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great griffin Reviews by Players

Robin. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Great Griffin it is Microgaming video slot. I played this game decent amount of times, I like it, I like it variance, and generally it is very balanced and interesting game to play.

Great Griffin game looks okay, but if I could change something - I add a bit more color to this slot, because for me it is not enough here. Also sounds are ok, but nothing really very interesting. At great griffin slot there is 50 paylines, therefore min bet is 0.50, which is not very low.

Base game at great griffin is interesting. Wilds here appears on all reels, and also have x 2 multiplier, but from my experience get 5 wilds probably super hard, because I never had even 4 wilds on payline, just once had 3. Also during base game there is can be triggered special 'wild griffin feature’, at any random spin griffin can appear and made other symbols wilds. Well, does not wait a lot of wilds from him, because 90% of time he add just 1 wild, another 5% it will be two wilds, and very small chance that it will make 3 or more. I once saw 3, and never more.

You can trigger two features at this slot. First one is when three lady scatters appears on reels 2 3 4, then you will need to pick one and reveal your prize. Once I won 30$ there, at 0.50 bet, so it is not so bad feature.

And also you can trigger freespins feature, which is the most interesting part of this slot. 3 or more scatters and you will have to pick freespins feature, three options - 15 x 3, 10 x 5, or super 5 x 10 multiplier freespins. To be honest most times I choose 5 x 10, and sometimes I pick 10 x 5. Most interesting and excited it is 5 x 10, because even two scatters will pay you 20x bet right away. Variance is high on this third feature, but I like it.

Interesting game Great Griffin, I like it, and it is absolutely not boring, and have potential to win big.
Decent game - no any really weak points for it. But Griffins slow gameplay a bit.
Herman. Reviewed on 30.06.18
It’s been a while since I played with an overall great fantasy themed slot and I know Great Griffin is not a new entrant on the market and shame on me but finally I have discovered it. At first I was really impressive how great atmosphere this slot can create. The mystic and mythical feeling promptly can be felt at this 50-payline slot and I really and the entire interface is very captivating. I like very much the 2 gryphuses as decorative motives on the top of the reel area and the coffee brown color behind the reels which is not a commonly used color tint for ominous game like this but somehow it really fits well to the environment. Among the playing symbols there are some real not to be missed icons like candles, magic books, potions and of course griffins and I think the creators very wisely didn’t applied card elements to this game. The pictographs all together very well represent the little dark mood and even though in my opinion this is not the graphically best Microgaming product but it’s a well-structured, cozy and proper color used visual work by them with nice and fitting icons.

The best prize what can be win by a line is 5000 coins if 5 Griffin symbols arrive and because this symbol also works as Wild we don’t have to be necessarily sad if it just appear in fewer numbers on the reels because it doubles the values of all winning combinations and has a little add-on which is also a useful one namely a Griffin occasionally can fly over the screen to turn any randomly chosen symbol(s) on the table into Wild. The Scatter icon has some good abilities to surprise us in positive ways. First, if 5 of them become visible anywhere on the screen we are awarded an instant 200 times of total bet prize which is a nice return but it also has free spin triggering function which session is a real strength of the game.

I like the opportunity to choose a free spin type out of 3 options. It can be 5 free games where all wins are counted by x10! multiplier or 10 spins at x5 or 15 extra games with tripled line wins. Though the x10 multiplier number is very tempting but the 5 games seems a little less so most of the times I go with the other 2 options. I also like in these numbers that unlike other games where these values are just potential maximum ones, here at Great Griffin every win is multiplied by attached multiplier value and also a plus that this feature can be re-triggered. The other little bonus what the game offers is activated if 3 Magician Lady characters appear on the reels then we have to pick one of them which reveals an instant cash prize (up to x50 of stake) but it may hide a ‘Pick again’ or ‘Win all’ options.

I think it’s a very fine overall product with no real drawbacks and with the ability to entertain us. I really like the atmosphere the game creates and the correctly working game segment. In my opinion the slot brings to the table the well-known and expected Microgaming quality so this game simple can’t be a disappointment to anyone. Maybe the better paying winning combinations can be visible more often and the free spin feature also can show itself more frequently but it’s possible just my greediness say this. Good developer, good game, enjoyable playing sessions and have fun, there isn’t much more what I can wish.
Alonso. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Great Griffin is a large 50 paylines video slot that creates a monastery or castle type environment...possibly in Medieval Times (It could be the home of Merlin). I would go about to betting $2 a spin as I like taking matters a bit...."higher" and more so because luck favours the brave! If I don't find anything interesting then I would lower my coin bets to $1.50. I do find pieces of winnings only on $2 so instead the remainder of time I spent was through a $1.50 bet per spin.

