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Once upon a time there emerged a guy with a guitar sounded diametrically different from what was heard from all music billboards – his foundation included jamming in various gangs, but mostly it was about his immense talent, gigantic imagination and psychedelic time era encouraging people thinking out of the box to share their work with the public. The 60s has witnessed dozens of gifted performers, and the figure didn’t disappear unknown in the maze of legends like Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and Led Zeppelin. His experimentations with the sound, extravagant performances and tremendous charisma are definitely the reasons why he is still considered to be the icon guitarist after many years. Haven’t figured out who is this ‘he’? You must have. It is Jimi the-immortal-rock-idol Hendrix and his legacy resurrected in a featured video-slot game taking its title after the musician’s name.

He vanished too early, his career lasted for just a couple of years, yet he managed to leave a fundamental impression on music, so that even legends like Freddie Mercury sought inspiration in Hendrix’s songs. Slot-making industry represented by renowned Net Entertainment didn’t stay away from the subject as well, so this is the one and the only slot machine paying tribute to the legendary person. Basically, NetEnt already proved themselves to be great rock devotees with other featured games like Motorhead and Guns N’ Roses, so Jimi Hendrix slots make the series to come full circle. On the whole, everything is marvellous about the game – colourful interface elements, a little vintage-ish animation, 3D excellent graphics and amazingly diversified gameplay featuring loads of additional bonus-based components. For sure, it’s a blatant crime not to play Jimi Hendrix slot at least once especially when you are an old-school rock admirer.

Talking numbers, the machine delivers a five-reeled grid empowered with 20 paylines, Wildcards, Scatters, differently triggered Free Spins, pick-n-click mini-games and a few exclusive features with unusual layout. In other words, NetEnt included the full package of various gaming elements and all thing accounted Jimi Hendrix slot looks and plays great. Soundtrack is also worth mentioning as you will listen to most famous pieces in different sequences – the intro starts with ‘Foxey Lady’ and whenever something peculiar happens on the reels sound effects change either with explanations or other songs. Overall, the gaming process is abundant with interesting moments, so wouldn’t definitely feel bored in a company of Jimi Hendrix slot and his wonderful everlasting music.

Interesting features

Casino players can take advantage of six useful embedded into the gameplay coming as soon as you need them the most. These are classic coin wins escorted by bursts of fireworks and raspy guitar riffs, Wild symbols features with Sticky, ordinary and Stacked Wildcards, pick and collect gambling action is the form of an extra mini-game, four different options for free spins and re-roll the reels random feature. Jimi Hendrix slot definitely comes with a wide range of interesting gambling action making spinning process fun and fascinating as never before. Let’s nail down the basics for these groups of additional components.

The base game can offer two random features which are Purple Haze and Red Guitar Re-Spin. The first one requires The Purple Haze symbol to land reel 1, and as soon as it occurs the feature is instantly activated. Then if there are any low-win symbols on the reels they become transformed into Wildcards while the Purple Haze icon serves as Wild as well. Accordingly, gamblers have high chances for catching a profitable combination string due to the feature. Re-spinning needs four or more Red Guitar symbols to ground on the reels to trigger one bonus free spin. In case players are lucky to grab one more symbol then the machine re-spins the reels again. Generally, the feature ends when there are no Red Guitar visible on the grid.

Jimi Hendrix slot is game where players can walk away with up to instant 6000 credits in their pockets without triggering anything with a bonus subtext. To get the reward, you have to collect three-of-a-kind Coin symbols not necessarily arranged in a win line. This naughty Coin isn’t included in the paytable and acts separately as an additional random feature bringing you a multiplier ranging from x8 to x30 of your last bet value. So, for example, wagering 100 credits could possibly result in fetching 800, 1000 or even 3000 credits provided you fish out three Coins from the reels. The maximum bet 200 credits makes the apex to be 6000.

What’s more, Jimi Hendrix slot offers three types of Wildcards from classic ones to sticky layovers. Ordinary Wilds simply replace for other in-game symbols except for Scatters, so that more beneficial combinations could have a room for improvement. Sticky Wilds appear during Crosstown Traffic spins making the reel to become a sole place for Wilds to rest. Stacked Wilds come into view when you are on bonus free spin mode in Purple Haze and Little Wing rounds. According to the feature, Wilds can either take over low-win symbols or fill the whole reel in a random fashion. However, it’s off Wilds jurisdiction to appear during Red Guitar Re-Spin, yet they must be pretty busy with other gaming sections.

