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gold lab Reviews by Players

Clint. Reviewed on 02.07.18
GUTS were kind enough to throw me a handful of free spins on this new Quickspin game yesterday so it would have been rude not to accept their gracious offer and give it a try! This provider has been upping the quality of their games considerably just lately and I was excited to check this one out.

I didn't expect I'd get much chance to experience the game with just ten free spins, and five dead spins in it seemed as if I'd have to deposit in order to get a good feel for the game. Then three red bottles dropped into view on reels 1, 3 and 5 and the game announced I had won a "Golden Bonus" - sweet!

I wasn't quite clear on the mechanics of what was going on but many symbols transformed into wilds and I was awarded four respins. The triggering spin set of a "Big Win!" animation but sadly I had only won 11x my bet. I definitely think this is too low and even the "Super Big Win!" bells and whistles require only 20x your stake to be triggered which is a little ridiculous really.

One interesting aspect of QuickSpin games is that the minimum bet isn't related directly to the number of lines in play. You are required to play all the paylines on every spin, but despite there being 25 of them the minimum bet is just 0.10 per spin. The paytable updates accordingly making it simple to understand how much you can win for your current betsize which I always find useful.

I finished my freespins with a balance of just under £5.00, so well above RTP but not an amazing result. I'd usually take a small balance like this over to Dead or Alive but on this occasion as the game had a very low minimum bet I decided to stick with Gold Lab and see if I could learn a little bit more about the games seemingly complicated wild and feature system. In the end I had to read the paytable several times before I really got my head around it!

None of the games symbols pay a great deal on their own but the possibility for a great deal of wilds onscreen at once means this game can still offer a decent payout under the right conditions. I wasn't able to ascertain the maximum win from a single spin but I think it's fair to say this is a pretty low variance slot from what I have seen. It's a fun game and has some original ideas, but I doubt it will keep many players coming back for very long.
Emmie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
For many centuries now man has been looking for ways to make gold from other elements, and apparently, it has finally emerged a new school alchemist able to accomplish this feat.

You may get to know firsthand the development of this story by playing “Gold Lab” slot, which is the latest game released by “Quickspin” just a couple of days ago.

“Gold Lab” has an interesting theoretical RTP of 96.06% before which very likely many players will be initially skeptical after a quick look to the paytable since best-paid lines in the entire game are those formed with wild symbols, and a line of 5 of a wild kind only has a payout of 200x your bet per line, equivalent to just 8 times your total bet.

However, this game is equipped with a powerful special feature associated with its four symbols represented with beakers with different colors. Sometimes, and only on reels 1, 3 and 5, any of the beakers’ icons may appear on a red background, and this means that symbol has a gold bonus; these symbols fulfill their function as a regular symbol to form ordinary lines, but when 3 beakers of the same color appear marked with bonus gold, they have the additional function of triggering a round of 4 free spins or respins where all the beakers of such color will be automatically converted into wild symbols and each new beaker symbol that further appear on a red background, it will add a free spin to the round and will also be turned into wild for the rest of the round.

So, in this slot, I have been fortunate to enjoy numerous rounds of free spins, and without being overdone, I think that getting lines of 4 and 5 of a kind with only wild symbols is totally normal during such spins; and precisely in this way it was how I could get my best big wins throughout my playing time, in some cases with winnings close to 50x my total bet, and close to 100x and 125x in others.

In short, I think “Gold Lab” slot is an interesting and fun game that additionally has a winning potential good enough that it could easily become one of your favorites Quickspin's slots.

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