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Lacy Valtierra. Reviewed on 02.06.18
So many times I have met with comments made on gambling forums and websites where some players expressed feel an aversion to slots of 5 paylines, an aversion I personally do not usually share, but because of slots like "Gopher Gold" produced by "Microgaming" I am tempted to change my mind, because after playing it for a long time I have had a completely disappointing impression of this game, which simply summarizes to few and poor payouts generally made in this slot, which can be explained by tight rates for combinations of 3 of a kind, low hitting average, which it is a natural situation in a slot of few lines, and finally by the absence of any bonus round or free spins to give at least one opportunity to the player to recover some of his losses; the only symbol that appears to have a merely decent payout for a line of 3 of a kind it is the golden symbol with the game logo, the other payouts seem to be designed for a slot of 20 or more paylines, not for one with only 5, and we need to understand that in slots as this one it is usually very difficult to hit a line of 4 of a kind and even harder to get one of 5 of a kind.

For a long session playing "Gopher Gold" I could count on my fingers the times I managed to a combination of 4 of a kind, and each time this happened it was with letters symbols, which of course are those with the lowest payouts in all the game, in terms of lines of 5 of a kind, sadly, I have to say I did not get any.

That's why this slot does not seem to have many followers among gamblers’ community members, and few ratings for this slot are above the average and as for me, I really doubt that I return to play this slot again.
Gopher Gold was played when I had that crazy win from the Video Poker Royal Flush. It was stuff dreams were made of! The cost of $12.50 a poker hand did come very pricey but it showed me a big way to celebrate! 80x win doubled accidentally was surely a magical gigantic prize!

Gopher Gold is what I call a huge bet drainer, at least this was what I thought because the bet was set at $25 a spin and I fell for it, spinning it once on this mega bet to receive $35 without realising that I could of lowered the coin size! My mistake went back with a positive $10 on top of my original stake. Phew! I thought in pure comfort! It is a 5 paylines slot and now that my mind has come to it's senses after an unexpected "walk into a wall" experience I immediately decreased the amount per spin to $1.25. 5 paylines was not adequate to get me to like the slot but it did offer ways to win left to right and right to left.

I would appreciate Gopher much more should if it had the free spins feature and have the ability to collect at least 3 symbols "within" a payline, it doesn't have to be sequential or in order, just like MG's The High Life slot. That slot is more amazing than Gopher Gold! Besides that mining music and metal tools making noises in the background this slot can go to the utmost boring level that any player would love to do the for another game, break up with this slot for another relationship or close the casino for a day to get an official divorce. The one win that I've collect was for 4 Aces paying up $12.50 or 10x my bet.

A simple yet not enough to get into Gopher Gold's atmosphere, no tappable features whatsoever, and winning on either side (left to right) does not stand well than it would on the Run Mode under the Battlestar Galactica slot. It's better to kick some Cylon a** than a Gopher's tail! Unconditionally Gopher's gold is a 5 out of 10!

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