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hellboy Reviews by Players

Anthony. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Hellboy is game made by Microgaming. Recently was released almost same game hot as hades, but I still like to play this game sometimes.

I like that there is good theme of this game. Based on movie which I saw long time ago, and iIlike to play games which belong to some universe.

I like payouts in this game. Many 5 of a kinds pay very good, and also wilds have double multiplier for all winnings. So it worth to get winnings with wilds, luckily almost all times I had any 5 of a kind I had it with wild, specially good paying ones.

I like bonus game. It is triggered when 3 or more special bonus symbols land on reels. In bonus game you need to pass Hellboy to crystal. It is not easy, and most times I finish after 2 - 3 stages. But prizes there can be sweet, specially if you got win all picks. My best result was close to 100 bets, and i am sure it is still can be better, but not much. And great that 5 bonus symbols in this game pays 500 bets. Would be great to land such combination.

I like freespins feature in this game. It is called supermode, and there is outstanding thing - it is triggered by random. So you never know when it will happens. During 10 freespins hellboy can jump on reels, shoot at some position and add sticky wilds. I had once 330 bets freeespins feature, which was really good, I had 3 sticky wilds on payline, and landed 5 of a kind there.

I do enjoy this game, but if you ask me which one I will play hellboy or hot as hades i go with second option. There is better look. I rate this game with 9 stars.
I took one star because there is an almost similar game, with better look.
Maricruz. Reviewed on 30.06.18

Hellboy slot is powered by microgaming. To begin with i will say that i love the movies and when i spotted this game i just had to try it. This is a 20 line game based on the comic books and the movie Hellboy. All of the main characters that you have seen in the movies could be found here.There are two features in this game. The Underworld bonus and a Supermode free spins feature.

The underworld feature is triggered when three or more scatters. The bonus round is made out of four levels, where a player has to pick doors. There is a win all symbol and a blocked symbol. If the player picks win all then all of the prizes are awarded to him, but if he picks blocked twice then the bonus round is over. My usual bet on this game is €0.40 and max i won on this bonus was around €20. Even though it is a pretty cool bonus i feel as if more could have been added to it to make it more interesting, like a possibility to get a multiplier:)

The Supermode activates randomly. For me it could come out few times in a row, or not come out at all for ages. When it does come out it awards player with 10 free spins with a chance of hellboy awarding sticky wilds. They do help a lot and if you get them with wild it doubles your win. Max i ever got on it was around €15. To be honest there are few things that i dont like in this game and that is probably why i dont play it a lot. I think this game would have been better with 30 or more lines and with free spins not being random:) The graphics are average and the music too.
Over all the game is quite fun, but could have been better. 6 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
I know I’m left behind regarding the knowledge of the actual movies but when I first played with Hellboy I really didn’t know a thing about it, I just liked its name and thought I take a look at it. Not knowing what this game is all about and I didn’t have a clue what it symbolizes or what theme it wanted to interpret, but at the beginning I wasn’t impressed at all. Now when I filled the long-felt gap because of it, at least I know the answer for the last question but some things remained the same as I still don’t think it has good graphics or wonderful appearance. By now at least I’ve found other part of the game I can cheer for.For those few who wouldn’t be well-schooled in film art (like now I am), Hellboy is a comic book and blockbuster movie in superhero, creatures, supernatural person theme or something like this. Seriously, in my opinion the guys at Microgaming could have brought much more out of this, from visualization aspect.This 20-payline game’s best paying symbol is the Hellboy that can give a boost to balance with its 10.000 coins main prize and also acts as Wild doubled the substitute wins. Scatter also can give a nice reward (x500 of total bet) on a 5 of a kind line. But what really stand out here are the 2 bonus games. In the Underworld Bonus there are 4 levels and every level has 5 tunnels and we must pick 1 from them. Behind every entrance of tunnels there’s something, creatures that give us cash prizes (one of them has ‘win all’ power and if we pick it, all the other rewards that the other doors hide will be ours) or the one that ends the bonus game. On the first 2 levels there’s just one unwanted tunnel but the last two stages have 2 of them. Of course the winnable awards also increase as we go further. If we’re lucky enough to go through all 4 levels the final win can be a quite high number. The other feature is Supermode which is a free spin feature where we can get max. 3 Wilds and those remain active till the extra game lasts. It’s really a profitable side game and I had some great runs and could collect win more than x300 of my €1 total bet.The passage of time I liked the game and really appreciated what its bonus games could give me. Who liked the film, liked the characters won’t be disappointed in this slot because the familiar figures can bring something to the table that weren’t seen on the cinema.
Georgiana. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Hellboy is another very good slot from microgaming which has 20 lines and 5 reels with a minimum and maximum coin value of 0.01 to 0.25 with a maximum of 10 coins per line. Hellboy is based on the comic series on which movie was also made. Now , this slot has medium to high returns on the base game and high returns on the bonus games. To justify former i would say that on base game the returns are good because of high paying symbols among which highest is paid by the wild symbol (hellboy logo) which pays a whooping 10,000 coins. Another reason is the wild symbol that when forms winning combinations doubles the wins and can replace all symbols except the scatter.

