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golden ticket Reviews by Players

Amelia. Reviewed on 02.07.18
You may be less enthusiastic about meeting the clown than coming across the multipliers, but this old fashioned slot is new style of slot machine. This slot is a clone of Energoonz.

Golden ticket is a 5x5 grid slot that have circus theme symbols. The symbols are made of a clown, weight champ and magician as the high paying symbols following with low paying symbols which are the equipment they use to perform their tricks I believe.

Whenever 3 symbols match horizontally or vertically a wild appear in the middle of each winning combination and fall down on the below symbols to make more wins. The more wilds on vertical or horizontal line, the bigger the win. What makes the game awesome is the fact that it has a multiplier similar like Gonzo's quest or Rook's Revenge.
The multiplier increase as you win and create wild symbols during 1 spin. The multiplier reset after no more combinations is made from the same spin. When you clear the whole grip you get x1000 your bet.

The game also features a bonus game. You need to clear a vertical line in order for the "BONUS" phrase to be fully visible and the bonus round is entered. Bonus lines changes from spin to spin and is not available in every spin but in most of them. Also if you clear more than 1 vertical line displaying the bonus phrase, the bonus round has a multiplier depending on the number of bonus phrases that are visible. Once you enter bonus round you get 10 free rounds. You need match 5 symbols in order to create a win. Match 5 or more bonus icons and additional free rounds are added depending on the number of bonus symbols that appear.

The most I won on this slot was about x150 my bet when I matched 5 magicians on the same horizontal reel with an x6 multiplier. 5 Magicians pays out $25 on $1 bet which paid me a good $150. Over all I think this is a good game and you can win really big but you need to place big bets in order to generate good winnings.

Now be very careful as winning on this game does not happen often, at times you can win 3 out of 10 spins and small pay-outs. So which means this game has the ability to drain your balance very quickly. I once had 20 empty spins after each other.
Right from the very start, any game that plays with 5 reel and 5 rows is never in my favourite list. Winning from such games would require huge amounts of good luck, which I'm certainly lacking lately. My few plays on this game only saw my balance dropping and dropping, without any single incident of catching back up to my initial starting balance! All the Bonus Rounds I played ended with miserably low payouts. At several points in the game, it actually made me doze off! Golden Ticket is such a boring game to me!
Pasty. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I've never even heard of this game before, until I received some free spins offer to play the game. Just 10 free spins to play this Golden Ticket game. What can 10 free spins ever do on a game that plays with 5 reels and 5 rows! That 10 spins got burnt away so fast, it left behind smoldering ashes worth only some few cents! Boy, was I totally disappointed with Golden Ticket on my first ever play on it! It made Mick Jagger sang in my head. "I can get no...satisfaction!"

Some time later, another free spins offer came, via a deposit bonus and free spins offer which I had taken. Seeing that the free spins were on Golden Ticket, my middle finger came out, but I had no choice, I just had to play out those free spins. This Golden Ticket game isn't like any other game that I am used to playing. It plays with Rolling Reels, with a Wild symbol appearing in the middle of 3 exploding winning symbols, with an aim to clear the grid for a nice 1000x total bet prize, and having an increasing win multiplier from 1x up to 5x. Everything sounds great, except playing the game! Clear any line with the word 'BONUS' fully displayed, a Bonus game is awarded, where wins are even more harder to get! Only 5 symbols can create a win, which do come by the way, but the payouts are much to be desired! Haven't got any of the 5 retriggering symbols so far, so none of any retriggers. The Bonus games I played all ended with just that 10 Bonus rounds. Payout wise? 30x the total bet was the biggest win I ever had. Not a lot is it?

The Golden Ticket is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 500x the total bet, which is pretty good. There aren't any Scatter symbols, so no wins from Scatters possible. All other symbols pay from 25x down to 2.5x the total bet. Very low indeed! There aren't any other special feature games, nor any randomly activated features, so there's only that Bonus Round game to play. All in all, a poor paytable with no big wins possible. Getting 5 Wilds at 500x the total bet would be the biggest single win possible, hopefully with one of the possible win multipliers of up to 5x. Don't go chasing for it though. It's a once-in-a-lifetime win!
The bonus game doesn't seem to be very impressive. At least that's the case if I judge it based on my results and lack of good wins.
Marissa. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I liked very much the Golden Ticket slot. It was like I could not get away from it without regrets, so addictive it is. The game belongs to Play’n’Go casinos and plays in a 5x5 grid. The story of slot is a circus and to the right of the reels during the game the characters keep changing between them: a clown, an athlete, a magician, etc. Both the sounds and the symbols of the slot are directly taken from the circus world and from the very first spins played here this story of the slot intertwined with beautiful and frequent wins tells you that you have to do with a good game.

The game plays in the following way: when you have at least 3 identical symbols (vertical or horizontal) they disappear and in the center of the combination a “Golden Ticket” (in fact a Wild) appears. With every winning combination, a multiplier is advancing at the top left. If you have 2 simultaneous Wilds almost always you will be able to make disappear an entire column of symbols. Sometimes on that column it writes BONUS and so you will enter the bonus round. The bonus round is a game of gun shooting at different targets where if you have at least 5 identical symbols anywhere on reels, they will be counted as a win. Hence the wins now are more frequent and beautiful.

I am sorry I played just on virtual money here, because most of the time I won. And I won pretty consistently and frequently. For the playing bet of 20 cents, about once every 2-3 spins I had a win greater than the total bet, and from every bonus game I came out with more than 5 Euro. One time I won even more than 10 Euro from bonus. And because I played the bonus very often (about once every 20-30 spins) after the first 100 spins I had over 14 Euro extra. Just to say again. When you are awarded the second Golden Ticket, in 30-50% of cases you manage to enter the bonus.

Everything here is very exciting, and the circus itself is in fact.What matters a lot for the frequent payouts is that although here there are for example 2 types of hats, they are considered together for a payout. I liked here everything and in my opinion this slot is close to the top ones. It is very hard to get bored when playing here. Some slots from Play'n'Go are quite good.

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