Jimi Hendrix slot machine also offers Scatters to trigger some more bonus action, but it’s going to be discussed a little later in the respective section. Apart from all that random lucrative party, there are three kinds of free games rounds triggered by corresponding symbols – Little Wing symbols, Purple Haze symbols and Crosstown Traffic ones. By and large, all sorts of symbols would set off Free Spins with a few small differences for each one. So, dear gamblers, you should be impressed by the variety which Jimi Hendrix slot can put on offer not to mention that random features aren’t the only moneymakers for your balance.

Bonus rounds

As you have already inferred from the previous section, Jimi Hendrix is able to provide top-notch in diversity gaming experience regarding how much effort NetEnt placed on creating additional elements. Basically, the features can be separated into segment groups according to their main purpose: mini-game part, Wildcard body, Free Spins portion. You are already familiar with almost everything about random pieces, yet let’s have a quick recap of what Jimi Hendrix slots game incorporates and add other bonuses on the road.

Free Spins category

PURPLE HAZE GAMES. Most profitable spins in theory as random-based features are allowed to be engaged during free rounds. Firstly, the machine allocates you a number of free games for the feature which can be the value between 6 and 12 spins. The specific moment for Purple Haze is that low-win pictures (A, K, Q, J, 10) are transformed into ordinary Wild symbols, and, as a result, your combinations are transformed into tasty values likewise.In turn, Free Spins can be also subdivided into essential parts which are Crosstown Traffic rounds, Purple Haze and Little Wing free games. Each of them is played with your current stake placed for a trigger-spin, so note that you cannot possible change settings during the rounds and by that influence the winnings. Each of them required their personal Scatter to be summoned onto the reels for the rounds to start, so there are three respective additional symbols carrying bonusing solely (not rewards).

  • CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC GAMES. Jimi Hendrix slot provides one more portion of free games, but here you are given a fixed value of 6 Free Spins given as soon as you collect three corresponding symbols on the reels. Each spin is awarded with layover Wild symbols occupying the whole reel. The 1st spin features Wild reel on reel 5, for 2nd Wild occupants take over reels 4 and 5, 3rd has reels 3 and 4 busy, 4th spin reels 2 and 3, 5th reels 1 and 2 and the last has the first reel overlaid by Wilds.
  • LITTLE WING GAMES. All the same, you again need to collect a triple pattern of respective symbols for the feature to be activated. Little Wings free games stand on the crossroads with Purple Haze because of having almost similar gaming course of actions – you are initially rewarded with a value between 6 and 12 spins, and then from 3 to 5 overlaying Wilds appear on each spin.

Wilds hopping along

Scatters meet scratchesThe basic card is depicted in the form of a gaming logo with the picture of Jimi Hendrix. This type appears during base games and substitutes for other paytable symbols to create additional combinations or to expand them if there is already one on some payline. Stacked Wilds can extend on the whole reel to occupy three vacant places on the gaming grid. Sticky Wilds simply fix to the reels during free-game bonus rounds. Note that the last two kinds of Wilds are meant to be applied only during additional features.

Basically, the action isn’t that random as it has to be graced with presence of some particular symbols. Here you can collect Scatters or activate one re-spin with great potential for further spinning. To begin with, Scatters (three of them; Jimi dressed all white) must flash up on the reels 3, 4 and 5 for players to become eligible for a little mini-game featuring pick and go activity. The machine opens a new window with loudspeakers displayed and you need to ‘scratch’ them and reveal the symbols behind them. Win line-up consists of traditional coin reward, and the other three is the whole set of Free Spins category. Your task is to find three similar icons to get the corresponding reward.


Rules and features

Jimi Hendrix by NetEnt might come as a bit difficult machine to tame, so in case you don’t have prior experience make sure to learn the rules especially for the features because when you haven’t tried a features game before the gambling action appears too chaotic and illogical. Anyway, you place a wager to activate the reels – choose coin value and then bet level which will be your multiplier for the paytable. Follow the symbols as Wilds and Scatters look a little alike, so do the Free Spins triggers.

