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Hall of gods

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Thematic video slots always find their fans. Many gamblers are fans of soap operas or famous films. Therefore, they are always happy to see the symbols depicting their favorite heroes at reels. Perhaps, even more fans in Scandinavian mythology. That is why NetEnt decided to portray the gods of Asgard in a new slot called Hall of Gods.

Main Theme

If you like Scandinavian mythology or at least the Marvel Comics universe, then you will definitely like Hall of Gods by NetEnt.

According to legend, all the gods of Asgard lived in a huge building, which is divided into 540 rooms. In this game you will see the goddess of love Frey, who was famous for her beauty and kind heart. This goddess could turn into a falcon. She lost her husband and became a widow. Lamenting her beloved, she sheds tears without stopping, which turns into gold.

Another character of the game is a red giant with a beard, whose name is Thor. The main attribute of this god is his hammer, which he blesses marriages and always hits the target during the battle.

In the Hall of Gods slot machine there is another goddess, who is called Idun. She gave the gods of Asgard the eternal youth with the help of apples.

However, not all Asgardians were gods. The exception is Loki, who thanks to his intelligence and cunning received permission to be among the gods.

The abilities of all these characters are used in the game to generate generous payouts for casino players. It is a great idea to collect the most colorful Asgard residents and tell their story on the reels of Hall of Gods slots game.

Interesting Features

This game from NetEnt is a 5-reels video slot, in which you can use 20 paylines. Coins in denominations from $ 0.01 to $ 0.50 are accepted. The maximum bet on the round is $ 50.

The game has special symbols, a themed mini-game, free spins, progressive jackpot and many other interesting features.


Hall of Gods contains 20 game lines, which are always active. Therefore, the minimum bet per spin is $ 0.20. You receive a reward each time when chains of identical symbols are built on reels. Most often the winning combination contains 3 identical symbols. However, some symbols are an exception to this rule. To receive prizes, two symbols with the image of the Torah or Odin suffice.


The background of the game is snow Scandinavia. Reels are depicted, most likely, in the house in which the gods of Asgard live.

All controls look somewhat unusual. However, these are placed in the same way as in other slots from NetEnt. There are controls for determining the value of the coin, choosing the number of coins for the bet. There is also a button for running the game in automatic mode and a convenient tool for selecting the maximum bet size in one click.

The basic rules of the game are set out in the Paytable section. To adjust the graphics, sound and speed of the game, use the tools that are located at the bottom left of the game window.

Game Symbols

Hall of Gods slot is a game, which invites you to get acquainted with the main gods who lived in Asgard. In addition to the images of the gods, you will see their various attributes. There are the following special characters in this game:

  1. The sea dragon, which is Wild. It is able to expand to the entire second, third and fourth reels, maximizing the chances of getting paid combinations. This symbol in Hall of Gods is not able to replace the crow, sword and hammer only.
  2. Image of black crows on the grave, which is Scatter. 3 or more Scatters launch a bonus round with free spins.
  3. The hammer that belongs to the Thor. It is a symbol that launches a thematic mini-game.

Bonus Round

In the bonus round you can use 10, 15 or 20 free spins for 3, 4 or 5 Scatters respectively. All winnings received in this mode will be multiplied by 3.

One of the main features of this slot is a thematic mini-game. Land 3 or more bonus symbols on reels and enjoy an exciting gameplay. You have to use Thor’s hammer to break up 3 shields and collect the prizes hidden behind these. If you want to increase the amount of your prizes, then match three scrolls or find 3 jackpot symbols.


Try to check how successful a casino player you are. In this game, a progressive jackpot with a constantly growing prize pool is played. You can win jackpot only during the thematic mini-game. In total, 3 jackpots are played: Mini, Midi and Mega. Each of them offers a different amount of cash prize, which depends on the size of your bet.


Hall of Gods offers players an amazing story and many opportunities to win real money. NetEnt was able to recreate the unique world described in Scandinavian mythology and put a lot of effort into diversifying the game process.

You can feel the power of the Thor’s hammer during the bonus mini-game and significantly increase the size of your winnings. Another feature of the game is the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot, the amount of which is enough for the rest of life.


