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hot as hades

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hot as hades Reviews by Players

Tim. Reviewed on 30.04.18
The game has great design so as sounds, music and symbol icons.
It has 20 paylines and minimum bet 0,20€.

When I played it, I raised my bet to 0,6€. The main game is ok, sometimes there are a few dead spins but sometimes there are many high payout symbols on the reels. Hot as Hades has a bonus. It is a quest for the crystal helm and it is trigger by at least 3 scatters. I was not waiting long for this bonus game when I played it.

When the bonus starts you will see some great video presentations, animations. Sometimes it would be also funny. The bonus is set in this way that you need to pick the right things. After that you get prize and you are going into next level. There are 4 of them but I never came till the end. I am not good at picking or maybe I don't have luck at it. The prizes were funny low when I played it. This bonus did not convince me.

Better part from this game is to wait for super mode feature which is triggered randomly and awards you with 5 free spins. During feature 3 wild positions are randomly awarded. One wild position can be awarded per spin. I like this feature because wilds are held in place for the time of super mode feature. I like this kind of games, it remained me on Dead or Alive game. But I don't think here you can get such a huge winnings because you will receive only 5 free spins.

The payouts are still good enough to play this game. I think I should play this game more often because it is really nice game. It could provide great wins if you have luck at super mode feature but you never know when the feature will start.
Carly Gingerich. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Pros: Hot as Hades is the newest game from Microgaming software. It has 5 reels 20 paylines and free spins bonus round. Lately Microgaming has been very busy with lots of new game releases and to be honest, with most of them I am not very pleased with because they all look very similar and like something we have already seen dozens of times.

Hot As Hades is a very interesting looking slot, it reminds me something about superheroes. This game has 2 types of free spins, one is triggered randomly and the other one by scatters, this seemed like an interesting change.

Last week I made a deposit of 60€ to try this game in one of MG casinos. Since the minimum bet was 0.20€ per spin, I played with 0.40€ bets. I played 200 pins with these bets and once I hit 5oak winning that paid me 50 x bet size. Other than that, the payouts were bet size and nothing spectacular. Within those 200 spins I couldn't trigger any of the free spins rounds but at least my balance hadn't gone down, it was few euros up the initial amount.

It took me almost 400 spins to get the Super Mode spins feature. It gives you 5 free spins on which you get 3 random wilds and they stay there. I won 4.10€ from this feature which isn't very small but at the same time it is only 10 x bet size.
I continued with the same bets for 300 more spins. I have to say my favorite feature is the 5oak combinations because I got the green character 5oak and it paid 20€ and I got this feature in my session 3 times which is awesome. I also managed to get another Super Mode spins and this time the payout was much better- 16.60€. In my session I didn't get any Quest bonus round so I won't speak about that.

For me Hot as Hades still is a mysterious game because I haven't got the luck to get the Quest bonus round but I hope I will soon. The payouts are quite decent, the first free spins round paid little but the next one was 4 x bigger so it's quite alright. Overall I think this game is an interesting addition to MG slots and it's worth trying.
Earleen. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Pros: The most recent addition from Microgaming is the video slot Hot as Hades which can be played at Unibet and 32Red amongst others. Like many experienced players I too immediately recognized a similar format when I started playing this new game. Those that have played Microgaming’s branded slot Hellboy, will undoubtedly be thinking the same while giving this new game a try.

In fact, it’s safe to say that Hot as Hades is a Hellboy clone. Although the word clone sounds kind of degrading and negative, I must honestly confess that Microgaming actually did a very good job with developing this game as the theme really carries itself and is appealing enough to attract and entertain players.

The concept and gameplay remain the same though. Just like Hellboy this slot has 5-reels, 20-paylines and 5-rows with minimum bet being just 20 cents. There are two main features to look forward to, which are similar in style compared to Hellboy. I do find one of the features of Hot as Hades a bit more adventurous though.

I played this game at 40 cent bets for around 500 spins last week. It didn’t take long for me to activate the Quest Bonus after receiving 3 helmet symbols (scatters). During the Quest Bonus u have to keep making choices by picking doors, clouds and chests to win prizes until you reach the end or if u pick the wrong one the bonus game stops.

To my surprise I managed to reach the end of the bonus game awarding me around 140 x bet. I was quite happy for this to happen as it’s usually quite difficult to reach the end of a bonus game. The other feature that can be highlighted is the Supermode feature which triggers randomly. You then win 5 free spins with extra wilds and wilds that are held.

Unfortunately my 500 spins were too short for me to experience Supermode on this game. So I decided to hop on to the next slot while I was still on a profit. Overall a decent experience and I will most likely try to play Hot as Hades again when I’m in an adventurous mood.
Divina. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: Greek themed video slot called Hot as Hades is another newly added game from Microgaming software. Talking about its graphics which is superb one, well that's from my point of view, with mixed tales of Gods such as Zeus, Medusa and Poseidon. Poseidon’s ocean, Medusa’s snakes, Zeus’ lightning bolts, female choir, the Hades' three headed dog and some of the low paying symbols such as letters and numbers this are all symbols which you we came across playing this game.

It’s a cartoonish video slot with Mythology theme where the Hades God of underworld plays the main roll, helping player to make some winning combination. This game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines which can be played with lowest bet from 0.20 cents. The game has wilds, sticky wilds, bonus feature and of course the bonus round called Quest for the Crystal Helm which contains 5 levels.

The free spins are random which the player will be rewarded with 5 free spins, which the reels will become in super mode and then seeing Hades himself flying on the reels and shooting some of the symbols making them sticky wilds, so helping the player getting some winning combination.

The bonus feature as I mentioned above called Quest for the Crystal Helm is really entertaining one with 5 levels. The first level will give opportunity to choose from 4 cash prizes, the second one is again to win 3 cash prizes; the third level is to pick a shell, so might bring you some cash prizes or end the game.

The fourth level is where you will enter in the Zeus stairway and here is another 2 cash prizes to be won and the last the fifth level is called Chamber of the Crystal Skull, so the player will have a chance to pick from 5 chest where again are with cash prizes, but if the player reveals the Crystal Skull then the cash prize can go up to X 260 players bet. I would definitely play this game, it has potential of big wins and I think Microgaming guys have put a bit effort on this game. Good Luck!

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