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jewels of the orient

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jewels of the orient Reviews by Players

Shira. Reviewed on 01.05.18
For those of you who like oriental themed slots holding a small 9 paylines then this here is the video slot for you. Jewels of the Orient features 5 different oriental women, a few symbols resembling jewels.........only I can see a jewel box and a pot. The bonus round is a "3 picks to earn your win" bonus to be granted for the 5 women. Now I don't bet a lot because the winnings have been on a tipping balance scale so every win has been either consistent and inconsistent.

To stay neutral for both wins and losses I would place $0.54 or 5 coins per spin. Hitting 4 jewel boxes and pots of gold were usually my base hits but then I came across a few wins from the Fan lady. She's the hardest but I am fortunate to hit 3 of her symbols. My hits are about $1 - $4. Other times hitting 5 Ladies in Pink were absolutely gorgeous, not just hitting her on the base but also during free spins! As previously stated before, the bonus...when 3 scattered palaces appear gives entry for 3 picks. The suitors I believe, have 3 chests to present. The first choice are free spins, the second choice gives the most important role of giving out the multiplier then the last choice offers prize credits. In my triggers my common choices have given me 13 Free spins at 3x with a 5x prize win. It's neat that the scroll on the top right rolls down per choosing. Around $30 or less were commonly my wins! It's great even though it's on small paylines or if my balance has very few funds! It maybe a way for me to get back on green!
Once more, Jewels of the Orient has similar applications as I would find on Fat Lady sings. 3 scattered palaces (instead of 3 opera masks) have been fixed up to 15 Free spins when triggered. I just don't appreciate that 3 scatters will be limited, some video slots which are more fortunate in providing more have been the video slots I like to see.

Features are better if there aren't any fences blocking out the amount of what can be won! The same really goes for the bonus win...for 3 scattered palaces the bonus win is set up. A limitless win can be more than appreciative then a fixed win!
Margarita. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Jewels Of The Orient game is powered by microgaming. I am a big fan of the 9 lines games produced by microgaming. They are awesome. You could win a lot of money on those games and bet very little. Once in a while this games can really surprise you and that what makes them special to me. This game is pretty simple. There are 9 lines with one feature.

The free spins feature is awarded to you when you get three or more scatters. The wins or the amount of free spins grows if you get four or five scatters. Multiplier remains the same. The free spins feature consist of three rounds. In the first round you pick the amount of free spins, in the second you pick the multiplier and in the third you pick a cash prize. If you get three scatters you can maximum get 15 free spins, with four scatters you get 20 free spins max and with five scatters you can get up to 40 free spins. I personally never got five scatters, but i did get four good few times. Max amount of free spins i won was 20 with 4 times multiplier. On €0.18 bet i won around €46. I think its great. The pictures are very beautiful and it has nice music in the background. This is definitely an interesting game to play and it always keeps me entertained.

My biggest line hit on a single spin was around €20. That was for four wilds on a €0.18 bet.

I definitely recommend this games to people who like to bet low. I play this game all the times and am very happy with it. If i was to rate this game i would give it 7 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

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