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Dusty. Reviewed on 04.07.18
I wonder why there are not many 5-reels slot games based on aquatic sea creatures. Playtech, for example, has only a few, like Dolphin Cash (new addition), Dolphin Reef, Great Blue and Penguin Vacation, and 2 other games of the 3-reels kind. Dolphin Cash and Dolphin Reef are of the medium volatility category whilst Great Blue and Penguin Vacation are of the high volatility kind. Personally, my preference has always been playing the medium volatility games for daily or regular basis, whilst the high volatility games for short periods of play time, or whenever extra cash is at hand to try for a bigger win. Needless to say, successful attempts at bigger wins are very rare indeed, as compared to smaller wins, which could actually enable and sustain longer continuous periods of play. But memorable moments cannot be compared to those super big wins derived from the higher volatility games, which not only thrilled you to bits but also thrilled you for life! Once any player has experienced such a thrilling big win, that player has unknowingly bitten the 'bait on the hook', got dangled on the line, and unable to leave it all behind! Only the very strong ones can ever escape! ;)

Great Blue is such a game! It is a 25-paylines 5-reels game, featuring a great blue whale as the wild symbol, which can come as stacked wilds in the main game, pays double for any win, and always stacked in the free spins feature game. 5-of-a-kind pays x10,000 line bet. Yes, it is possible to get 5 full reels of those stacked wilds, which had occurred only once as far as I know, not to me but to another player. The win was equivalent to a jackpot win for him! H-U-G-E payout!!! Wouldn't anybody just looove to get that!!! The scatter symbol is a lovely pink oyster, probably to represent its queen-ish win possibilities. 5-of-a-kind pays x500 total bet, which is good. 3 or more of these 'queenish oysters' anywhere on the reels and a free spins feature game is triggered. A great surprise awaits in store...5 oysters are shown on the screen and you get to pick 2...each one hiding either a free spin award or a win multiplier award. 8 free spins with a x2 win multiplier are already in hand. So your 2 picks would determine the total amount of spins and the total win multiplier won. The 5 awards are 7 spins, 10 spins, 15 spins, x5 multiplier and a x8 multiplier. The 2 best possible awards would be 23 spins x10 win multiplier or 8 spins x15 win multiplier! Both are capable of paying out huge wins! Just imagine yourself getting 3 reels of stacked wilds with a x15 win multiplier...wooohooo!

Funny how things would and could happen to new players, as it happened to me too, many years ago. Watching others playing the game, and making big wins, grabbed me by my you-know-what, and before I knew it, I was also playing Great Blue too. Strange isn't it? How the game could know a new player and start inducing small easy wins quite regularly! Then suddenly, whamo...three rows of stacked great blue whales in the center reels came on, paying out multiple 4-of-a-kinds and one 5-of-a-kind too, for a really big surprising win! The room suddenly echoed with a loud "YESSSSS"...that came from me! Hehehe. At that moment, I had already upped by bets to $1.25 per spin when it came, and it paid out around $1200 in just that one win. Almost x1000 my total bet! Wouldn't that have been so wonderful had I been playing at higher bets, say at $12.50? Geeees...missed that $12,000 win! Hahahaha. Yep, I had bitten the bait and got hooked! I started playing Great Blue quite regularly from then on, day to day, and losing time after time, until everything won had been given back, along with more of my own! more big wins came. That was the one and only. But it shooked me back to consciousness, I grappled with the dangling situation for quite some time, before finally breaking loose! From then on, no more Great Blue for me, except on blue moons! ;)
Antionette. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: I'll admit it - I'm addicted to this game! Great Blue takes variance to its craziest extremes, with a maximum non progressive jackpot of 150,000 x your total bet - far in excess of the maximum payoff of NetEnt+s Dead or Alive, Microgaming's Immortal Romance, or pretty much any other "super high variance" slot game you can think of.

On first glance, its a relatively straightforward 25 line slot game - it has a generous base paytable which is further enhanced by the wild symbol which acts as a 2 x multiplier. Better yet, these wilds are stacked on all reels and have their own paytable allocation too, all the way up to 10,000 x line bet for five of a kind!

