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General Description

Known for many fans of gaming devices, the story of the detective Jack Hammer was liked by every user in his time. Perhaps,this slot could even compete with the legendary slot machine Resident. An interesting plot, drawing graphics right from the comic book did their work, and the glory of this slot spread throughout the world. In the game, the main character saves his hometown from malicious bandits and, it would seem, the people are waiting for peace and tranquility, but that’s not it. Mr. Crab and his whole band go back to establish their order among the inhabitants. The robbers know the painful place of Jack – he is the sweet-voiced singer Pearl, concurrently his bride. The bandits steal her from their own concert, luring Hammer behind him. Here the real adventures of the main character begin, which again becomes a detective and goes in search of his lover under the wire of Jack Hammer 2.


The design of the slot is made in the form of a night city, which conceals a lot of interesting things. One you enter the slot, you will be met with the clippings from the comic strip and good music, and the playing field itself has fantastic and colorful symbols. The overall style of the machine deserves a very high rate, because it is designed and fully consistent with the subject. Also, the player will have the opportunity to observe the actions in the seaport. It seems that the main villains of this game are hiding there.


Before starting the game itself, the user must be free to navigate through the control panel. First he needs to know that this slot is has five reels and 99 pay lines. Such a number of rows should not embarrass the participant, because the future outcome of the game depends on them. The more lines involved, the higher the chances of a quick and profitable combination. In addition to the number of rows for profit, the size of the bet is very influenced. Its adjustment is possible when using the “Bet Level” and “Max Bet” buttons. The player should clearly understand that at a higher rate he has a much better chance of getting a fairly large reward. This is why experienced users are not afraid of maximum performance.

More information about the combinations and their varieties will be found in the special section “Paytable”. There, too, are the basic rules of the game, variations and the structure of paylines. When all the functions of the control panel are studied, there is only one thing left – the launch of the reels. This process is carried out in one of two ways: by using the button with two arrows and by pressing “Autoplay”. The last button gives the player a chance to rotate the reels without his intervention, that is, the spins will be produced in automatic mode.


The Jack Hammer 2 gaming machine tells the user about the hero who is in trouble and needs to save many people from ruthless bandits. If a player wants to become a famous detective and help Jack, then he needs to go through every stage of the game with Hammer. All this happens not just for the sake of interest, but for the sake of rewards, which the participant can easily receive in a short period of time.

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Jack hammer 2 Reviews by Players

Maren. Reviewed on 01.07.18

Jack hammer 2 is netent game, and it was second part of original game - jack hammer. I would admit, that i hate this game :) Not hate, but did not like, this is true. Graphic is nice, and original jack hammer is nice of course, sticky wins works nice per my opinion, and it is interesting.

But, at first, second part of jack hammer has minimum bet of 0.50, which is really high, because i can not made all deposits of 50$ to get okay bank to play this game. Second, i never get good wins on this slot, i spend a lot of time playing it, but every time i start playing this game, i finish with nothing on my balance. Free spins had x 2 multiplier and a chance to get random wild on random place, but i never had at least 100 x bet playing this slot. In February, i gave this slot a go with 100$ balance with 0.50$ bets, i played around 40 minutes, had a couple of features, but did not managed to achieve even 100 x total bet, and finish with zero. I did not want play such slots, which can eat 100$ with lowest bet in 40 minutes, this is not what i am looking in online gambling, even not close to it.

Conclusion: I know that this game has a lot of funs, and many players like this slot. But i did not like it, i never had great playtime on it, and it is did not bring me fun or entertainment. Since that i am trying even not watch on this game, and just miss it. I give to jack hammer 2 only 4 stars, this is ok mark for this slot in my opinion. I know many of you will disagree, but i will not change my decision, and will not start playing this slot again, no way.

Jack Hammer 2 is a game powered by NetEnt. To be honest i like the first part better than this. i actually had more luck on the first one and won more. I found this game to be a bit of a tease, it is very difficult for me to get the feature and when i do get it it is the smallest amount of free spins.

There are 50 lines in this game so the minimum bet is €0.50. I usually bet small because when i do raise the bet it stops paying out and i lose my money very fast. Just like Jack Hammer there are sticky wins in here. Anytime you get a winning combination it will stick and the reels will spin again and again until you stop winning. I never managed to get good pictures but i did get microphones covering all of the reels. That was my biggest line hit and i spent around €40 to get it. You need to get at least five free spins feature to enter the feature. I got only five couple of times and won 10 free spins. There is a chance to get more wilds in this game but i never managed. On my free spins max i won was around €18. I have seen a lot of pictures online with massive hits, and that makes me think just how lucky can you be?

Sometimes this game completely turns off and pays nothing. It happened to me few times and it pays nothing. Over all i like the graphics but the game never pays me. Also it is a bit expensive and can really hit your pockets. If i was to rate this game i would give it 5 out of 10.
Jack hammer 2 was released by net entertainment, and it is second part of the series jack hammer. I like both slots, and play it sometimes.

Idea is another one fantastic fight jack hammer versus evil guys. This is detective, and for some reasons he is similar to inspector Gadget for me, cartoon character from child hood.

