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Gonzo’s quest

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The Age of Great Discoveries has opened the veil not only over the new continent America, but also presented some incredible legends. The actions of the game story of this slot unfold after the events that the Columbus Deluxe gaming machine is dedicated to. One of the legends is the story of a lost city, completely consisting of gold. For sure, each of us at least heard something about Eldorado. The NetEnt development team embodied the idea of ​​searching for a lost city in its fascinating video slot Gonzo’s Quest. The main character, the gallant conquistador of Gonzo ( who is  a prototype of the real personality of Gonzalez Piccaro) decides to go alone to search for untold treasures, having only an incomprehensible map in his hands. Help him unravel all the riddles of the ancient Indians of Latin America and perhaps it will be you who will find the path to the treasured riches.


Graphic and musical design corresponds to the idea of ​​the game. Wild noise, birds screaming and mysterious stone symbols are the right key to finding a secret city. Introductory video will introduce the players to the history of Gonzo and his desperate journey. In addition, the main character himself will observe what is happening, show emotions and rejoice at your victories. The symbols of the slot are also colorfully drawn and animated. A special genuine interest is the innovative option “Avalanche”. There are not many slots in which a large number of combinations and prizes fall in one scroll. Moreover, with each fall of the stones, the multiplier will increase by one point, up to x5. A fascinating prize round will bring players even more wins with an increased multiplier and additional free spins.


The control panel is at the bottom of the screen and executed in the best traditions of Net Ent. It is not difficult to deal with settings: the nominal value of the coin is set with “Coin Value” button, and the bet level with “Bet Level”. The lines in the game are fixed, so the player can only operate with a flexible range of rates (0.2 – 50 dollars per spin). In addition, you can always easily set the marginal rate through “Max Bet” or turn on automatic “Autoplay” mode. Information on all payments and features of characters can be found in the “Info” menu, and additional settings (graphics, sound, game rules) are hidden in the lower left corner of the screen. After basic preparations, boldly press the central round button and plunge into Gonzo’s Quest.

Avalanche mode and Free Falls (free drops) are available in both the main game and the bonus game. After each spin, all winning stones will be broken and new ones will fall into their place, which can also form combinations. Each repeated winning combination will raise the multiplier counter by one level. In the basic mode, the maximum coefficient is x5, and in the bonus mode the integer is x15. However, it is worth remembering that each drop without combinations completes the spin and resets the multiplier to x1. Thus, Avalanche is a really generous option.  It is difficult to even imagine all the winnings in the bonus round, when the multiplier counter goes off scale. After such victories, there will be no need to search for Eldorado.


Gonzo’s adventurous and fascinating journey is a great way to have a good time and win some money. The slot will suit all lovers of innovative solutions, unique gameplay and colorful animations. It turns out that the city of Eldorado was not lost at all, and you can see this in the incredible Gonzo`s Quest.

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Gonzo’s quest Reviews by Players

Jammie. Reviewed on 02.07.18

Gonzo's quest slot is powered by Netent and offers very high definition graphics and sound quality. It has an unconventional spinning style ( or may be not spinning more of falling ) and has 20 pay lines across 5 reels.

When you start playing , you are welcomed by an animation which shows gonzo's journey to find the treasure. The slot consist of historical artifact symbols as in tomb raider games or may be regarded as that of Mayan empire. This slot has a very unique spinning style as the symbol present on reel fall down and new symbols fall from above to take there place. Also, when you get a winning combination , the symbols explode creating space for new symbols and also the multiplier increases. Initially the multiplier is 1X and for successive wins in increases as 2X, 3X and a whooping 5X though i have not seen much of 5X multiplier but 3X is quite achievable and pays good amount.

According to me, this slot should be played on low coin values and i personally play on $0.1 and still able to make quite a profit. The only bonus feature is the free fall feature (which may be regarded as the free spin feature) which gets activated when you get three scatter symbols on three consecutive reels. This gives you 10 free spins with multiplier 3X increasing to 6X , 9X and a massive 15X on consecutive wins. But believe me, this feature i very hard to hit and even you hit it, it pays only decent amounts not something out of the box. I have not been able to hit more then 6X multiplier and that too only once which paid me $4.2 on whole. My maximum win from this bonus round was about $23 that too with only 3X multiplier because whenever i got on 6X multiplier, i didn't get a winning combination.

But two things that are wonderful about this slot is that the wild symbol can act as scatter symbol to activate bonus round and also the free fall feature can be re-triggered during already activated free fall bonus round. Thus i would rate this slot an 7.5 out of 10 and extra likes for overall presentation of the slot.
This slot is famous net entertainment game, and i saw a lot of players who happy with this game. I am also player of this game, and i like it huge.

Idea of slot is something like conquistadors and 18 century. Gonzo is main hero and trying to find gold from ancient civilization, on this slot lot of pictures from this ancient civilizations, and this is really nice , i like idea god job netent.