Hitting the feature can be very tough - in fact, I have recently performed a large scale test in order to try and determine just what the odds are of hitting 3 or more scatters in this game. So far I have gathered date on a little over 300 bonus rounds, which may not sound like a lot but whereas most popular games i know of share a common 1 in 150 (or thereabouts) possibility of hitting the feature, my testing of great blue so far has shown it to be much closer to 1 in 450 - if you have ever sat and played this game for what seem likes forever, without once hitting those beautiful clams, now you know why!

When the feature finally does land, you receive 8 free spins at 2x multiplier and presented with five clamshells from which you must select two to increase your free spins and multiplier. There are 7, 10 and 15 free spins hidden away, along with 5 x and 8 x multipliers. Ideally then, you will most likely be hoping for a total of 23 free spins at 10 x multiplier, but may end up with 33 spins at 2 x, or just 8 spins at 15 x - in my experience if you are unlucky enough to miss a multiplier you are unlikely to finish the round with a major win, but those stacked wilds ensure it is still possible!

Speaking of the stacked wilds, that is where the jackpot comes in - a full screen of the wild whales during the 15 x multiplier free spins will result in you being awarded the maximum payoff of 150,000 x bet - That is £37,500 at minimum bet £0.25, an outrageous number that must surely see a host of gamblers firing up this slot on a regular basis, praying they will be the lucky one to score this elusive combination. Personally I would be happy with the full screen even in the base game, where it still awards a gorgeous 10,000 x your stake! :)

Great Blue will not suit everybody - if you like to bet extremely high, this game may well eat you for breakfast, crunch up the bones, leave nothing behind. You need to come at it with a healthy bankroll to try and ensure you stand the best chance possible to hit a feature or two before going bust. In all my years of slotting online though, this game has been the most consistent in returning healthy profits, session after session. That's not to say it hasn't ever busted me - like any slot, this thing is designed to take your money, but that free spins round with its 7 x / 10 x / 15 x multiplier (which is also retriggerable, btw) has an allure that I am simply unable to escape from, eclipsing any other game I play regularly online. Great Blue is a monster of a machine, a timeless classic, and I recommend it to everyone here at AskGamblers!
Julieta. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Great Blue is the slot that along with X Men is my favorite to play when I enter into any Playtech casino. I will not say it is extremely good, but it is still a good slot , which to me at least gave the possibility to meet wagering requirements one time and get to withdraw money. (The casino I am speaking about is ClubGold and I say this here for the second time, because it is the only PlayTech casino which refused to pay me and canceled all my wins).

The slot has 25 paylines with a minimum total bet of 25 cents. The theme of the slot is, you guessed it - the Great Blue Whale which is the „Wild“ symbol in the game. Along with the Great Blue Whale in the game appear also other oceanic animals: turtles, sharks, seahorses, etc. and the usual four figures of the playing cards. On the average, a payout of a winning combination occurs when 2 or 3 aligned symbols line up, and during the normal spins the total losses here will be greater than the wins. In general, after 100 normal spins you will lose between 8 and 12 Euros (at minimum total bet of 1 cent per line or25 cents/total).

About every 3-4 spins you will win 10-20 cents and about every 30 spins you will have a somewhat handsome 3-5 Euro win. I need to say that here the „Wild“ symbols appear 2 or 3 together on a reel and these high returns happens when at least two reels (usually reels 1 and 3) contain a total of 5 or 6 Wilds. However the slot will compensate the looses during normal spins by the gains achieved during the Free Spins round, which is triggered here by 3 „Shell“ symbols (Scatter here).

From my experience I can tell you that the Free Spins round happens here on average once every 100 spins. In addition to 8 Free spins with a standard 2x multiplier you will chose randomly from two shells a number of extra free spins (up to 33) and an extra multiplier (up to 15x). This way in 80 % of the cases, the earnings from the Free Spins round will offset the losses of the normal spins. In addition, it happened to me several times that these Free Spins have been re-triggered when a second group of3 Scatter „Shells“ Scatter appeared on screen.

Although compared to other slots from other gaming platforms the slot is only average (it has no bonus game and no other special features, except the Free Spins) here in Playtech casinos it is one of the best and deserves the attention of the player.

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