This slot did not have any bonus game, but it has unique feature in the game, and have free spins. Interesting thing, that to trigger free spins it is needed 5 or more scatters on this game, usually in slots it needed 3 only, but this slot 5 is minimum, but the reasons is because possible to get even 10 scatters here. Feature on this slot is sticky win, when i get any win , it is hold, and there comes respin. If i get better winning pattern, or another any win, this one again locks, and reel respin again. In this slot any picture can appear on 15 places and fill all reels. Free spins depends from number of received scatters, minimum is ten free spins, and highest amount of free spins i was able to play is 20. In free spins all wins has two x multiplier, plus sometimes there is appear extra wild. Interesting features on this slot, and i like to play it.

I have few good hits on this slot, my best gameplay was long time ago, when with 20 euros deposit at redbet casino i won 400 euros playing only this slot. It has some chances to huge wins, and it is nice and interesting. Also it has 99 paylines, and with sticky win feature it can pay good money for good pictures, but it is really hard to get, i never ever get 5 best pictures (jack hammers).

I play this game only at redbet and whitebet casino.
Randy. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Jack Hammer 2 is old Netent game but one of the most interesting slot in their selection. I played Jack Hammer “1” too and these two games are almost same but this second version is a little better. Graphics are better and whole gameplay is a little improved and this game became one of my favorite video slots.

First time I played this game on Comeon casino I think and first I noticed that sticky win feature. It looks very interesting and that can bring you a lot of money special when you in free spins mode. In free spins mode one wild symbol is guaranteed and that is big help in collecting coins plus sticky wins and big win is guaranteed : ) (joke of course : ) ).

Great graphics and animation with a lot of interesting symbols without boring symbols like numbers and letters make this game very fun for play and for watch. I love watching how my sticky wins rise and my balance are getting bigger and bigger. This slot is great for wagering you money when you play with bonus. From almost every spin you will get something, some sticky wins always appears and all that is why this slot is fun, because always something happens here.
I find the subtitle of this game – “Fishy Business” to be somewhat apt, because it’s a very strange game in some ways. The comic book look is unique and refreshing, and a little more refined than the first game, which I never really got into.

The first thing I find weird is that there is a fixed 99p paylines, but yet you have to pay multiples of 50p per spin in order to play the game. I’ve never seen such an arrangement before, I guess it means you are essentially paying £0.05p per line (well just over), but I’ve really just no idea why they decided to work it this way.

More weirdness comes in the way the reels work on this game – you’ll notice straight away there are no strips here. Each of the 15 boxes is a separate “reel”, and they all spin independently of each other. I can’t help but notice there is a VERY large disparity between the lower and higher paying symbols. Sometimes you can go like 30 or more spins without seeing the top symbols appear on screen even once despite this 15 individual reels mechanic… which definitely seems a little “fishy” to me.

The next piece of fishiness is the choice of these 99 paylines – there are so many what I would regard as “common” lines that have somehow not been included in the massive selection of 99 that it can be really strange when you see a combination on the screen that you are SURE should result in a further “Sticky Win / Spin”, but yet it does not. Trying to examine the full list is a complete mission in memory and tedium though, you just have no chance of looking at the tiny graphics and getting a good grasp of all 99 lines so your just going to have to rely on the fact that what you see on the screen is correct. Not exactly ideal for me!

So, whilst this is a fun game, I don’t really trust it like other slot games, and I just think there's better stuff out there to spend your money on. Enough said really?
Roseanna. Reviewed on 27.09.18
My review will be about Jack Hammer 2, this game is coming from Netent which is the best software online casinos provider in my opinion for now.

Jack Hammer 2 is a game not so good in my opinion and there are more good games to choose from than this but everyone should decide to play or not to play.
There is no progressive jackpot but winnings are not good enough. RTP is on average level of 97 % what is OK. The jackpot is too low because it is only 500x. I think really it is worst Jackpot which I ever seen at all my gaming experience at all.
Next bad thing is that minimum bet is 50 cent what is really little too much and should be at lower point let's say $0.20 would be ok.

The entire game has good looking graphics and music at the good level. There is great coloristic & many colors used maybe because is based on comic’s story.

When I played this game I had $40 and I lost it on the stake $0.50 so it is not so easy winning in this game as it seems to be.

Of course there is auto play option and other things like that what the standard at this provider is. When you go to bonus game there is average multiplier. Very popular thing is what we seen now very often those casinos added the “sticky wilds”. But Jack Hammer 2 is offering sticky symbols in better way what is the one of not so many pluses from what this game has to offer.

Sticky wilds here are a very good idea coz whenever, after winning combination the symbols stay on the reels if you have another winning symbol in the next spin it is added to the win combination. Until there are no more winning symbols that can be added

I did not like idea that 5 or more scatters to get feature. It is annoying to get 4, and does not land 5.

I did not like couple of things with this game.

First of all it is 0.50 min bet. This slot is not so easy as it seems, and do not think that with sticky wins you will get safe playing. Few times I lost 50$ starting balance with min bets playing only this game, with terrible payouts.

I did not like freespins feature. Just regular freespins with multiplier and random wild? I really think that for sticky win feature slot it is possible to have something better.

I did not like that you need 5 or more scatters to get feature. It is annoying to get 3 or 4, and does not land 5.

I did not like payouts. I never get any good symbols, most time low paying, and even a lot of low paying 5 of a kinds pay something like 20 bets or 30 bets, it is not interesting.

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