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gold factory

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gold factory Reviews by Players

Amina. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Gold factory is as precious as gold when it comes to slot entertainment and earn some cash from it. This Microgaming powered slot has 5 reels and whooping 50 paylines. I have played a lot on this slot reason being, firstly it never eats up your bank balance and secondly it is the most widely used slot when it comes to large slot tournaments.

The coin value range from $0.01 up to $0.10 and one can bet 5 coins on one line making the maximum bet of $25 per spin. Gold coins , gold factory , train , a man with hat and cap are the main icons.I generally play at low bets like 0.01 per coin but i am amazed by the returns and believe me this slot actually pays you more then any other slot on lower bets.

It has features like "the boiler room feature" which is triggered when one gets 3 or more bonus coin symbol on the reels then you are eligible to pick four of the twelve symbols there on the reels and you get some reward for each one of them. Now that is cool stuff and if it isn't enough then you have round two of bonus feature which one can activate by getting free spin coins or reactor coins during boiler room bonus round which receptively activates the "Free Spin Bonus Round" or " Reactor Bonus Round". The Free Spin round will give you 10 to 35 free spins and winning from them will be liable to be doubled . The reactor bonus round will give you 12 items to choose and the round ends when you select a danger logo. Each item has prize behind it so one can get some bank roll pouring in.

I have won maximum of 20 free spins in the free spin round and was able to win a total of three forty dollars in that particular game. But hitting the free spin feature or reactor feature is difficult but if you are lucky enough then you can win big. Good Luck.
This is another type of GOOD Microgaming slot! As a experienced player and playing online slots i would say that the Microgaming platform always surprise, excites and also satisfy our taste and many other players when we're talking to slots. They have different kinds of slot theme and i will assure that you will not disappoint if you browse all of it! Well, Gold Factory Slot is a Microgaming slot that is grouped to fierce, luxurious and classical and childish slot. So why did i said that? First the symbols and the theme if you see it you'll be agreed to what i said and that's not all the music background is the most important part of "ambiance" of a casino! The music was too exciting, good, playful and its also favorable and exact to the theme! When i'm playing this slot i was always imaging my childhood days and the movie of Willie Wonka where the the gold factory is a factory of Chocolates! That's nice right !? Playing this slot is not tiring because of the attractiveness and cheerful of this slot even when i'm losing my credits it's like this slot always force me to become happy i don't know if it's a side effect of sound or it's just too incredible and intelligent to design this slot. I remember when my credits started to deplete i find this pay lines 50 lines 5 reels slot i spin with a bet of $5 with 0.10 coin bet range luckily i struck the 3 free spins symbol. After i play the mini clip of that free spin where a computer screen is there and you will click it up so that from the range 10-35 you will credited with the double winnings! I rewarded 20 free spin at that time and fortunately won over $166 after that ! This slot is pretty amazing and i will say that one of the Microgaming proud to have slot! Amazing slot it's like a child hood imagination slot!
Arminda. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: Gold Factory is a game I've known for a long time, because I used to play it in freeroll tournaments. I never had any luck with this slot and because of that I very rarely played it with real money deposits.

This is one of Microgamings old slots, you can tell it by the design it has, it is inspired by gold and wealth theme and I can't think of a person who doesn't like gold. So even though design feels a little old fashioned, I really enjoy it.

This slot has 5 reels and 50 paylines so it's a little expensive as the bets are 0.50€ per spin. I wouldn't recommend to play this game with low balance because it can take your money away really fast. Recently I spent a quite long session with this slot and although I know many players really like this slot, I started to have a love-hate relationship with it. As bonus round it has 3 different features, but it all starts with the boiler room bonus, when you have 3 or more bonus symbols. Then you need to make picks and they all hold money winnings and also reactor bonus and free spins. Those two bonuses can be triggered only by the boiler bonus, which I kind of like, because then you have the chance to trigger all 3 bonuses at the same time. I have had the luck to do that once, I had 4 picks, two of them were coin winnings and the other two were bonuses. But I have to say usually I only get money winnings and that can be a little frustrating.

As most players, my favorite feature all time is free spins. If you trigger free spins in the main bonus, you will get random amount of spins with 2x multiplier. The last time I had 11 free spins, thanks to wild symbol I had 5oak big win and had 50x bet winnings from free spins. The other bonus will only give coin winnings.

The only thing, but quite important, that I dislike is the price of bet. I usually don't like 50 payline slots because they can be expensive and this game has proven me the same, the last time when I played this slot, I had 220€ balance, I had lots of half bet winnings and bet size winnings, but 10x bet wins came very rarely and my balance dropped for 100€. And although the bonus is simply triggered by 3 bonus symbols, it seemed almost impossible to get it and in a 2 hour session I got it only 3 times.

Overall I do believe this game has good winning potential, as you can get up to 35 free spins, but it's important to have steady balance when you play it, because otherwise this game can eat your money before getting to the bonus round. So far my biggest winning is around 100x bet, but it was a combination from all bonuses together, so I think I will continue to play this game on freerolls.

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