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Hall of gods Reviews by Players

Tim. Reviewed on 13.04.18
Hello, Hall of Gods is probably the second most well-known progressive Jackpot-slot after Mega Fortune and it is also my second favourite of those slots after Mega Fortune. Hall of Gods is typical NetEnt-slot with 5-reels and 20-lines, and you cannot choose lesser lines. Hall of Gods is also a slot, which can change your life forever in few seconds, and for that reason, I think that it is so popular. Like Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods has also made some new millionaires to world. Hall of Gods is, like the name says, Scandinavic mythology-themed slot, and Scandinavian mythology is probably one of the most well-known mythologies of world, and I have also always been interested of it. Graphics are quite simple, but original and in Hall of Gods, you will see typical Viking-themed symbols and also meet Thor, Odin, Loki, Freya, Idun and also ravens of Odin, Hugin and Munin (scatter-symbol). I have played Hall of Gods from minimum-bet, which is 20 cents to 1 euro, and actually just rarely got something big and never any kind of those Jackpots. One of the best thing of Hall of Gods is that expanding dragon wild, which comes in reels 2, 3 and 4, and if you win, it makes whole reel to wild, so it easily multiplies your winnings.
Dragon wild is actually very common, though rarely in all three reels. Unlike in many other slots, in Hall of Gods two scatters give you nothing and when you finally get at least three scatters, you get 10, 15 or 20 free spins, depending how many scatters you got. If you get three scatters during free spins, you will get ONLY ONE more free spin, which is much less than in most other slots. So, Hall of Gods has totally much worse free spins than most other slots have and only positive thing of those free spins is that during free spins, your winnings are 3x. I have only few times got even 10 free spins and once 15 and 20 and never won anything big from those free spins. And now something about the reason why Hall of Gods is so popular and played, and reason is Jackpot. When you get three Thor Hammer-symbols to reels 3, 4 and 5, you can be Thor himself and use your hammer against evil shields of Loki, who try to hide your riches. :D When you have got three similar symbols from smashed shields, you win that sum of money or then one of those Jackpots.
There are three different Jackpots; Mini, Midi and the most wanted, Mega. I have sometimes got possibility to smash those shields, and I have seen only two Mini Jackpot-symbols, so always won just some money from that bonus-game. I have often got many free spins to Hall of Gods from many different casino and also often continues with that slot after those free spins were played. Also sometimes I have played it just for fun and tried my luck for getting that Mega Jackpot. :) Well, Mega Fortune is winner of those two progressive Jackpot-slots, but Hall of Gods is very good number two and I am sure that in future I will sometimes play it also, even without getting any free spins to it. But, honestly speaking, I have to admit that without any possibilities for Jackpot, even very little, I would not play it without free spins or really good promotion campaign. If I just want to go to Valhalla, there is always Thunderstruck II. ;)
However, Jackpots make Hall of Gods worthy of at least trying, and for that reason I can recommend everyone to try it sometimes, though most slot gamblers probably have tried it already. ;) Well, I can just wish that hopefully Odin and Thor are benevolent for Trustgamblers-members and makes one of us to millionaire someday. ;)
Tien Herrman. Reviewed on 30.06.18
I have always found very exciting games based on mythology, especially the Nordic one, mainly due to the fighting spirit and the strong character of most of their gods, and "Hall of Gods" images of these characters are quite expressive and this factor combined with excellent special effects set on this game, have the ability to create an intense atmosphere that puts you in the middle of the action and finally you integrate into battle, this slot is all about action.