Now what i have observed, the returns becomes even better when you get two wilds on first or last reel or first or third reel which results in combo wins. I have won $6 , $8 and $12 on a bet as low as $0.05 by getting two wilds as stated above. Now you wonder if the base game has so much to offer then bonus games are just cherry on the cake. One of them is the free spin feature or they call it "super mode" which gets triggered randomly and the hellboy converts three symbols into wilds for 10 free spins. This bonus game pays good amounts and specially because there are three wilds it becomes quite probable to get 5 of a kind which pays you hefty amounts. Now other bonus game is the "underworld bonus game" which gets activated when you get 3 or more scatter symbols. You have to find your way through four level to find the hidden relic and if you get a blocked tunnel the bonus game ends there. I guess the returns from the super mode is much higher then this bonus game reason being obviously three wilds. I have never reached the last level in underworld bonus game and after two levels i always choose the wrong way .. MY BAD !

Nevertheless it has always been a good slot to play and i must also tell you even if you don't get 3 scatters, 2 scatters occur very frequently( and it does mean very frequently ) and doubles your total bet on that spin. I frequently increase my bet time to time and if i get two scatters, my bet doubles and then i reduce the bet which leaves me with plenty of playtime. This was a small technique which might also help you because i have personally experienced this works. So overall a rating of 8 out of 10. Good luck with the slot !
Lucas. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Hellboy is a premium Microgaming slot which is based on the popular comic and movie. I love to play this game, and I haven't even seen the movie lol. Yeah, I know…… SHAME ON ME! The first time I started to play this game I didn't really quite get how it worked, since it had a random feature appearing outta nowhere.It helps to check the pay table before starting a game, which I did right after to see what the hell that was. Anyway, Hellboy is a 20-paylines slot and the minimum bet is only €0.20. My average bet on this game used to be €1, and I booked some decent wins while playing this game at Redbet and 32Red.All the symbols resemble the same characters you would find in the Hellboy comics. The best paying combination is five wilds appearing on one payline (very rare), and the second best would be five Hellboy symbols. I've seen winner screenshots of both, so it's definitely possible but it hasn't happened to me yet.Hellboy only has 20 paylines so I do figure it's harder to hit such a combination. In addition the game has two different kinds of second level features - Underworld Bonus and Super Mode Bonus. The Underworld Bonus gets activated when you get 3 or more scatters.I've been quite successful with this bonus a few times. Basically this bonus has 4 levels, and you have to choose the right doors each time to end up at the last level, and not come across a blocked door. I've came all the way to the last level a couple of times and I think my biggest win with this was 120x my bet size, when I basically did everything right. The other bonus round is activated completely randomly. Have you ever heard of a random bonus round awarding 10 free spins? Well, here it is with Hellboy! During the free spins Hellboy turns 3 symbols into wilds to help you get some nice substantial wins. My biggest hit during Super Mode was 250x my bet size. I think this is one of the better Microgaming slot, and definitely recommend it.Final rating for Hellboy is 8.5/10.

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