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Jack and the beanstalk

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Jack and the beanstalk play online casino for real money

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The story of a little boy named Jack and his widowed mother has flown around the globe and become one of the most recognisable fairytales along with Red Riding Hood and Ugly Duckling. Originally, the piece emerged in the work dated back to 1734, but around 100 years later the tale was re-written by Joseph Jacobs to a more resembling version that people know today. Basically, the narrative begins with a problematic situation revolving around money, so that Jack’s family has to sell the only source of their income – a dairy cow – because the animal stops giving any milk at all. Yet, there are still some good people in this world, so Jack is offered some beans claimed to have magic power in exchange for the cow. Obviously, the mother isn’t glad about a perspective of retrieving worthless nothing, and she tosses the beans on the ground in anger to find out to their amazement that the beans are enchanted indeed. The titular beanstalk grown up to the sky allows Jack to reach the heavenly castle full of astounding riches. So, Net Entertainment decided to land an interpretation of their own on the story in a video slot Jack and the Beanstalk.

Majorly, NetEnt included almost every canonical element of the original story – Jack himself, the farmland where he and his mother dwell and some treasures the relentless boy managed to grab from the palace. Jack and the Beanstalk slot’s narration continues from the moment when the formidable two-headed giant gets extremely mad at Jack for invading his realm. The gaming intro shows us an animated bit of escaping Jack and running purple creature after him. However, the main character is lucky enough to pick great ‘auto-playing’ harp and a chicken able to lay golden eggs. NetEnt re-established the gaming world for slot-style needs, but it’s hard to deny the truth that the background surroundings look simply wonderful. Birds are flying across the screen, Jack keeps checking through the door whether the giant could make it to the village while some really interesting sound effects complete the whole authentic scenery. Undoubtedly, Jack and the Beanstalk slot is a game featuring high-quality animation, mind-blowing graphics and maximally suitable designing.

On the layout, Jack and the Beanstalk is played on 5 reels with 20 fixed paylines where casino players can take advantage of different eye-popping features as well like Walking Wildcards moving around the reels in a random fashion, some unusually set free games and Treasure Collection as a dereference to what Jack seized from the giant’s habitat. Overall, the machine provides definitely unconventional highlights not to mention that these actually can cram your wallet with great coin rewarding. You will find the action to be dynamic, touching and lucratively pleasant.

Interesting features

In technical terms, Jack and the Beanstalk will be happy to represent three attractive bonus-base features starring treasure chests aka Scatters imparting free spins, shifting back and forth Wildcards with the main logo on the icons, and stacked Wilds during free game rounds. NetEnt placed a specific emphasis on bonus spins, so gamblers have to make do with Walking Wild feature only in the regular game, though, having three Scatters on the reels would always bring you to the new horizons and give a chance to participate in an exclusive bonus setup offering an interesting prize race reminding a bit of The Drive slot machine.

From three to five treasure chests serving as Scatter symbols will activate initial 10 Free Spin rounds with no difference to how many bonus icons you catch on the reels. Besides, chests do not have necessarily to land in a neat payline, it’s more than enough to splash at least three of them anywhere. The peculiar bonus shape is that you can spin for free along with Walking Wild icons provided the reels are simultaneously flashed with both Scatters and Wilds, so that the latter is also transferred to the bonus game, but free spins are operated in the first row of significance. Rounds might be always re-activated with additional 5 spins if you collect three more Scatters on the reels.

In addition to Scatters, Jack and the Beanstalk slots can offer quite handsome Walking Wildcards having peculiar rotation feature. Barely, the symbols can move along the reels in the left direction and as a result create more extensive patterns with other Wilds if more packages appear next to already presenting. Walkers work as follows: you land a Wild card and it ‘sticks’ to the reels for a couple of next rounds. Say, you chance to get an icon on the third reel. You spin again, but now this card trips to the second reels and so on. Wilds substitute for other regular pictures and in addition multiply the payout value by 3. Moreover, Wilds are a prime feature of free-game rounds where they can create multitudinous stacked combinations grouped in levels.

The last feature, an assemblage of the whole bonusing action, is tough to explain in words because you have to try it yourself, feel the ardor of real hunt for the treasure, and everything would clarify as you will start playing, the game will explain itself. Would you dare to beat Jack and earn as much as he has or more? Try to mix up some Walking Wilds with some Treasure Collection levels, the reward you could get in those combinations may be more than lavish. Though, the best effort was made to provide a detailed review on bonusing, so check it out in the next section.

Bonus rounds

Everything starts with scattering three or more white gleaming chests around the reels in any possible pattern. Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine has a classic scheme of conducting bonus rounds in the form of free spins, however, these games are going to be somewhat unconventional. First at all, because the machine provides frequently appearing Wilds triggering one re-spin which is additionally moves to the left, so usually there is more than just one extra spin coming with the Wild symbol. Besides, free spins are constructed in three different level each of those has its own subdivided category of Wilds. Basically, your bonus mission is to get to the biggest Wild upgrade stacking three cards in one tie. Well, it might sound slightly confusing, so let’s get a little deeper into the bonus gameplay.

