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General Description

Recently, it has become very popular to create game slots based on the famous comics. Many manufacturers try to make their creations as close as possible to comic book stories. Net Entertainment is not behind this. Its developers managed to come up with an interesting video slot, the main character of which is a private detective. The detective has a lot of unsolved cases, and he asks the user for help. It would seem that it makes sense for a player to help a famous detective, but the latter motivates the participant with good rewards.


All the actions of the game tell about the first half of XX century, and therefore the symbolism is made in accordance with the theme. Once the user opens the game, he will face bright graphics. Symbols here are carved scenes from the comics. Some sections of the game are presented in the form of a night city, in gloomy alleys of which the player will have to seek rewards.


Once a participant loads the game, he does not need to rush to the drums and put them into action. First, you should carefully examine the entire control panel to know what kinds of buttons are responsible for certain actions. Fortunately, that there are very few of them, and even the beginner can memorize the value of each. For a start, it would be nice to set the desired bet size. This is done either with a special “Bet Level” button, or with the “Max Bet” button. When a player uses the first method of betting, he can increase and decrease it as he wants. But clicking on the button that sets the maximum bet, the user agrees that he will have to play big. This is to some extent and good, because the participant has a chance to make a fairly profitable combination.

The number of lines in the game is fixed on the number 25 and can not be changed. Therefore, do not be surprised that at the highest bet 250 credit will be immediately remove from the player’s account.To start direct rotation of the reels, the player needs to press the button with two rounded arrows. But in addition to it, the participant can use the automatic launch of the game, which is performed only with the help of the “Autoplay” button. The player will have the opportunity to select up to 100 continuous scrolls, during which you can not make adjustments to the values ​​of game indicators.

The player can also adjust the volume of the sound (or remove it altogether) by using the special buttons located in the left bottom of the panel, to go to the “Help” section, and the “Fullscreen” button will open the game to the full screen for convenient viewing.


Jack Hammer slot machine will make a true detective out of any gambler that has tried out this slot. The fascinating plot is in no way inferior to the slot machine Resident, which gained great fame among gamers. The user will have to fight crime, seek out bandits, help the needy, in order to get a decent reward for it. Interesting symbolism in the form of clippings from comics gives the game some cartoonishness, maybe even unreality. Drawing graphics are easily perceived, and the corresponding sound effects add a tension plot.

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Jack hammer Reviews by Players

Merry Arboleda. Reviewed on 30.06.18

Jack hammer it is an old netent game, and it is quite popular, because if it was not popular, netent never released second part of this game. I told you that i did not like JH2 game, but with this game i have more positive experience, and i like it a bit more. I like it more because minimum bet here only 0.25 which is good for me, because sometimes i have not enough money for big betting, and in such cases it is good to see slots with low minimum bet.

Also this game a bit better than JH2, because in free spins here multiplier is x3, and chances to hit something good is much more better. I play this slot sometimes even this days, and my best hit on it was in this year at guts casino, i had 0.5$ bet and free spins paid to me 120$, which is really great result for medium variance game like this. Slot looks nice, and interesting. Also the whole story about this Jack Hammer, even his name, is already some fun. Of course i had on this game few really awful runs, but this can be on any slot game, so i can not blame jack hammer game for this. At all this is balanced and well looked game, which everyone should try and then judge, is it good to play or not. I suggest did not bet high from beginning, because you can be disappointed if bad streak come. Be careful, bet low, and probably jack give you some wins.

Conclusion: As i told, nice and interesting medium variance game, which can give some playtime and fun, and on rare occasions can boost balance, but unfortunately this happens really rare, most times i get wins like 10-20 x total bet. 7 stars, it is good game, but not awesome of course.
Jack Hammer is a netent slot that is best described as a money producing comic book.It is fun it has great payouts and features in fact this is slot that does not have a down side what so ever.There are no card symbols on this slot it is all about comic book with Jack Hammer who is a superhero fighting against evil dr. wuten.

Slot has 25 pay lines and the denomination that can be played start as low as a penny per line,or 25 pennies per spin.That makes this slot great for wagering purposes and also more attractive to wider audience of gamblers.

