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isis Reviews by Players

Lidia. Reviewed on 02.07.18
With Isis slot game from Microgaming we can virtually get back in time to ancient Egypt and play with some cool symbols. Though it has just an average graphics (in some ways it reminds me of some RTG games) but with large, colourful figures it can’t become boing. I’d lie if I say I can recognize every figures but I think at a slot that shows symbolic pictograms of that age maybe it’s venial.

But what more important is the possibilities that the slot offers. The fact that Mother of Horus symbol (Wild) doubles its winnings and a5 of a kind success with it can pay 10.000 coins is one thing but what I really like the most and think not many slots have this quality is the chance for a big Scatter win. Falcon figure has the unique power to rewards players if 5 of them appear anywhere on the reels, with an amazing 600 times of total bet prize. I usually consider 200 is a good multiplier number for this kind of win but 600 is quite something. I can’t remember to ever seen such high value at any other game and I’m just hoping I will meet it at work and not just while examining the paytable. This noble bird figure also can activate free spins (20, 25 or 30) that can be re-triggered during extra games but the best is all of the winnings under that segment are counted with x6 multiplier.

No, there are no more feature but I think with attributes that the existing extras have there’s no reason for complaining. While playing I’m always waiting for Scatters and even if they haven’t formed a quintet yet but some nice free spins results can be thanked to them. Once I was lucky enough to this feature’s re-triggered twice and had almost 70 free games in total. I wish I had played that segment with higher stake but the triggering spin of $1.25 still could cause some nice returns. Anyway, I don’t use 25-line games with much higher total bets but with Isis it was especially true because I noticed that higher bets are dramatically decreased the chance for scatters and the free spins.

True, I’m not delighted by its visual appearance and maybe more could get out of this theme but how can it be possible to not like a game that has the potential for such well-paying features. It’s one of those games where the slot qualities are not harmonized with the exterior but fortunately this time this difference is a positive one.
Cayla. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Before I start this Isis review, I was mostly concerned on little the letter I has for slots in the search filter. I would assume more will be coming from AskGamblers? Right now I'm happy and surprised that the current video slots here are actually the ones I've played already.....strangely enough Immortal Romance and Isis are some of my favourites (I have a lot of favourite slots, anything from Microgaming is GOLD).

Anyways, Isis, for the very first time I played it gave me a natural feeling to try it out. While I learned how to interact with it I learned a bunch of things. Isis is a great slot to play on, it's just that it requires serious time to get results. I'm always playing on 2 coins because if the humongous 20 free spins on 6x hits at any time it will be far more rewarding than the time it took for my bets to be collected by this video slot. I've never seen free spins hit on minimum coins so I won't recommend you do that. When getting free spins it is like this, I will always get a lot of 2 scattered eagles plus a bunch of small wins before it rewards me the definite feature. The most I've won just in the main gain would be $40 when I got 5 mosaic flower patterns included with an Isis Wild to double it all on one payline for 2 coins.

The same thing happened to me after half an hour that I started playing. I was freaking out knowing $240 was awarded to me DURING FREE SPINS!!! 6x multiplier made an explosive reaction to my balance! When things like that happen I start earning more confidence to bet larger in this slot while fear fell off of a 10 story balcony. I felt invincible after that win!!!! It's too bad this normal high paying game isn't great compared to the new Mega Moolah Isis. The Jackpots combined with the standard minimum 20 Free spins at 6x are extraordinarily sexy! My advise to all you players on this 25 Payline slot is to be patient, persist and time your slot pulls carefully with this slot.

Even for an old slot I still give it a 10 out of 10! With my past experiences embedded in this slot forever I'll always remember the potentials you can produce, Isis!
Georgiana. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Isis is a game powered by microgaming. This is one of my favorite game and i play it almost all of the time. I had some really good wins on this game and over all have positive experience from it. Obviously there were days when i lost money but most of the time i have a lot of fun and win some money.

There are 25 lines in this game and only one feature. I got this feature hundreds of time and till this day i never got five scatters (eagles). This is a free spins feature and i needed to get three or more scatters to get the free spins. The more scatters you get the more free spins will be awarded to you. You can get up to 30 free spins with six times multiplier. The most i ever got was 25 free spins and that was for four scatters. I really like the free spins feature, it has a high multiplier and if you get five of a kind you are sure to make good money. I have played this game on bets ranging from €0.25 to €1.50, and for me personally €0.75 is a perfect bet. Any time i raise the bet the scatters stop coming out.

The free spins can be re triggered and i have re-triggered them many times. You get a big pay if you get three or more scatters in the free spins. max i ever won on this game was around €200 on a €0.75 bet. Another great thing about this game is the wilds. they double your win and if you get them in free spins your win is 12x. Over all i really like this game and would recommend it to anyone. It is cool and you can win a lot. If i was to rate it i would give it 9 out of 10.

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