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greedy goblins Reviews by Players

Willena. Reviewed on 02.07.18

Goblins are creatures found in mythology of many cultures around the world and are typically characterized by their humanoid appearance, short stature, green skin, and by their prankster, malicious, and greedy spirit, with some kind of power or supernatural knowledge, and occasionally blamed for minor damages that occur in both the city and rural environments. Well, Betsoft Gaming, Ltd. will not be the first company in deciding to include these creatures in their repertoire of slot games, but in my humble opinion, is one has devoted more efforts on such idea when creating "Greedy Goblins," the video slot which is developed with all the features and advantages of 3D slots generation.

After playing this game, both demo and live accounts, I can only say that it has just made merit to be included in my list of favorite ones. The most motivating features of this game are in my opinion the round of free spins, bonuses where they decide to steal ideas for new inventions, and in particular, up to 6 re-spins on reels 2 and / or 4 that have given me fantastic profits in past sessions.

Other features such as the prize for the gold coins that are taken by goblins and then collapse symbols on them, or the option of double up available after winnings, I think are good and of course potentially useful, but not seem so surprising to me. Something to note about this game is you have not to wait until a stroke of luck that triggers a bonus round to win something, since throughout the entire game, you're always getting small and medium earnings, that, well managed, help to sustain your account until the expected time comes. I say this because of previous situations seen playing another games.

In conclusion, I want to say there is no warranty you always come out winner in this or any other game, but from "Greedy Goblins" I could take two things I always look for in a slot game:hours of entertainment and some profits.
Greedy Goblins is a very generous 3D slot that has all the salt and pepper needed to make it a very good slot, with a single exception, its theme. If there had not been for the Greedy Goblin figures, stealing in this game from the Elves, everything were really magnificent. I felt somewhat bad knowing that I stealfrom a very hard working and very appreciated people. However, what is good remains good and need to be recognized. The power of this game and the constant gains it brings have their basis in the „Wild“ symbols which beyond the fact that expands over the entire reel bring with them a random number of re-spins (between 1 and 3). I mean, from a single Wild symbol , one can win here in up to 4 different spins. Moreover, because the slot has 30 paylines, generally it happens more than one winning combination on the screen. It is true that the total minimum bet is somewhat bigger here, 60 cents , but the wins totally compensate for this higher bet.Generally 3 symbols aligned on the same payline bring about 40 cents, but it is not rare to align even 4 or 5 symbols of the same type.

A second way to win here (more rare during normal play) is brought by the Coins symbol (each Coin worth 30-60 cents), which after they are gathered by the Goblins, make other symbols to fall into their place (possibly leading to other winning combinations). A total of 10, 15 or 25 Free Spins are triggered about once every 100 normal spins, and during this round you can earn any imaginable amount ranging from 0 to a few thousand coins. The biggest gains from the Free spins round are possible because different symbols have now on them displayed different multipliers (up to 10x) and thus the winning combination is possibly multiplied by one or even two symbols in it.

The last feature present here is very rare (about once every 200-300 spins) because the symbols "Bonus " are only encountered on reels 2 and 4. I waited anxiously for the Bonus round and unfortunately I received it once in two hours of play. As I said above, the Bonus gameconsists in stealing a number of ideas (in fact different drawings of inventions) from Elves, each worth a certain number of points or bringing a multiplier.

The game is very nice and generous and during the whole game I had a maximum payout offered by a single winning combination (that happened in the Free Spins round) of about 18 USD (using the minimum bet).
Rozella. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Greedy Goblins is interesting 3d video game and i liked it because of the graphics,they have, like most of the BetSoft Games.

This game is a 5 reel 30 paylines ,but you have option to choose, how many lines you like to play. Example, if you run out of the credits then you play less lines,all though even if less lines you can hit something enough to raise your balance and start playing again.

In this game the characters or the symbols are the Greedy Goblins,Crowns,Coin Drop symbol,the Elf Symbol which is most high payed if you hit 5 of them, there you go,you hit the jackpot,all though lets be honest mmm, maybe it will happened ,well not to me.

This game also has a wild symbols which is Elf House so if you got it then you ll have from 1-3 free spins ,so the wild symbol will expand to that well and it will stay there during the free spins. During the free spins you can trigger another wild symbols which your winnings will be much higher.

If the coin drop symbol appears ,but had to be more then 2 then the Greedy Goblins arrives and they will still your Coins and will drop you some other symbol which gives you the chance to win some extra from that spin.

The free spins will be triggered if you hit 3 or more Elfania Symbols. 3 Elfania symbols gives you 10 free spins,4 Elania -15 free spins and 5 Elfanias gives you 25 free spins but they are multiplied differently x2, X 10 X 50 so catch 5 Elafania symbols and you have huge winnings,which i never hit more then 4 .

I played this game not so much but when i have a chance i visit the Greedy Goblins.
Try it maybe you'll like it.

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