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jungle jim Reviews by Players

Taneka. Reviewed on 02.07.18
This 15 paylines non-progressive slot excites me when I’m playing it!
Jungle Jim slot was a creative and intensive slot that I ever encounter why? Well I recommended this game for wagering like the other slots that I’ve played but it doesn’t mean that there’s no disadvantage when I said that I recommend it!

This slot feature was great like free spin from their “Alligator” bonus symbol if you get 3 or more of it, it will trigger the free spin bonus that you will choose one alligator first the number of spins then the multiplier that can be less than 5 x! The exciting part of this was when I play and won the background was so interesting that it will changed to another background type with the intense music background of drum beat.

The highest winnings from their slot were approximately $15, $20, $30 (constant bet size $1.50 I will say that it’s so difficult to get their feature bonuses! Wild symbols, scatters, and other high paying symbols like Jungle Jim of course, the professor, the lady and the jungle they’re the most symbol that you ever wish for to strike and be rewarded a huge cash!

I observed that they’re like copied to Tarzan movie because of their symbols but i like there theme very original and it’s like a Amazonian jungle! I love the way the slot moves and surprise me when I won! Graphics and music background like and my eyes were so entertain unlike the other slot that was incisive to eyes!
The pay out ratio of this slot is not so good and I hate it the most and it’s important to players like me cause we use our money that we play.

The feature bonuses of this slot were so elusive when like the free spin bonus the “alligators” and I think it’s not common for a normal slot, I played many slots that is so unfriendly when it comes to bonuses.

Overall this slot was not achieve my qualification when it comes to slot I will give 5/10 overall.
Aleen. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Jungle Jim video slot it is definitely not newest game from Microgaming software. I tried this game only one time at 32 red casino and I have some thoughts about this game that I would like to share with you. Actually I always have some thoughts that I am always happy to share, about everything.

Jungle Jim video slot has 15 paylines and therefore you can bet here from 0.15 per spin. This game has wilds on all reels, and this is definitely earn to game few + from me, I like such games where is possible to get 5 wilds, and wilds have payout. But sadly we can add minus after plus right after see that payout for 5 wilds is low for such games, less than 300 x total bet. I did not like low payouts at all, and I can understand when wilds pay such low but it is expanded wilds or stacked, or with multiplier, but here is no any such things.

Scatters here is typical for old Microgaming games, it pays money, but not award with any feature, so up to 75 x total bet for 5 scatters. It is possible to get up to 10 free spins with x 5 multiplier, it is triggered by bonus game, 3+ bonus symbols on any payline, and you will get some free spins with x 5 multiplier. From my experience at 32 red casino while I was betting 0.30 per spin, I trigger free spins feature 3 times, but come on, it is hardly to win something with less than 10 free spins! I get most times just 5 free spins, and of course it is looks poor for me, I did not like it. And base game here is also very boring and not interesting.

Jungle Jim video slot has medium variance, but payouts is a bit low, and feature even disappointing, since up to 10 free spins, without any extra wilds or something except multiplier. I will not play this game again.
Myles. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Jungle Jim is the younger brother of other slots. It can't be considered as an adult for a few personal reasons of my own. One things for certain gaining free spins by hitting bonus alligators on an active payline can be frustrating and terrible even more if I chose the wrong alligators to get free spins and a multiplier.

The most I've won on this 15 Paylines video slot for $0.75 a spin is no more than $17 ONLY because I chose correctly finding 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier in the alligators. On all the sessions I tried my luck playing on Jungle Jim the worst came for 2 Free spins at a 1x multiplier in one trigger. I have already thought in my mind that I will never play this slot again in the future because of that experience and so I can have my revenge in writing a bad review on it :) .

The only good thing that can come from this slot are your normal to slightly above average wins in combinations of 3 or 4 symbols. 3 scattered targets are sometimes there to help me out even when this old slot isn't the greatest! So, we have normal wins, low rewarding free spins rounds that are at the mercy of random chance, doable scatter pays that come and go, 15 Paylines that just need to grow up for more and a video slot that lacks the support of another bonus. Slots should never be without a minimum of two features and if only a single bonus were present, it better be a huge paying bonus that can be desirably rewarding like Age of Discovery!

Overall I would not ever play Jungle Jim again for those reasons stated above because it will ruin my balance to the fullest possible extent! What it's insuffient in will get the best of me! A low score of 4 out of 10 is what Jungle Jim deserves!

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