The next awesome thing about Jack hammer slot is a sticky win feature.As soon as you hit first line win you will be stunned to see that winning combination is held on screen while other symbols on slot continue to spin to produce bigger wins.Every time you get new winreels re spin,and when you don't win feature stops and you are payed all wins you have.This feature triggers with every win and pays many small and big wins.Next feature which is also great are free spins.One would think that this slot don provide free spins when it already have amazingsticky win feature but it does and they are great also.When 5 or more free spin symbols are on screen they trigger 15 free spins with x3 multiplier.You can get up to 15 free spin symbols which award 30 free spins!There is also wild symbol that substitutes all except free spin symbol.After every successful table games session in netent casinos Jack Hammer is the next on my play list.I mostly end my play time with decent profit or at least the same balance that i opened it . I haven't really lost on this slot so far and i play it every couple of days.

For the end my three grades,first payouts areawesome 10/10 second fun on this slot is also 10/10 and the last win bigg with small bets is 8/10
Brigette. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Jack hammer !! What should i say about his slot... Netent has made a master piece and a true gambling delight. I am in love we this slot and whenever i feel i need some cash i go to this slot. It is a 25 liner 5 reel slot which offers classic look unlike the modern netent slots which offer best in class graphics. But this slot serves the actual purpose of a slot quite well that is "PAY THE PLAYERS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE".... LOL..

Now, the best thing on this slot would be sticky win feature that you strike when you get a winning line or 3 or more free spin symbols anywhere on the reels. One would wonder what does it do? The symbols that causes winning combination stick to the reels and then there is another re-spin and this continues if you keep on getting the same symbol that started the sticky win feature or you get new winning combinations or you get three or more free spin symbols or you get a wild. This results in accumulation of symbols and increases the winnings exponentially as compared to normal winning combinations. Five of a kind or four of kind occur very frequently because of this feature.

Normally if you get 3 or more re-spins on this feature, you get anything above 50 coins . I have won 50 coins sometimes 100 sometimes even 500 coins. But this too from low paying symbols such as the conical flask containing some Dr. Wuten's secret chemicals or from the Telephone symbol. I wonder If i could get 4 or 5 jack on reels which is very rare because jack symbol doesn't come that frequently. This was just a quarter of fun and the real game starts when you get 3 or more free spin symbols to trigger the sticky win feature, since now free spin symbol stick on the reels , it becomes more easy to activate the free spin feature and believe me though 5 free spin symbols may sound impossible to get but this feature makes it look so simple.

Whenever i got three free spin symbols to start the sticky win feature most of the times i have triggered the free spin round and won huge amounts of order 1000 to 10000 coins because the multiplier also increases to 3X in free spin round. I recently won 1590 coins on this slot because of same reason stated above. I have never seen a slot whose base game pays so good, you don't feel need of a bonus round but still netent has kept free spins also to boast the winnings. All said, this is one of the best games netent has produced and i would give it a definite 10 on 10.
Vernice. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Hello, Jack Hammer is one of those most popular slots from my favourite casino-software, NetEnt, and unlike some other slots, Jack Hammer seems to keep its popularity. Jack Hammer is typical 5-reel slot with 25-lines, and you cannot choose lesser lines. Therefore minimum-bet is 25 cents and because Jack Hammer is not my main favourites, I have played it only with that minimum-bet. In my opinion you can find Jack Hammer from all casinos, which have NetEnt-slots and I have played it in quite many casinos.

Jack Hammer has also some kind of story about detective Jack Hammer, who tries to safe Grand City from Evil Dr. Wüten. That slot has typical comic-type graphics and even if that is someway original theme, I do not find that so interesting. So no so much credits for graphics from me. ;)

One of the best things of Jack Hammer is Sticky Win and with wilds, which seems to be very common in that slot, you have possibility to win big. However, that does not ever happened to me and I have got only quite small winnings. It is anyway positive thing, that once you won, you will get possibility to win more also.Without Sticky Wins, I would not probably even play Jack Hammer at least once in a month.

It is very difficult to get free spins in Jack Hammer, and you need 5 scatters for getting those. When you get three scatters, Sticky Wins works also with them. With 9-15 scatters you get 30 free spins, which is a maximum, but I have got only 5 and 6 scatters, so therefore I have got only 10 and 15 free spins. During free spins you can also win more free spins. Getting 5 scatters seems to be difficult often, so that is the reason that I have not so much experience of those. In my opinion the best thing of those free spins is that your winnings are multiplied 3x.

Well, Jack Hammer is quite old slot, but it has kept its popularity and even if I play it quite rarely and it is not my favourite, I will anyway sometimes play it, also in future. Jack Hammer is worthy of trying and even if it can eat your balance very fast, there are good possibilities to win big. Even for that reason I can recommend it to everyone, even for testing it. :) There is now also sequel, named Jack Hammer 2, but that will be totally another story and honestly speaking, original is winner of those two. ;)

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