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jokerizer Reviews by Players

Iliana. Reviewed on 03.07.18
I always say innovation is key when it comes to entertaining people. Classic slots have been there for decades and some remained the same, while others have been slightly improved. Not every software provider knows how to do this the right way though. Taking a classic slot to the next level without the loss of its identity is not an easy task.

However, Yggdrasil Gaming once again nailed it with the slot Jokerizer. It got all elements of a classic slot with fruit symbols such as lemons, cherries, raspberries, and of course stars, bells and sevens! In addition, there are also joker symbols to give a nice mystery element to it.

The graphics are quite impressive as well, because the people at Yggdrasil really did a good job putting this slot into a new jacket. Classic slots often have mystery prizes and a supermeter. This game does as well, but in a different way.

Jokerizer offers 10-paylines and 5-reels. The nice thing about Jokerizer is that it pays from left to right and right to left. In addition, the joker symbols, which appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, can award a nice mystery prize or the jackpot of 6,000 coins if they appear on one line horizontally or vertically.

Although the minimum bet of 1 euro is a bit high, I don’t mind investing in these type of games. It’s starting to be a slot I appreciate more and more, besides NetEnt’s Super Nudge 6000 slot. I experienced this game a couple times so far and must say I was really impressed, just like many other games from Yggdrasil.

Every time you hit a prize during base game, you’ll get taken to the Jokerizer Mode (Similar to supermeter) where the bet is 20 coins per spin instead of 10. The best win I had during base game was around 50 euros thanks to lots of bells.

During the Jokerizer mode there is one huge advantage, and that’s the fact you only need 2 Jokers on reels 2, 3 or 4 to get a mystery prize which can award all the way up to 600x betsize. I managed to win 200 euros once by playing on the Jokerizer mode with a mystery prize. The game then automatically returns to the base game.

I also had a few other sessions, but those were less successful. Overall an entertaining game which I will definitely play again.
High minimum bet. It would have been good if the min bet size was more affordable for low rollers.
Sharla. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I was going to dismiss “Jockerizer” in two short sentences of three traits of pencil when suddenly I had two maximum consecutive wins (60 euros each) and I went into surplus with the money available. “Jockerizer” is a slot from Yggdrasil, the only gaming platform that is better than Microgaming (in my opinion) but has unfortunately so few slots here in AskGamblers pages.

Jockerizer has only 10 lines and is a classic slot for its symbols, but also has some playing rules I have never met before. These rules together with the bet of 1 Euro/spin make that from 100 spins you can lose exactly 100 Euros or win about as much. That is, the slot is like an “all or nothing” game and the first 100 spins brought me to the maximum despair with the laughter of the jokers who first gave me absolutely no win. I thought the whole universe was back against me and laugh at me, so I felt desperate. And then the wins came, with enormous payouts!

But to say which are the rules of this game that make this slot unique: for a bet of 1 Euro/spin, from about 5-10 spins one has a win of 40 cents-2 Euro. If you want you can “collect” this amount, if not you enter the Jockerizer game mode where from the amount you just won you pay 20 cents/spin and you could win nothing again. In the normal spin playing mode if you have 3 jokers (on reels 2, 3 and 4) you are given a random payout between 80 cents and 60 Euro! In Jockerizer mode, only 2 jokers are sufficient for this win. And 2 or 3 jokers are so rare, found about once every 30-50 spins! And when after waiting 30-50 spins and you win just 80 cents, you feel extremely ridiculous. Like kind of that character in the story that I have suddenly grown donkey ears.

But occasionally it happens also the wolf to be eaten by the sheep and you get those promised 60 Euro! If you are lucky 2 times to get this win in 100 spins you can stop playing. So that all small wins here are played in Jockerizer mode, and only the large wins are collected.

As I said, what do you want, all or nothing? It is still good to have very thick and full pockets if you want to play here on real money.
The slot is “all or nothing”. If you are not lucky you lose everything you have and very quickly.
Staci. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Jokerizer is another slot from new software Yggdrasil gaming. I like that all their new slots is quite unique, made with some interesting features, and also all their new games can pay great money.

Slot looks really great, and it is really pleasure to enjoy this slot for me. Game really awesome, and sounds and pictures are great.

Base game at this slot is not very boring, because almost all symbols are stacked, and you always have some small chance to land something really great. Also there is no any freespins feature, but instead there is interesting in-base game feature. Every time you win something during your playing, you can spend this coins playing in jokerizer mode. If you land 2 jokers, you get win from 1000 to 6000. If 3 jokers same, but if they land horizontally or diagonally congrats, you get 6000 coins, which equal 600 x total bet. Wins here is not very big, and generally this slot is very similar to starburst.And based on information that starburst is most popular NetEnt slots, this jokerizer should be very popular soon too.

I tried this game only at Guts casino, where I tried all Yggdrasil games, I suggest this place for this software. I tried this game only once, that was when I won 2.75$ from freespins at Starburst that casino send to me, and after this I opened this game, and believe me or not I was able to win up to 25$, and request withdrawal. That was awesome experience, and I am ready to try this slot again. Just need some free money, and I am ready to give this slot a fully go, this 600 x total bet win still waiting for me, and I need to grab it.

I rate this slot with 8 stars, it is nothing but another great game from Yggdrasil.

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