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Rod. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Good To Go is a game powered my Microgaming that I play on Ladbrokes. It is a game that I have history with and for me it is one of the best. The game definitely has its moments and if you catch at the right time it could pay huge.

I started playing this game when I just registered on Ladbrokes, and because I did not know what I was doing, it was always set on max bet. Thankfully max bet was only €0.45, but it still gave me some amazing wins. I never played a game like this one before, so did not think of anything when I got scatters on the first and second reels. Then I realized that I got the feature and did not know what to expect. I was expecting around ten or twenty euro win, but the game had other plans. It gave me the rest of scatters on the next few spins and paid me a total of over €100. I was shocked and actually had to show it to my brother. I kept on playing and soon after got the feature again. When the feature started I had to leave and when I came back I had another €100 on the account.

Because I have played this game for so long I also have seen the bad side of it. To be honest I rarely see the bad side of this game but when it does happen it hits my pocket big times. I could do over 200 spins and not get the feature, but this is not the worst. The worst is when you get the feature after 200 spins and it only gives you two or three scatters. It happened to me a couple of times and drove me insane.

Even though I have seen the bad side I still like this game a lot. The pays are pretty cool and the feature is awesome. I would recommend this game and if I was to rate it iIwould give it 7.5 out of 10.
Good to go is another race theme slot that's much older than the recently released Racing for Pinks. Ancient as I'd like to call it. It is 9 paylines included with a race themed background. Sounds of race cars zooming about can be heard. This slot surprisingly mimics that valentine love slot Secret Admirer as the feature is exactly the same on Good to Go. Instead of left to right diamond rings found on Secret Admirer you would have speedometer symbols as the replacement. They can really make me spin without the feature for many spins at a time before they give themselves up to me! You can think of the Good To Go slot as the slot that picks who gets the feature. It's as if Good To go is turning picky on the player such as myself.

When I try to land the speedometers for $0.63 bets a spin on the reels I will encounter these symbols usually on the 1st reel to nothing on the next or 2 speedometer symbols on the 2nd and 3rd reels. Playing favourites now are we? For a 9 paylines slot, Good to go can surely be a teasing who*e. It lasted 14 minutes before I ended up having it's pleasant respins feature. I took a bit of a break being frustrated during my 20 minutes. My face smoothened out by my two hands to erase myself the stress from witnessing what everyone has gone through...losses in the making. The good news is I can finally make use of the respins at my disposal. So, I stared to watched the workings of respins to find out that it poured out $16.38 only. My last 2 respins never came close to hitting the 4th or 5th speedometer scatter.

My recommendations for this slot are to avoid betting high on Good to Go, you will face many consequences before hitting the respins but for some reason if the respins favours you then you are one very lucky player! There is also one thing I have missed, the 9 symbols can pay for 2 symbols but for the 7's and 8's being the lowest paying takes 3 symbols to pay!?!? First 2 high symbols can pay on their own, small 9 symbols counting for less effort than the other remaining symbols needing 3 combinations to pay, respins that will leave me with my face buried in a pile of shredded hay and another slot can be WAY better than Good to go! It deserves a 5.6 out of 10! Good to Go is for the men and Secret Admirer is solely for the women....balance is restored!

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