One Wild equals one re-spin according to its opening position. For example, taking into account that Wildcards has a move-along feature, a respective icon landing on the fourth reel will shift four times to the left finale before disappearing, so in total players receive four re-spins – generally, as long as there is a Wild in any position, you spin for free. Walking Wilds can create bonds with each other and combine in various arrays if they have back-to-back locations. Also, they happen to enlarge to stacked compounds when you get an additional key symbol.
Jack and the Beanstalk provides a collectable key icon added to free games only, so that gamblers could raise their level of Wildcard size. The Key appear solely on the fifth reel, and three of them upgrade Walking Wild pictures to a larger length. Treasure Collection feature is empowered with three levels of Wild advancing where the higher you can aim is a stacked harp occupying the whole reel strip. Money Bags and Golden Hens are other Wildcards for the bonusing having diverse value.
Binding all together, the bonus game starts with player collecting three, four or five treasure pots to activate an alternative set of reels for the free spins. Initially, you are rewarded with 10 spins and standard Wildcards serving traditional mission. Apart from substituting, Wilds can prolong the rounds with one additional spin while they are on the reels. Yet, icons keep moving with every spin taken. The Key symbol is an icon having no particular value, but it fills your bonus progress bar. It lands on the fifth reel only, so you have to get three Keys to open a new level of Wilds subsequently appearing in further rounds. There are three levels of Wilds: 2 stacked bags, 3 stacked hens and the whole reel overlay golden harp. Wild re-spins end as soon as the picture reaches the first reel. 5 more spins are given in case 3+ Scatters jump on the reels again.

Jack and the Beanstalk, honestly, has a pretty easy set of rules for bonus games, they just incorporate many additional details which could perplex gamers with too over-moving action regarding that Wildcards are in constant rotation. All in all, your first 10 spins are a runway for more reel rollovers, because Wildcards provide some sticking activity let alone highly probable coming into view of Scatters to fetch another great portion of 5 spins. Treasure Collection bar allows the following arrangement:

Money Bags tied in a pattern of two To unlock the level, collect three Keys from the fifth reel and get your Wildcard ungraded to a combination of two stacked Money Bags.
Golden Chickens in a pattern of three Again, the level is achieved with three more Keys, and then two tied Bags turn into a combo of three Golden Hen icons.
Overlaying Golden Harp The last level in Treasure Collection set which is reached with another pack of three Keys. Your Wild will be displayed as a staked Wild overlaying the whole reel.

Rules and features

Jack and the Beanstalk slots game would set gamblers out on the way for real money winnings, yet to get larger payouts you have to wager more because the machine has low-volatility percentages, so use the maximum capacity of your bankroll to proceed to greater rewarding sums. You can choose from a bet range starting with 0.01 credits and finishing with 50 credits. Note, that your bet value includes the entire set of paylines which is fixed 20 strings.

Jack and the Beanstalk totals five reels and three rows, so rules for regular-base rounds aren’t very different from what usually is offered in some other slot machines with the same grid. You begin with betting, and if paytable combination collaborate in a set of three or more matching icons you get according reward. As long as the theme revolves around the fairytale, in-game symbols perfectly roll in the narration with related images of axes used by Jack in order to cut down the beanstalk, the golden hen appearing also in the free game rounds and some other bunch of associated characters teamed up with traditional card icons. Primarily speaking, explore shifting Wilds, take part in a marvellous free-spin mini-game or simply collect regular combinations. Jack and the Beanstalk paytable features the following list of symbols (they have rigid value of credits which is also multiplied by bet level):

SYMBOL 3 4 5
Jack 20 200 1000
Giant 15 100 750
Goat 10 50 250
Axe 10 50 250
Sprinkler 8 30 125
Ace 6 25 100
King, Queen 5 20 75
Jack 4 15 50
Ten 3 10 30


Jack and the Beanstalk by NetEnt is a bright, captivating reincarnation of the old-time classics about the boy who could have it all and he succeeded in his wishes. Probably, favourable outcome of the story functions as an encouraging message for players, so NetEnt simply lures tale fans into trying the machine as well as some passers-by coming across the colourful logo picture. Jack and the Beanstalk has impressive graphics, superlative animation and to say the least extremely lucrative bonusing opportunities. What is amazing about all NetEnt products is the fact that you can encounter their games in many casinos, so don’t put off high-quality gaming experience and get your portion of amazing emotions with playing along Jack’s story right now.


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Jack and the beanstalk Reviews by Players

Carolina. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Firstly I cannot believe I haven’t reviewed this exquisite video slot yet! Here is my review of Net-Ents legendary Jack and the Beanstalk slot!

