rich and diverse. In every corner of the planet you can meet completely unique animals and see a lot of strange plants. But the greatest abundance of living organisms and plants can be found in moist tropical forests. Such places have the most suitable conditions for the development of living organisms, and therefore it is the jungle along with the sea that are considered the cradle of life.


The plot line of this slot tells us about a measured life under the canopy of the tropical forest. When the user opens up the game, he  seems to get on a kind of a tour of the tropics. Here you can meet the most amazing and dangerous animals, enjoy the beauty of tropical plants, fully experience all the charms of the equatorial strip of the planet. Exploring the jungle can not satisfy the curiosity, but also to find the treasures hidden here. Animals and plants are going to help players, indicating the right direction on the way to victory. Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild’s atmosphere is unique, and every admirer of quality content must certainly try himself in the creation of the Swedish corporation!


Visually the slot is made simply gorgeous. It makes you  want to stop the time and consider every detail on the screen. The location, as implied by the plot, is presented in the form of a tropical forest. Every blade of grass and leaf is drawn here so realistically, that it looks like it is a view from a window of a house in the middle of the forest. The color range is filled with all imaginable and unthinkable variations of the green hue.

An excellent addition to the picture will be a sound composition that simulates the sounds of wildlife. Graphics with sound work very harmoniously and leave a very pleasant aftertaste. As for the configuration of the main screen,  there is nothing special there, and therefore it’s not difficult to understand the interface. The playing field is made in the form of 5 reels, forming a rectangular area in the middle of the screen.

All the drums resemble the ancient tablets of tribes that used to live in the rainforests. There are no lines in the slot, and therefore there are no panels with linear indicators. Above the drums is a beautiful logo with the name of the game, and the opposite side of the screen is made in the form of a control panel. Each button of this panel resembles an ancient stone, on which the name is carved.


The interface of this slot is not complicated by unnecessary details, and its main functional component is the control panel mentioned above. Because  the slot is deprived of lines, the user will be able to control only the bet and the rotation mode. For the bet there are as many as 3 buttons: level, bet max, coin value. The first button is needed to indicate the number of credits per spin. The second key controls the setting of the maximum bet. The last button is responsible for the nominal value, thereby affecting the bet.

Rotations of reels are activated by two buttons at the discretion of the participant in the game. The central rhombic shape button launches the standard backs. The self-timer button next to it helps to activate the automatic mode. For those who wish to read the rules, view the coefficients and symbols, press the I  button.


The entertaining process involves 243 pre-determined prize falls. As soon as the combination appears in one of 243 positions, the machine gives out a payout in accordance with the bet and coefficients of the active symbol. All symbols with animals can expand around the drum when they are marked by butterflies at the time of winning.

Also, at the time of the main game, the bonus function Butterfly Boost can be activated, which increases the chances of winning by placing identical symbols on the reels. Pink lotus is a scatter that triggers free spins at the moment of which 1024 prize combinations are in effect. The more scatters are involved in starting spins, the higher the reward user can possibly get. User selects the number of free spins himself, by clicking on the corresponding animal. The less free spins, the higher the payout rates are triggered by the loss of winnings.


Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild is an unusually beautiful game, worthy of attention even for the sake of visual series. Here you will original bonuses, the number of which will pleasantly surprise even an experienced user. Also, players can safely count on frequent prizes and big winnings. Simple rules will succumb even to the beginner , and the unforgettable atmosphere of the game will remain in your memory for a long time.

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