The minimum amount of money to be bet per one round is 0.20 credits while the higher you can go is 200. Obviously, the latter value encourages high-rollers to holster up their wallets, but budget players are also welcomed as low-range wagers are totally moderate for an average gambler. Note that you can also place the game on an automatic mode or keep pressing “SPIN” button all the time. The paytable values are multiplied by your bet level, so here’s the table for the first basic one:

SYMBOL 2 3 4 5
Jimi (Wild), Red Guitar 2 20 100 400
White Guitar None 15 85 200
Peace None 10 70 150
Love None 10 60 125
Record Disk None 9 50 100
Flower None 8 40 90
Eye None 7 35 80
Ace, King None 5 30 75
Queen None 5 25 60
Jack None 5 25 50
Ten None 5 20 50


Eternal legends of all hippies, 60s era fans and rockers is now perpetuated in the gambling world thanks to NetEnt which were able to come up with great and bright ideas on how to make the machine to be decent for the mighty Jimi. You will surely find the machine in many casinos around the Net because it’s a must-have gaming element of every library due to its incredible theme and amazing bonus action. Jimi Hendrix slot allows to win real money with a whooping jackpot and additional free spins presented in three different options. Besides, low-variance (RTP is 96.91%) offers players to linger and regard long-term gaming session. Overall, it’s an outstanding machine and you have to test it out right now.

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Jimi hendrix Reviews by Players

Erin. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Pros: Jimi Hendrix is a game by Netent software that was released earlier this year. I remember that it was a highly anticipated release as it was inspired by the famous musician Jimi Hendrix. I don't know why but I wasn't too interested in this game, neither I really liked the inspiration source for it. However, being a fan for Netent, I did try this game when it came out and I have been playing it on and off in the last months.

For me the game design seems vibrant as the colors are in pastel tones and I also like the way the Jimi Hendrix is incorporated in the game. The game has 20 paylines and 2 bonuses- one is a random wild feature when Jimi Hendrix lands on reel one and it adds more wilds to reels, and second one is free spins bonus when you collect scatters on last 3 reels. But that's not it and I enjoy the fact that there are several free spins bonuses you can get and they differ by the amount of free spins and extra features in them.
My favorite from all the features is the fire free spins, as they give 6 free spins with no multiplier, however, from one to two reels are turned into jimi wild symbols and they move from the right side to left. This is my favorite feature as it has given me the biggest winnings from all the features- I have had many 100x bet wins and one 200x bet win.

Overall this is definitely a good game to play when you have a bonus to wager. Several months ago this slot helped me to wager a big bonus with over 1000€ wagering and I played with minimum bets only and finished with a profit. I love the fact that there are so many features and if you're lucky, they can come up frequently. Design is really nice too so I definitely recommend it.
Cons: After playing the new Motorhead slot for much of yesterday I decided to revisit NetEnt's earlier Rock'n'Roll themed game "Jimi Hendrix" to see how it compared to the new game. I'd been left feeling really quite disappointed by Motorhead and remembered feeling a little more impressed by the Jimi Hendrix game, so was surprised when one of the first things I noticed was the very low advertised maximum win of just 80,000 coins - thats just 400x your stake, making this the lowest variance of the three games (the third being Guns'n'Roses, which is definitely a decent game with a lot of interesting features).

The theme isn't much to my taste either, the pastel shades aren't really my thing and the hippy symbols don't impress me much either. Despite this and the very low maximum win I still found myself enjoying this game a little more than motorhead, at least to begin with. It seemed to take a very long time before I triggered any of the games major features, although the "Red Guitar Re-Spins" mode did activate quite a bit. Despite the fact the red guitar along with the Jimi Hendrix symbol are the largest paying in this game, I never seemed to achieve a decent win from the feature and after checking the paytable it was pretty obvious why - just 20x your stake for a five of a kind, and with 20 paylines thats the games "jackpot" spin right there - a full screen of Jimi or the red guitars for a measly 400x your bet. Ouch! :(

So often I criticise NetEnt games for a lack of features, and many of them have no bonus mode or free spins whatsoever. You can't say that about Jimi Hendrix - The paytable is around 12 pages long as there are so many screens dedicated to explaining the myriad features the game offers. But what is the point in having six different features when none of them have any real payout potential!? Most annoying for me is the "Coin Win" feature which promises to award a prize and a random multiplier of up to 30x, but the initial wins offered are so low that getting a 30x multiplier on it really isn't very exciting at all. What a let down!

After revisiting Jimi Hendrix today I'm surprised I didn't pick up on the fact that it's a real stinker first time around, and I'm now thinking that in actual fact Motorhead is probably a little bit better than this game, despite the similarly low wins on offer. Motorhead also has it's fair share of useless features, but nowhere near as many as Jimi and at least the bomber mode adds some genuine excitement to playing that game.