Great Griffin can really have it's way of being such an heavy burden. I will explain why. Every so often for about $1.50 - $2 a spin there is frequentlythe Wild random Griffin feature where on a spin, whether it be a win or loss, a griffin would fly from the left side of the reels to award random wilds in any position. I hate to break it to you all but this can really be agonizing for a mini feature! Why can't I just spin without the hassle of being interrupted every 1 - 4 spins! It's typically relentless! I just want to laugh! I mean it's good for when the wilds strike a good win but it's terrible at it's job! The way that it lands on random reels that have no hope in winnings can be a total b1t*h! Why bring it up in the first place!? It's only sweet if I see an existing wild already or if random wilds appear to tie up high symbols. This is all within the hour of one of my sessions!

The best I've won for a feature are free spins proving it's worth for my $1.50 triggering bet. Seriously though I would love it much more on a $2 but sadly it never handed me that chance! The free spins were a choice of 3 potions, the red is 15 free spins at 3x, the blue for 10 Free spins at 5x and finally the one that had me lucky for a moment is 5 free spins at 10x! Over the course of 5 free spins at 10x being my valued choice, it retriggered again!!! My winnings managed to build up a paralysing $78.10 total from another 5 free spins. By the way, retriggers can give players another chance of choosing again for a potion (free spins option) by being granted a potion token would be good if the initial trigger choice doesn't work out too well (ie. 15 free spins at 3x as a first choice). At the end I was crazy enough to gamble my $78.10 win to choose black, I doubled up instantly to $156.20!!! I know it was crazy to pour gasoline on my winnings but who could blame the next person wanting and drooling for more winnings! Greed is now my new ally (now laughing maniacially)!

Costly amount of coin bets...especially considering players in general, a super annoying wild feature that I happen to have some serious patience with, juicy free spins that soared my balance moderately...not including the gamble thrown in and lastly Great Griffin can receive a 7.2 out of 10!
Verla. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Griffin is one of the creatures belonging to Greek mythology, represented mainly with lion body and head and wings of eagle, symbolizing the power and strength of the fiercest animals in the air and on the earth. This figure was used as a symbol of power and intelligence, and is still used in games, movies, statues and shields of different organizations and communities. Personally I prefer the mythological beasts when they are accompanied by some fantastic story, I do not know any attached to Griffin, there is just talk about the fear that some people have since rumors about those creatures really existed in India and elsewhere. Well, Microgaming was inspired by this powerful creature to create their game "Great Griffin," a slot with 4 x 5 reels and 50 paylines, which includes a wild symbol acting as substitute and doubler for standard symbols, and it’s is characterized by having the image of an eagle's head, and as a special feature regarding a wild bonus Griffin; it also includes a free spins round and pick me bonus instant win.

- Griffin wild bonus: constantly Griffin flies across the screen to turn randomly 1, 2, or 3 standard symbols into wild symbols. When playing this video slot, you will exclaim ¡wish this creature had better aim!
- Free spins feature: it’s triggered by the appearance of 3 scatters with the logo of the game, and once done, you can choose between 15, 10, or 5 free spins with 3x, 5x, or 10x multipliers respectively. In theory it is a promising round.
- Pick me bonus: it is activated by the appearance of 3 scatters represented with the image of a face of a beautiful psychic woman. You must click 2 of these 3 symbols to reveal a cash prize that is hidden and it can grant up to 150 times the amount bet.

Despite being a slot with very good special features associated, I think Great Griffin misses the majesty of the creature that inspired it, and the reason is not technical, because Microgaming is a fully professional and very popular company; the reason may be more related to low payouts that certainly overshadow gains possibly achieved as result of special features activation. As expressed by other players on some websites, I could not either experience a positive balance for several attempts in this game, and I cannot deny that the issue of profits has some weight on me when choosing a slot to play; despite the above, I think the game is very entertaining and also that everyone should evaluate it on his own.

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