Another factor that makes this video slot so exciting is the fact that you get hits on a fairly frequent basis during the base game, some payout are medium and some small sizes, that allow you to always be very focused on your game, for me it has been very difficult to obtain combinations of 5 of a kind, but the activation of the bonus round seems not so difficult to get despite special symbols needed to trigger the feature appear only on the last 3 reels, therein there is a chance to win one of three jackpots and this makes the adrenaline to run through your body, but to be frank, always my prizes won on this round they could not be considered significant, but despite that, the bonus round still seems a fun and interesting feature; to trigger free spins rounds meanwhile, is a slightly more difficult task, but I think it's a very promising round mainly because earnings achieved on it are linked to a x3 multiplier; on a couple of occasions I was able to access this round, at the first one,I think I got a profit that could be considered decent, near about $ 36 which took my balance almost to my starting point and my earnings for my second free round were great, since when I triggered it I had already increased my bet levels repeatedly and during this round finally I had some complicity on the part of the dragon that represents the wild symbol that expands through the reel, in this round finally I had something of the luck that eluded me for a long time, to the point that my earnings were sufficient to recover my losses and get additional earnings of $ 110, after that I withdrew to let the gods resting.

I personally think that this game is not easy, the battle against this slot is hard, but opportunities always come and fun is virtually guaranteed.
Tonja. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Hall of Gods is one of the most worthy progressive video slot that seems to get a lot of attention from the other players! It's very popular for it's features and it holds 20 Paylines. The normal game winnings are really good! I would bet $0.80 every time or a few more if I find a better cause to do so which really is the same common answer I always held onto, more winning feedbacks on my bets!

Hitting the progressive can be a real bother because it doesn't come out often, it acts just like the bonus wheels on Mega Fortune they rarely land for 3 scatters! In Hall of Gods however, it is a bit more easier to land the bonus even if it needs to land hammer symbols on Reels 3, 4 and 5 at the same time. There was this one situation that I got myself into where I broke each shield to uncover an amount equal to my triggering bet of $0.80 and symbols belonging to one of the 3 jackpots. There were two Mega Jackpot icons, two Mini Jackpots I've uncovered and 3 shields left to break. My hands were trembling as I got closer to discern my third last choice to break a shield. I was rooting for either of the Jackpots. So if it came down to the mini jackpot then I will lose my interest for Mega Moolah's JP bonus by 15% if I hit the $100+ jackpot BUT if I managed to hit the third mega icon then.......I would be super rich and famous! Unfortunately when I arrived to choose my third last pick it was for $20.....the last $20 prize to hit in order to payout & end the feature. I was completely shocked that the bonus feature never showed me what I could've had for the remaining shields. Now I will never know what I could've become......a new jackpot winner blessed with riches and fame, an instant winner that earned more cash to burn or the third role that I took which be the average player winning an average value.

Hall of Gods left me with lingering mysteries that makes me want to come back for more action. Expanding wilds on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels, 10 free spins at 3x and the jackpot round that got me thinking super hard! Hall of Gods really got me excited and for that I grant thee an 8.8 out of 10!
Dacia. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Hall of Gods is a must try slot and I would recommend this fantastic slot to everyone.
If you never played before progressive games, this is the perfect game to try it for the first time and to get ready for super excitement.

It just feels different when you see, mini, midi and progressive jackpot which was 600 000 euro today when I played.

I was looking at these numbers and one thing crossed my mind... I want this Jackpot. I got really excited after just a few spins.

My balance was 48 euro and I decided to play on minimum bet. which is 0.20.

I don’t regret now after I stopped playing because today session wasn’t playing good at all.

The only win I had came from expanding wild symbol and the biggest win I had was 1 euro. That’s really nothing. Several times I was waiting for third bonus or scatter symbol in order to get bonus game or free spins with multiplier x 3, but that third symbol never appeared! Damn, that’s was my reaction and I am sorry for using this language but I was ready to get into my favorite bonus game.

I decided to stop playing and change this fantastic game with beautiful theme of Nordic Gods and symbols that I love and would definitely wear as charm on my neck as I truly love ancient themed slots.

I wish I got at least free spins or anything today for collection 3 Black Crows symbols which would boost my balance and I wouldn’t mind getting 10, 15 or 20 free spins which are tripled as mentioned previously.

Symbols like Thor, Idun, Odin, Freya and Loki are most likely to make your session interesting but will you win anything... I don’t really know, should you play it more often, then my answer is yes!

Odin is the most valuable symbol and will pay you 4000x betline or collecting five of these.

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