In this slot no any bonus games, but it has unique and interesting feature during base game, and players also can be awarded by freespins. Feature is that after winning combination comes to reels, this pictures dissapear, and on its place comes other. And every time one it is disappear during one spin, it is growing multiplier - 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x. To hit free spins player should get 3 scatters on payline , wilds on this game substitute for scatters, but i never had free spins with help of wilds, always with 3 scatters. In free spins multiplier can be up to x 15.

I have good overall experience with this slot. Game is always interesting and keep me playing, base game feature can give some good wins, but great money should be won during free spins. My best result was at guts casino, with 1$ betsize in free spins i somehow won 320 $ or something like this. This is my personal record, but i saw that other players had much more bigger wins on this slot. I think it is best net entertainment game, and many players think same with me. Game is wonderful, and it is always nice to play it with bonus or without.

This game is presented on all netent casinos, and it is not problem to play it at any of it.
Daysi. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Gonzo's Quest it is Net entertainment slot, which is very popular because many casinos love to give freespins on this game, so I think this is just shows that players really enjoy this slot and like it.

Game looks great, but a bit annoying it is all symbols here, I prefer more good for me usual aces, king, etc, not symbols like this, but nothing really big to complain. Animation of gonzo - big thumbs up, it is just awesome.

Gonzo's Quest it is slot with 20 lines, it is very good because min bet here is only 20 penny per spin. There is avalanche system during base game and during freespins, during base game multiplier is up to x 5. Once in my life I have best 5 of a kind symbols during base game, I did not remember my win, probably about 100$ on 0.4 bet, funny but it was during x 1 multiplier, and I even did not realize from begin what I hit. Freespins here triggered by 3 scatters on payline, if scatters land the way that they placed on two paylines - you get 20 freespins, I was able to get it couple of times. During freespins starting multiplier x 3, and so on up to x 15, this is of course amazing. Hit good 5 of a kind on x 15 - and you get bag with money I think.

Overall this is awesome slot, nothing bad to say about it. And yeah, when gonzo's is dancing, I am always smiling. Just great slot game! Probably it is sounds like I always win on this game, but of course it is not true, sometimes I lose on this game, sometimes I win. And actually this is with absolutely all slots. But Gonzo is something great, it is unique game which all loves.

I don't like this slot because you can't win anything without free spins or bonus game and I must say that I never get bonus game and I played here a lot. I didn't even know that bonus game exist until I read here in specification. So it is clear that bonus round don't come often.

Free spins are also rare but I got it few time and on free spins or "free falls" how they call it you can earn some money but that is it. So I think that chances for win on this slot is not on players side because you can't win without bonus rounds or free spins and they come very rarely.

Last time I was playing this slot with 50 euros. I deposit first 30, play with 2 euro per spin and my money was gone in 60 second, after that I deposit 20 more and that was also lost very fast, not fast as first deposit but I didn't earn any money. And all time before that I also didn't manage to earn any money, all money I was ever earn here was from some free spins but nothing special. I just think that this slot don't provide a lot of opportunity for win and you must have a lot of luck to earn some money here. So if you don't have a lot of money and if you trying to do something with 20-30 euros I recommend to avoid this slot because you will lose your money very fast.
Josefa. Reviewed on 27.09.18
This is probably the most popular video slot ever made. You can see main character of this slot on almost every banner of every Netent casino, on home page of every Netent casino and I must say that this guy deserve that place : )

I played this video slot first time at Comeon casino when I make first deposit and I had 10 free spins on this slot, after that I played this slot on almost every casino where I had money but the main experience about this game I gain on Cameon casino thanks to great contest which this casino had on their Facebook page few years ago. I was their fan on Facebook and they run contest who will guess what name will give prince of United Kingdom to his child, first and last correct predict are awarded with 500 free spins on Gonzo’s Quest (only 1 cent per line) and I was last who give correct answer : ). Few days after they credit me my free spins and I had a lot of sweet work in front of me : ) (all money won from this spins were cash). So this is time when I find out (almost) everything about this slot : ). At the end I won about 75 euros from that free spins, it is little less than I expected but on 1 cent per line you can’t expect much more.

I won’t talk about graphics, game design or that technical things because we all know that things, Netent is the best and Gonzo’s Quest is one of their best works but I will talk a little about gameplay.

Every time when I play this game I enjoy. That second chance or third or fourth with that multiplier up to 5 times is so exciting and I love it. No matter on that free spins which I won on Comeon I played this slot for real money and I think that this slot is great if you want big win. In my experience this slot won’t let you to rise little and little more, no… or you will win big or you will lose everything.

Free falls or free spins are great, if you have luck and get that I think that you will earn quite a lot but in my opinion they are not coming so often. In my 500 free spins which I mention earlier I got free falls only three or four times and for me that is not enough.

My biggest win from one spin was about 60 euros on 2 euro bet per line but it was time when I spent 30 euros without any win so In the end it is all matter of luck : ) but one thing is sure, this is very exciting slot and I enjoy playing him, I will always play him and he will be always first thing in my head when I hear something about Netent games and casinos : ) 10 stars from me, for sure : )

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