Jack and the Beanstalk is based on the popular English folklore tale of a young boy living with his poor widow mother. Jack and the Beanstalk features 20 paylines and 5 reels with minimum bet of 20p all the way up to a high roller bet of £40! Net-Ent have stayed pretty true to the story symbols including Jack paying 1000 for 5 ok, goat, watering can, giant and ax symbols each paying between 125x and 750x for 5 of them…However these symbols can all be multiplied by 3 with a walking wild!! The walking wild is the best part of Jatb because it literally strolls along from right to left for up to 5 spins and can start again should another walking wild land on the reels! Trust me you have to play this game not only is it fun the walking wilds can make it superb value for money because you can still get free spins when it is active!

Now as if everything above was not enough Jack and the Beanstalk has an outstanding feature round.
All you have to do is collect 3 or more scattered treasure chests to get the free spins! When you activate them you are transported metaphorically up the beanstalk! Free spins begin at 10 free spins and are not multiplied I know what you are thinking how rubbish is that!? Au contraire Jatb has one of the greatest free spins features I have ever played!

The objective is to collect 9 keys to unlock the expanding harp wild. You begin with no keys just normal walking wilds and the keys only appear on reel 5 once you collect 3 the beanstalk begins to grow at the side of the screen and you now have gold coins walking wild!

These are stacked and you can literally get near enough a screen full of them in one spin! These wilds also walk along the screen right to left pausing your free spins countdown! Next when you get 3 more keys you unlock the golden goose this is a stacked symbol and again you can get a lot of these at once even one is not to be discounted as that one goose can keep the free spins going long enough to unlock the expanding harps! Should you be very lucky you will get to the harps and from here the sky is the limit! Up to 5 harps can appear at any one time producing an astonishing win (£600)at min bet and these also walk along your screen! And as if all this was not enough!

Should you get 3 more treasure chests in the free spins you get 5 extra free spins on top of what you already have! The bonus does not end until you have run out of wilds on screen and can keep going if a late wild lands right at the end!
All these wilds triple your line wins if they are included in the combination so if you get say stacked wilds with a goat even at min bet you are looking at win of 15 or higher if you have 4-5 of a kinds!!

I have had way too much good luck on this game and good times it has to get a 9/10 just so good! It would get 10/10 but I have experienced it on a bad day too and it isn't pretty!!


Walking wilds!
Free spins feature (amazing at times).
Sweet paytable and all tripled with walking wilds in a combo.
Looks great, brilliant music and effects.
Suitable for any sized bankroll.
Harps and golden goose in free spins need mentioned separately they really are that good!!

Can run very cold so play like you would on Gonzo, Dead Or Alive, etc don’t bet too high too soon!
Sometimes the feature can be a pain to get.
Scatter paying nothing at all is a bit mean but on a plus note the free spins are not compromised by a high paying scatter ;)!
Petra. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Jack and the Beanstalk, by NetEnt, is an epic game, and one which Askgamblers had a mania game in its forum last year. Yes, we did, and guess what? I was always like a 'back-bencher' player, who was always there, willing to play, but never getting many spins on the game, not even 1000 spins, unlike the 3000 and more spins our famous gamblers in forum made. Worse still, I couldn't and haven't made any 'wow' screenshots on the game either. I was always getting small wins due to my very limited gambling budget.

This slot was launched in 2011. NetEnt's inspiration for this creation was from an old English fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, which first appeared in 1734. Originally entitled 'The Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean', it later became known as 'The History of Jack and the Bean-Stalk'. This game has 5-reels, 20-paylines, and it comes in my favorite 3D graphics. Jack, the hero in the fairy tale, carries a maximum win of 1000 coins for five of a kind. This is definitely one of the 'must try' slots. Besides giving you a thrilling experience, you will also enjoy incredible graphics and animations, which will keep you into this game on a long term. Yes, you could fall in love with this game, and if we add a little bit more of spice in the wins, most likely you can get addicted, playing for hours and hours. Well, if you are loosing you, can get frustrated, but still, I personally never want to leave out this game, no matter the fact that I have never made any 'aww' nor 'wow' winning screenies.

I can't remember any of my big wins as I played this game last year. The 'Walking Wild' and the 'Golden Key' are special features in this game. I love hearing that lovely birds song while spinning, it makes me feel really relaxed. 3 or more Scatter symbols activate 10 free spins and they can be retriggered. Whenever a Walking Wild appears on a reel, you are guaranteed of re-spins for as long as they are on the reels. All wins with the Walking Wild are tripled. These Walking Wilds can appear both in the base game and in the Free Spins game too, and it's the most thrilling symbol in my opinion.

In the Free Spins game, a Golden Key symbol may appear on reel 5, and fills one space in the collection meter at the bottom of the game screen. Filling all 3 spaces in each meter awards a special Wild feature - 2 Stacked Money Bags, 3 Stacked Golden Hens or Expanding Golden Harps. Those Expanding Harps are definitely the best feature in this game, with really huge win possibilities. If you want to try out this game, I would recommend you to find a nice reputable casino and start spinning as soon as possible. There is so much for you to experience, and probably make lots of money too.

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