I guess if I was to be objective I can see that NetEnt are possibly trying to create games for a white range of gamers who like different levels of variance and jackpot potential from their games, but just 400x your stake is pathetically low for a slot machine and there are plenty of lower variance games that will pay out double this amount with no perceptible difference in return over a low number of spins which is surely the point of low variance slots. There really does seem no reason to play this game as far as I can see!
Annabel. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: There are many musical legends out there in the musical world, of which, Jimi Hendrix is one of them. Even though at one point in my younger days, I was into all sorts of musical genres, from Rock & Roll, to Jazz, Blues, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Pop Rock, Contemporary Rock, Hard Rock, and even into Heavy Metal genres, although not so deeply. Honestly speaking, Jimi Hendrix is a legend in itself, but for me, it has always been Elvis as my top favourite legend. I literally grew up with Elvis's songs and movies! Oh, I do love his movies, quite a number of them, but I didn't go swooning over him like those female teenagers did, nosirree. But I did many imitations of his singing and hip-swaying moved though, hahaha.

Releasing this Jimi Hendrix game made no exciting impressions on me, and you already know why. Jimi wasn't my kind of thing, neither was Guns N Roses too, but if it's Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, woohoo, now that's my kind of legends! Anyway, it's their games that matters most here, not the legends themselves. This latest game from NetEnt offers 6 Feature Games within it, just like NetEnt did with their new game Guns N Roses too. But, the more features there are in any game, the lower the paytable becomes, but the worst for me is, it becomes almost damn impossible to load up the game, due to the massive amount of game data that needs to be uploaded.

Well, to be very honest, yet again, I've played Jimi Hendrix a number of times already, using free spins money, using my deposits money, using deposit bonuses money, but still not a single win, not any! At least I managed to get one nice big win with Guns N Roses, only to lose it all trying to complete the blardy ridiculous 200x wagering requirement! But, as with Jimi's game too, not a single withdrawable win so far!
Cons: When Guns N Roses just came out, and my ISP was crawling as usual, I couldn't even get pass the quarter mark on the loading progress indicator! After more than half a day of letting it load up, I finally gave up! Yep, the same thing goes with this Jimi Hendrix new game too. NetEnt must really find a way to make their new games slow-ISP friendly, to let the new games load up faster! Those huge amounts of game data MUST be broken up into phases and then loaded up separately!

Other than that, my other complaints on this new game also concerns the blardy low paytable! Trying to get nice big wins in the game is almost impossible. Getting small wins most of the time is simply deplorable. The features that I've got and won so far was nothing excitable. The overall quality of the graphics and sound was nothing astonishable. All the things that I've said so far can make your eyes rollable! Will that be enough of the '-ble's you think? Yesable!
Kelly. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: I am particularly pleased to write about slot machine that is dedicated to the legend of rock music and guitar genius, Jimi Hendrix. He was a pioneer, innovator and self-taught left-handed guitarist who had a crucial influence on rock, blues, jazz, soul, R & B and other musical styles. He is known for playing guitar with his teeth and behind his back. About history, other websites may write, we are interested in slot machines that have recently appeared on the market. It's an honor to try this slot belongs Unibet Casino, where I received ten days ago email, which informed me that on my account in the casino is 10 free spins on the new slot. I immediately logged it on my account and used the promotion. I did not win a lot, only € 4 from the free spins round, but the impression is phenomenal and I have only words of praise for the creators.

It is not the first time that the slot has the name of a celebrity. But I think that the first slot is dedicated to one of the world-famous guitarist. Slot normally has 20 payment lines, and it's not something that I particularly remember in the future. What matters is the design, which is full of elements that are related to his life and music in general. Wild symbol is a character, Jimi Hendrix, and he brought me the most money in the latest spin on the Unibet casino. 4 days ago I received an email from Mr. Green casino who informed me about 27 free spins on the slot. I took advantage of that opportunity and immediately took this great no deposit free spins bonus. From this game I won € 27 and it was quite a good result for me because I'm on Unibet 10 free spins won only 4 €.

After that I continued to play the slot for another half hour, and with € 36 on account I moved on Bloodsuckers. For a couple of minutes lost the full amount in the account, and now I regret that I did not stay at Jimi Hendrix slot machine to finish. The sound is excellent, and at least in this part, the creators of the game did not lack motives because this slot dedicated to one such superb guitarist. His guitar had a soul, for that very reason people from NetEnt made sure that this slot machine has at least part of the energy that this virtuoso brings. I hope that in the future will be more of these slot machines, and this is just the beginning of a new era in the world of video slots. The only criticism is somewhat higher hardware requirement, because it seems to me a bit, "twitching" while loading the game, although the other games I do not have such problems, even when all other programs are closed.

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