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gypsy rose Reviews by Players

Alisia. Reviewed on 02.07.18
As we are used to at BetSoft products, Gypsy Rose also has a fantastic graphics. Crystal clear images, rich colorful usage, lovely animations are all making perfect the overall picture. If I have to name one thing that find here not awesome I think I would mention the little oversized symbols. I believe some smaller pictures would look even better. Gypsy Rose as its name shows it’s a little spiritual travel to the magic, mystic world as we can see black crow, secret elixir, magic book and of course Gypsy Rose symbols. If I have to describe its visual experience it gives, I’d say – Superb.

This 30-payline slot is really a feature rich game. The Crystal Ball symbol is the key to bonuses as if it appears on the middle (and only there) and the 2nd and 4th reels contain 2 identical figures of Elixir, Magic Book, Gypsy Rose or Crow a bonus feature is triggered. Every one of these 4 emblems has different side game. The best in my opinion is when 2 Elixirs with Crystal Ball starts 12 free spins that can be re-triggered and during that session if a Wild land on the first and last reels at the same time Gypsy Rose throws randomly chosen number Wild cards to the screen that transform some symbols to Wilds and the re-arranged lines pays according to the new winning combinations. Two Crows on that 2 reels mean they will remain on their position and become Wilds for just one re-spin. 2 Magic Books mixed with Crystal Ball give instant cash prizes up to x20 of total bet and 2 Gypsy Rose characters in that combination trigger the Tarot Card bonus. There 5 cards in 3 colours are provided and we have to choose from 15 cards and according to the special paytable for this side game our final won prize will be calculated.

It would be only better at these extra games if the player has an option to select from them what she/he wants to play with but we shouldn’t be greedy, should we? I think from all of these features the free games version is the generally most paying especially if 2 Wilds on the edges appear and the fortune teller gives another 3 Wilds and with 5 such symbols there are a really good chance for a win. In my opinion the game needs these kind of little plus because the base payline wins are not too open-handed and while the Wild is the most generous symbol and can reward player up to 2000 times of line bet the second best 5 Elixir just pay 600 times of line bet which is a little poor quality, and maybe that’s the reason why the game got an also great gambling feature.

Anyway, this game is a typical example for when an awesome interface meets a usable, correct game construction. The joyful time and fun is guaranteed and I think the payout percentage is also acceptable so everything is given here to have a chance for some remarkable and memorable game sessions.
Lola Lamontagne. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I played at “Gypsy Rose” slot in at least 4 separate occasions and each time it seemed to me that the slot has more defects than qualities, so I all delayed writing a review for this game. But in one of these days, I had the opportunity to play this slot in good casino,”7Red” and this time I spent more time here.

The “Gypsy Rose” slot is a relatively new 3D slot from BetSoft casinos that has many qualities but also many defects. To begin with the qualities I have to say that the game is as beautiful as all the other 3D slots here with a beautiful story behind the game (the one of future guessing and of fortune tellers). The graphics are attractive enough and on some occasions you can win large sums by playing with only 1 coin/line (30 total coins bet). If you are lucky to have a “crystal ball” on reel 3 having on its sides (reels 2 and 4) two identical major symbols, then you are guaranteed one of the features. It is true, this particular arrangement of symbols is very rare, but I had it in the very first 10 spins when a “crystal ball” and two “ravens” (which became wild) together with two extra wilds on reels 1 and 3 settled on my reels. The win was very big, over 1700 coins that is, over 34 Euro from a single spin.

In the paytable it is said that there are no less than 4 such different features which makes it a very exciting slot. Unfortunately in the 200 spins I played here I just had here the feature I described before.

Due to the many negative aspects this slot also has, in my opinion the quality is just average. This is too bad, because most 3D BetSoft slots are quite good.
Unfortunately as I said, the slot had many negative aspects. First it is too “cluttered”. Each symbol has a lot of flourishes drawn on it and because of this the spins become hard to follow. And this happens despite the fact that there are currently no more than just 9 symbols in the game. Secondly, although rarely wins are very large, most spins here are losing. After I had 34 extra Euro I lost nearly all the win in less than 100 spins. A small payout is only 5 coins, compared to the bet of 30 coins. Third, the animation of the Gypsy on the left of slot is too “extensive”. She enjoys almost at any win no matter how small it is, and slowly she becomes tiresome. Fourth, except for the moments when the slot is played in “Full screen” (and even then) the fonts for the total balance, the bet and the amount won are too small, being seen only with great effort.
Lorretta. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Gypsy Rose is another video slot game that I have tried and I find out that it is absolutely gorgeous. All the symbols including Cards, Crows, Crystal Balls are fantastically well designed and I believe you guys will also like the animations you see when you get a win are stunning. Then, there are no less than five features plus a gamble option. Sometimes with games where they have 3 or 4 different bonus rounds, what I mean is that none of them trigger regularly. Other than that, the critical thing is getting the Crystal Ball on Reel 3 and then one of the other main 'Magic' symbols adjacent on Reels 2 and 4.I also hope you guys can take a look at the Wild feature in the base game. Wilds only on Reels 1 and 5 doesn't look too promising. This is the kind of thing you see on super high variance slots and Gypsy Rose definitely isn't one of those! However, if you get a wild on Reel 1 and Reel 5 and a Magic symbols like crystal ball, potion and crow anywhere else on the Reels, Rose will throw additional wilds onto the reels, replacing one of those Magic symbols into more wilds. This will definitely increase your winning return as a whole.

It is all about the features center around the Crystal Ball that appears on Reel 3. If a Magic symbol appears on Reel 2 and 4 as well, then a bonus is triggered. For example, if you get the Gypsy Rose on Reels 2 and 4 adjacent to the Crystal Ball on Reel 3, you are taken to the Tarot card picker round, where you choose 7 cards and are awarded prizes based on their colour and the number of identical card symbols you get. Moreover, when comes to bonus round which is also my preference when playing slot games. The bonus rounds include free spins which is about the love potion bonus, an instant prize when you get a magic book ,hopefully you can get a pick and when you can a crow symbol on your PC screen you can get re-spin bonus.

As a conclusion, I think that Gypsy Rose slot game is a super low variance slot. There are lots of wins and lots of ways of winning, but the sizes of those wins are relatively small. I believe you guys can still come and get a try here because the accumulation of bonus wins can really make you happy if you know the pattern of the game accordingly.

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